Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 43

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Forging Completed “Teacher, how did you get all these forging materials! To think the Heavenly Snake tribe would come back here with you…” Claude had an expression of shock, even after Ye Feng shut the Blacksmith Shop’s door and started sorting the forging materials, he did not stop asking questions.

But it was no wonder that Claude was shocked.

In his perspective, Ye Feng had merely made a trip to the Auction House, but he returned with the Heavenly Snake tribe’s escort, and they had also sent him batches of forging materials continuously without asking for a single gold coin.

This was simply unbelievable! In the Land of Chaos, even the dwarf race knew that the Heavenly Snake tribe would not make transactions with others, they would only plunder.

Ye Feng explained it simply to Claude, regarding his transaction with the Heavenly Snake tribe and their conflict with the Vast Eagle tribe! Immediately, Claude understood the reason.

“Claude, you will forge all the stage two weapons, along with the defensive equipment, there should be about a thousand to make…” “You have not made stage two defensive equipment yet, it is about time to try! After you finish forging these, you can start working on stage three equipment.

” “The Heavenly Snake tribe gave us too many forging materials, even if you waste some, it is not a problem!” .



Ye Feng planned and explained.

Soon, he sorted out the forging materials with Claude, they started to forge.

In the Blacksmith Shop, two forging furnaces were kept in continuous use, each day, hammering sounds could be heard from within the Blacksmith Shop.

“Congratulations to the Host for forging peak stage three defensive equipment, Flaming Combat Armor, you have obtained 100 fire elemental points…” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM “Congratulations to the Host for forging peak stage three weapon, Red Flame Axe, you have obtained 50 fire elemental points…” “Congratulations to the Host for forging stage four middle-grade weapon, Wolf Mace, you have obtained 4000 fire elemental points…” The voice of the World Creator System continued to resound in Ye Feng’s mind without stopping.

Waves of elemental energy surged into his body, raising his Knight and Magician cultivation realms.

His Knight and Magician realms that had slowed in growth started to rise again, stepping onto the peak of stage four mid-tier.

Before long, Ye Feng would be able to become a stage four upper-tier in both Knight and Magician realms.

Not long after, Ye Feng completed all of the peak stage three weapons and stage four weapons that he had to make.

By his feet, before the forging furnace, weapons and defensive equipment that Advanced Knights and Bronze Knights would snatch over intensely in the City of Chaos were placed here casually like trash on the streets, casually lying on the ground.

“I finally completed them!” Ye Feng let out a sigh of relief.

At this moment, all of his clothes were drenched in perspiration, he could not even remember how long it took him to complete these weapons.

Even though he was a Bronze Knight and a Four Star Magician now, the mental energy and stamina expended when he forged all these weapons was still a little too much for him.

But thankfully, after this round of forging, Ye Feng completed seventeen stage four weapons, they were either inferior-grade or middle-grade.

“Forging seventeen stage four weapons in one ago, along with three hundred peak stage three defensive equipment and weapons, I am afraid that my forging skills are highly ranked now even in the Land of Chaos.

” Ye Feng got up and changed his clothes, the drenched clothing could not be worn anymore.

If Ye Feng’s results today were publicized, he would likely affirm his position as the number one Master Blacksmith in the City of Chaos.

“I wonder how Claude is doing!” “I let him forge the ordinary stage three weapons, even if he was just making the half-finished version, it is still quite tough for him to complete the task.

” Ye Feng opened the door and arrived in the main hall, he saw Claude who was busying forging.

Beside Claude, there were a thousand stage two weapons, they had all been completed and placed into the storage boxes in an orderly manner.

In fact, Claude even had time to clean up all of the scraps and dirt of this main hall which he used to forge weapons.

At this point, after forging so many stage two weapons, Claude’s body was already exhausted.

But his eyes were shining with bright light, he showed an unparalleled desire and enthusiasm.

His enthusiasm towards forging! His enthusiasm towards forging a stage three weapon! His hammer continued to strike.

The half-finished stage three weapons were made one after another, they were burning in the intense flames that radiated with bright light.

“I am just about there, regarding my confusion over the carving of formations on stage three weapons, I am only a little bit away from resolving it!” “The fusing of special trait is also just a tiny distance away from me, why can’t I reach it? This has caused me to fail in forging the half-finished weapon that I had already hammered extensively…” Claude continued to strike at the weapon as he muttered softly, he was multitasking now by thinking of the problems when he forged stage three weapons.

The truth was, with Claude’s strength, this was not something that was too hard for him.

All he had to do was to turn forging materials into the half-finished weapons through hammer strikes, after he had made a thousand stage two weapons, this had become his muscle memory.

Even if he did not look at the forging materials, as long as he hammered without stopping, he could shape those materials easily.

The difficulty of stage three forging had never been this, it was the carving of formation and the fusion of special trait into the weapon.

Regarding this, Claude was only one step away from success.

Ye Feng knew about this.

Claude was clear about it too.

Precisely because he was one step away, Claude refused to give up adamantly.

“Give me the hammer!” “I will demonstrate the forging of a stage three weapon once more! Regarding the carving of stage three formations, you could already do it before you even started forging weapons back then.

” “Back then, you managed to carve the formation and fuse the special trait into it without any flaws…” At this time, Ye Feng walked over and slowly went to Claude.

Claude was slightly shocked, he became distracted and nearly dropped his hammer, thankfully, Ye Feng picked it up.

Afterwards, Ye Feng made his move as he hammered the materials before carving formations on them.

He did not carve ordinary formations but the new ones he got from his system, like Necromancy Formation and Death Formation.

Ye Feng had never tried using these formations before, he did not know what power they would give when they were carved.


two days passed.

All of the weapons that the Heavenly Snake tribe ordered were finally completed!