Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 41

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Battle of Two Tribes In the Blacksmith Shop, Claude competed against the dwarf genius Clayton in a competition of forging, news that he won started to spread throughout the City of Chaos.

Claude’s reputation soared, he received more and more orders for stage two weapons from the Auction House.

With a continuous stream of stage two weapon forging orders, Claude’s forging techniques that were slowing in growth started to improve again.

Ye Feng forged stage three weapons while Claude forged stage two weapons, this pair of master and disciple produced high quality weapons that were nearly flawless.

With this, the Blacksmith Shop no longer had any weaknesses, it managed to stand firmly in the City of Chaos, within the weapon industry.

The following days became more simple and plain.

Nobody came to cause trouble again! No Blacksmiths in the City of Chaos dared to come approach Ye Feng to compete in forging techniques.

“Success!” “I forged another stage four middle-grade weapon…” Ye Feng let out a sigh of relief.

The fire of the forging furnace was extinguished, there was an eerie blue greatsword that shone in blinding cold light lying inside quietly.




Stage four weapon, Frost Moon Giant Sword.

If a lower-tier Bronze Knight held this weapon and attacked the enemy, there would be a chance of triggering an additional effect of frost energy permeating the enemy.

“Ding! Congratulations to the Host for forging a stage four middle-grade Frost Moon Giant Sword, you have obtained 3000 ice elemental points, and [Offensive skill: Frost Moon Tide]…” Ye Feng casually took out the Frost Moon Giant Sword and placed it at the rack beside him before covering it with an anti-dust cloth.

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COM On this rack, there were thirteen stage four weapons that were similarly placed, these were all Ye Feng’s creations in the last seven days.

They were all stage four inferior-grade or middle-grade weapons.

“Now, with my forging skill, I can nearly succeed a hundred percent of the time when forging stage four inferior-grade and middle-grade weapons.

” “However, there are still some flaws in them, I cannot reach the extent of high quality yet.

” “During this period of time, I have not been checking on Claude’s work, I wonder how he is doing recently!” Saying so, Ye Feng pushed open the door and walked towards the main hall of the Blacksmith Shop where Claude was forging weapons.

Along with a loud sound from the forging furnace, intense flames spewed out as Claude quickly extinguished the flames that had caught onto him in panic.

Claude had a tearful expression.

“I failed again!” During these seven days, other than forging the stage two weapons that the Auction House ordered, he spent his remaining time trying to advance to become a stage three Blacksmith.

But the result was too poor.

After trying three times to refine a stage three weapon, all three attempts ended in failure! “You are still some distance away from becoming a stage three Blacksmith! Earlier, before the special trait was even fused into the formation, you already started to mold the weapon in a hurry…” “Also, the formation carved has problems too, the node that is infused with the special trait is flawed, can’t you sense it?” Ye Feng slowly walked out and said slowly as he looked at the forging furnace, as well as the pile of failed weapons that were black like charcoal outside the furnace.

“I know I am too anxious!” “But I want to follow in teacher’s footsteps, I don’t want to disgrace you, I need to become a stage three Blacksmith like Clayton at least.

” “Teacher, please teach me…” Claude was like a child who had made a mistake, his expression was nervous and uncertain, but his eyes carried huge anticipation as he looked at Ye Feng.

In Claude’s eyes, his teacher Ye Feng was the divine entity who dragged him out of the darkest abyss! Nobody could compare to Ye Feng.

Even the rumored Great Deity of Forging that he had once admired and worshiped could not compare to the status that Ye Feng had in his heart now.

“Come here!” “I’ll explain to you what mistakes you made earlier in your forging, as well as the consequences of making these mistakes which led to the failure of the weapon creation.

” Saying so, Ye Feng started to analyze for Claude.

Claude focused and listened attentively.

In the afternoon, Ye Feng made a trip to the Auction House.

Ye Feng had never forgotten the matter of the Vast Eagle tribe kidnapping Claude, he was not going to let them off.

If not for the fact that going against the entire united Vast Eagle tribe as a single person was quite tough, Ye Feng would have made his move already.

Ye Feng had always remembered this matter internally, he even asked the manager of the Auction House to keep a lookout for the Vast Eagle tribe’s movements.

“Nathan, why are you looking for me so urgently?” Ye Feng pushed the door of the Auction House.

Nathan, who was the manager of the Auction House, had been the person in charge of handling the weapon orders for the Master Blacksmith Ye Feng.

But with Claude’s growth, Ye Feng had started to have the intention to gradually hand over this business to Claude.

By continuously raising his forging skills and experiencing failure, by learning from these mistakes, Claude would eventually become a stage three Master Blacksmith.

By then, Claude would be qualified to handle the orders of both stage two and three orders for the Auction House! “Ye Feng, my friend, do you know? Today, a huge incident occurred in the Land of Chaos.

” “After I tell you, you will definitely be extremely overjoyed.

” Nathan walked over and gave Ye Feng a warm hug as he said with a joyful expression.

As the manager of the Auction House, Nathan was also a Bronze Knight, he was even stronger than Ye Feng as an upper-tier Bronze Knight.

But his personality was quite cheeky, after they got closer, he liked to leave a cliffhanger for important matters and would not say it without tempting Ye Feng.

Ye Feng showed an exaggerated look of curiosity and desire as he said to Nathan.

“Oh Great Deity of Forging.

” “What in the world could make you so excited? Could it be, my friend, are you going to become a Silver Knight already?” Nathan pretended not to hear Ye Feng’s joke as he looked around for a moment before wrapping his arm around Ye Feng’s neck and whispering by his ear.

“A huge matter! It is an absolutely great matter.

” “Last night, the Vast Eagle tribe slaughtered a base of the Heavenly Snake tribe, the Heavenly Snake tribe elder and his descendants there were all killed…” “The Heavenly Snake tribe was infuriated, but before they reacted, another one of their bases was uprooted by the Vast Eagle tribe again!” Saying so, Nathan paused and smiled at Ye Feng as he said.

“And this is not all!” “The Vast Eagle tribe has taken the initiative to clash with the Heavenly Snake tribe! They killed the offspring of many Heavenly Snake tribe higher-ups and even destroyed two of their bases…” “The scale of the battle is increasing too…” Ye Feng squinted as his eyes shone with brilliance, a smile also surfaced on his face.

“The Vast Eagle tribe has gone to ‘war’ with the Heavenly Snake tribe!”