Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 42

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Transaction with the Heavenly Snake Tribe “Interesting, I was worrying about having no way to deal with the colossal Vast Eagle tribe, to think that the Heavenly Snake tribe would be involved like this.

” Ye Feng laughed.

He wanted revenge, it would naturally not end after killing Snell! They kidnapped Claude and wanted to capture him as a slave, if this plan was not supported by the higher-ups of the Vast Eagle tribe, would a mere Bronze Knight like Snell dare to take action? “Nathan, thank you for the information, you are truly my genuine friend! Tonight, I will ask Claude to send a horse carriage full of gold coins to you.

” Saying so, Ye Feng left.

A horse carriage of gold coins? That would hold at least twenty to thirty thousand.

Nathan sent Ye Feng off enthusiastically while secretly telling him that the Heavenly Snake tribe was selling everything they could to buy weapons in the City of Chaos.

Buying weapons? How costly would it be! .



Why could they not just come to the City of Chaos and find Ye Feng’s Blacksmith Shop which could produce the most stage two and three weapons in the shortest time with the highest quality? Ye Feng smiled too.

In the Auction House, the two exchanged a glance and smiled at each other as Ye Feng took his leave and headed towards Muse’s Casino.

“Elder!” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM “That fellow is here again.

” “Ahh! Elder Muse, did our Heavenly Snake tribe provoke that guy again? He is here right now…” A wave of terrified screams could be heard.

The entire casino was in chaos.

The Heavenly Snake tribesmen who were normally brutal and vicious shivered in terror now, they did not dare to obstruct the moment of that young man.

“Who?” Muse had just walked out when he saw Ye Feng, he immediately got shocked and subconsciously wanted to kowtow and apologize.

But thinking about it, he had been quite low-profile recently, how could he have offended this Master Blacksmith? Immediately, Muse became assured of himself.

“What is it?” Muse waved his hand, wanting his subordinates to show a stance of facing the enemy and encircling him.

It was a pity that last time, Ye Feng who was also a Bronze Knight beat Muse to a pulp, his head was bleeding as he begged for mercy.

All of the Advanced Knights of the Heavenly Snake tribe were scared gutless, when they saw Ye Feng again, they were cowardly and did not dare to move forward.

“I heard that your Heavenly Snake tribe is fighting against the Vast Eagle tribe? Recently, you have been selling assets to buy weapons?” Ye Feng sat down and looked at Muse’s group which was wary and alert, he spoke in a slow tone.

“Bring me to meet your Heavenly Snake tribe leader!” “This is a huge weapon transaction, Muse, you are clearly not qualified to discuss it with me, you cannot make the final decision right?” Muse had a look of bewilderment.

“You… you are willing to do business with our Heavenly Snake tribe? I had clearly almost kidnapped your disciple like the Vast Eagle tribe…” Soon, Muse brought Ye Feng along as they rode in a horse carriage, the group of Heavenly Snake tribesmen followed behind them and arrived in a messy campsite in the Land of Chaos.

The Heavenly Snake tribe had naturally strong bodies and superb Knight talent, but they were brutal battle maniacs that enjoyed plundering and bloodshed, they were mostly bandits.

Their reputation in the Land of Chaos was not amazing, many merchants did not dare to make transactions with them.

Seeing the Heavenly Snake tribe, Ye Feng’s first thought was that they were very poor, they clearly could not pay him enough gold coins.

The Heavenly Snake tribe leader personally received Ye Feng as his eyes that were filled with ruthlessness and brutality looked towards Ye Feng in disbelief.

“You… are really willing to help us?” “You will let go of our past conflict?” Ye Feng nodded.

Next, Ye Feng pulled the tent flap and said in a light tone as he looked at the campsite, there were many Heavenly Snake tribesmen who were injured.

“You guys are so poor, I know you cannot afford to pay in gold coins! Even if you try to sell assets, in the Land of Chaos, no force would dare to transact with you right?” “After all, your Heavenly Snake tribe is known for your bandit-like behavior and the tendency to rob people who transact with you.

” “I can forge weapons for your Heavenly Snake tribe for free!” Once he said that, nearby the tent, all the Bronze Knight Heavenly Snake tribe elders who heard this came over immediately.

Even Muse who had brought Ye Feng over showed an incredulous look.

As the person in charge of the Heavenly Snake tribe branch in the City of Chaos, he held admiration towards Ye Feng’s forging techniques.

In terms of quality, Ye Feng’s forged weapons could be said to be number one in the City of Chaos, nobody could rebuke that statement! After all, the dwarf race’s Divine Forging tribe had to send a stage five Master Blacksmith, Elder Gloin, to ensure that they could suppress Ye Feng without fail in terms of weapon quality.

“Are you serious?” “You can make stage four weapons for us!” “Are you really not taking gold coins as payment?! Oh Great Deity of Chaos, how can there be such a great deal in the world, what are you planning?” One by one, the Heavenly Snake tribe elders rushed in with either extreme joy or suspicion, they were almost about to fully surround Ye Feng.

Ye Feng was not after the gold coins that he could get from forging weapons! After all, through his transactions with the Auction House, the piles of gold coins in his Blacksmith Shop had already started collecting dust.

What he needed was the elemental power that he could get from the system through continuous forging.

The Heavenly Snake tribe definitely had a lot of accumulated forging materials! They were bandits that plundered others, no merchants dared to do business with them as well.

“You will provide the forging materials!” “After exterminating the Vast Eagle tribe, you will hand me thirty percent of the resources as my payment this time.

” “You can believe in my credibility!” “Furthermore, in the Land of Chaos, other than me, will any Blacksmith dare to make a transaction with you?” Ye Feng said plainly.

The Heavenly Snake tribe agreed to this transaction in the end.

Muse personally drove the carriage and sent Ye Feng back to the Blacksmith Shop, at the same time, a large quantity of forging materials that the Heavenly Snake tribe accumulated was also sent to him.

There was a vast quantity of stage two materials.

Stage three materials were the same.

There were even many precious materials that did not exist in the market.

As for stage four materials, there was more than ten times the amount in Ye Feng’s inventory.

“Congratulations to the Host for finding the special forging materials, peak stage three undead broken bone and witchcraft flame, you have obtained the Necromancy Formation…” With so many forging materials, the entire Blacksmith Shop was nearly filled, Ye Feng barely had any space to stand.

“Teacher, did you rob an entire race or large force?” Claude said as he was completely stunned.

He had never seen so many forging materials, even in the dwarf race’s Divine Forging tribe.

“It seems that working with the Heavenly Snake tribe is the right decision, I can kill three birds with one stone! Now, my forging skills can improve again…” Ye Feng’s gaze flickered as he shut the door of the Blacksmith Shop, quickly starting on his forging of the weapons.

This vast quantity of forging materials was the decades of accumulation of the entire Heavenly Snake tribe!