Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 40

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Great Victory Clayton was already a stage three Blacksmith! As for Claude, he had just stepped into the level of peak stage two.

Gloin, a stage five Master Blacksmith, had personally come to challenge a stage three Master Blacksmith like Ye Feng, it would already be quite embarrassing if word got out.

At this moment, Gloin was not going to make this situation any more embarrassing, otherwise, if others found out, his reputation would suffer.

“Since Clayton is a stage three Blacksmith and Claude barely has the forging skills of a peak stage two, you will forge the stage two superior-grade weapon, Red Tooth Spear!” “In the weapon industry, Red Tooth Spear is a rather high level stage two weapon, and it is relatively easier to forge…” Gloin said plainly before looking towards Ye Feng with an arrogant gaze like he was looking down on the latter.

“I am sure you have no issues with the forging of Red Tooth Spear?” Regarding this, Ye Feng shook his head: “Not at all.

” “Let’s begin, I am looking forward to getting your peak stage four forging material! It seems that you are going to lose in this bet.

” Ye Feng said slowly.

In Ye Feng’s opinion, as long as they were forging stage two weapons, regardless of inferior-grade or peak grade, Claude was definitely winning.




During this period, the Blacksmith Shop and Auction House had given more than five hundred orders for stage two weapons alone.

Compared to the Divine Forging tribe, a stage three Blacksmith like Clayton might not even have made five hundred stage two weapons before he stepped into stage three realm! Regarding forging techniques, Ye Feng did not teach Claude many things, he only told him that practice makes perfect.

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COM Gloin was enraged.

Even Clayton felt like he was looked down on, at this moment, he looked towards the trash dwarf Claude, he showed surging determination for the first time.

“Claude, you are just a piece of trash that the tribe exiled.

” “Back then, you were trash when they exiled you.

Now, you are still trash.

Only Ye Feng is treating you as a treasure!” “Watch how I dominate you, your teacher Ye Feng will know that he is truly blind! Hahaha!” Clayton laughed arrogantly.

Next, he brought his hammer to the forging furnace and searched for materials to start forging the stage two weapon, Red Tooth Spear.

Clayton’s insult made Claude extremely furious and hostile, he was almost going to explode from anger.

“Don’t insult my teacher!” Claude shouted loudly like an enraged lion, all his trepidation and uneasiness got swept away instantly.

At this time, there was only one thought in his mind.

That was to win! He had to obtain a great victory that completely stomped Clayton, that was the way he could repay Ye Feng! Furthermore, he would use his overwhelming results to tell Clayton that his teacher was not wrong.

Even though he was considered trash in the Divine Forging tribe, he actually had talent! His teacher gave him new life, nobody was to humiliate him.

Bam bam bam! Hammering sounds became increasingly rapid.

In the Blacksmith Shop, two figures were bathed in heat.

By the side, Ye Feng and Gloin watched the two forge.

Gloin looked at the formation that Claude carved on his weapon with great interest, his eyes shone as he could not help but ask.

“What unique formation is this, why have I never seen it before…” Since they were making the same stage two weapon, the difference in strength would depend on the formation carved on the weapon, and this was not easy to learn immediately.

The reason why the weapons that Ye Feng and Claude forged were high in quality had a deep relationship with the formation that the system gave.

The formations that the system gave were mostly unique formations! Ye Feng was not afraid that Gloin might try to learn it.

Without his teaching, nobody could learn it! Even Claude would not be able to teach him the method to carve this formation.

“Who knows.

” Ye Feng said slowly.

This made Gloin slightly anxious, Ye Feng’s unique formation made him extremely curious, as a stage five Master Blacksmith, Gloin actually ignored Clayton and went to see Claude’s formation carving instead.

Gloin could not help but sigh internally.

“First rate forging skills, even slightly higher than our own dwarf clansmen! Now, he is carving a unique formation…” “No wonder this Ye Feng could take over all the businesses in the City of Chaos after just a few months.

He even managed to steal the orders from the Auction House for our Divine Forging tribe!” Gloin was unable to stop himself from praising.

Soon, Claude and Clayton completed their forging.

With two final strikes, the forging furnace’s fire was extinguished! Almost at the same time, two Red Tooth Spears appeared before the eyes of these two Master Blacksmiths, Ye Feng and Gloin.

“This trash actually completed his weapon at the same time as me?” Clayton had an ugly expression.

Since when could a piece of trash rival him like this? Was it possible that this trash would turn this situation around and win? Clayton frowned deeply.

But soon, he reacted.

Who was he? He was Clayton, a genius of the dwarf race, how could he lose to a useless trash that got exiled from the tribe with no talent at all? “Let’s test the might!” Ye Feng said slowly.

Next, he held the two Red Tooth Spears and threw them towards the wall of the Blacksmith Shop.

Bam! The sound of collision resounded.

Two Red Tooth Spears stabbed into the wall one after another! However, it was evident that Claude’s spear pierced deeper and had greater power.

Gloin frowned, he took the two Red Tooth Spears and started observing them, using methods to inspect their power.

But the result was the same.

Claude’s spear was stronger! “Clayton lost!” Gloin said plainly.

Next, he threw the wager to Ye Feng but did not give up, he still wanted to challenge Ye Feng to reclaim his glory.

Unfortunately, how could Ye Feng possibly agree to his request.

The Divine Forging tribe was simply too shameless! They sent a stage five Master Blacksmith to challenge a stage three Master Blacksmith.

How could they really think so highly of Ye Feng! “Allow me to reject that! Claude, send off our guest!” Ye Feng responded.

Claude sent the defeated Clayton and Elder Gloin outside of the Blacksmith Shop.

But right at this time, Ye Feng looked at Elder Gloin who had an expression of pity and regret, he frowned and thought deeply before walking over and saying.

“The Divine Forging tribe came to provoke me in such an unsightly manner! If I do not make a response, it will look like I fear you…” “Some time later, I will bring Claude to visit your Divine Forging tribe, I hope Elder Gloin can go back and make some preparations first!” Gloin looked at Ye Feng deeply with a wary gaze, he then left with the defeated Clayton.