Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 46

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Forging in Seclusion Ye Feng obtained such a large amount of forging materials, after sending off the Heavenly Snake tribesmen, he shut the door of his Blacksmith Shop immediately.

“Congratulations to the Host for finding the special forging material, peak stage four purple-gold glazed steel, you have obtained the Amplification Formation…” “Congratulations to the Host for finding the special forging material, cursed jewel of the dead, you have obtained the Curse Formation…” Ye Feng checked out his gains and the boxes of forging materials, he could not conceal the excitement in his heart, he could not help but turn on the furnace again.

For Ye Feng’s case, leaving so many superb forging materials in the box to collect dust was simply too wasteful.

“Right now, my Knight and Magician realms have reached the limit of Bronze Knight and Four Star level!” “With just one more step, they will be able to reach upper-tier, I need to give it a push.

” Ye Feng said slowly.

As the fire was lit in the forging furnace, smoke started rising.

One by one, forging materials were tossed into the forging furnace by Ye Feng, who then slowly started to forge them.

But this time, he was not making peak stage three weapons, he was making a stage four weapon immediately.




“In terms of stage four weapons, I have not carved the new formations that the system gave me, I do not know how to integrate the Curse Formation and the Death Formation yet.

” “I can give it a try!” “In fact, I might be able to forge some extremely incredible stage four weapons.

As for stage four superior-grade weapons, I am almost ready to forge them as well.

” Before the forging furnace, pieces of forging materials were rapidly melted and hammered by Ye Feng until they fused into one.

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COM Next, he carved the Death Formation, Curse Formation, and the new Amplification Formation onto it.

After that, Ye Feng skillfully fused the special traits of these materials into the forged weapon again.

Immediately, the system notification rang in Ye Feng’s mind.

“Congratulations to the Host for forging a stage four middle-grade Cursed Undead Greatsword, you have contained [Offensive skill: Curse of the Dead], and 4000 darkness elemental points…” Ye Feng was slightly stunned.

He had clearly forged the ordinary stage four middle-grade Red Flame Greatsword, but after fusing in some special materials he got from the Land of Spirits, as well as the Curse Formation, Death Formation, and Amplification Formation, he actually managed to create this Cursed Undead Greatsword.

Furthermore, after such a long time of forging weapons, this was the first time Ye Feng obtained darkness elemental points! Earth, wind, water, fire, these were the four basic elements in the world of magic.

After that, there were the variant elements like lightning element, ice element, darkness element, light element, and others.

“How long has it been since a Darkness Magician appeared in Marfa Continent? I wonder how powerful this Cursed Undead Greatsword is!” Ye Feng held the terrifying greatsword that was surrounded in darkness and death energy in the forging furnace, he slashed towards the nearby wall.

Bam! A mark was left on the wall.

Ye Feng took a closer look, this destructive power was around the same as the ordinary stage four Red Flame Greatsword that he was trying to forge, there was no difference.

“Is that all?” Ye Feng shook his head and sighed.

He had thought that he had accidentally created a super weapon through his formations and special materials.

To think that it was so ordinary.

Ye Feng was a little disappointed, he placed this Cursed Undead Greatsword into the box and sealed it.

After that, Ye Feng started a new round of forging, but this time, his creations were more standard.

However, Ye Feng who was engrossed in forging did not notice that at the nearby wall, the mark left behind by the sword slash was starting to distort from the black energy oozing out of it.

Afterwards, the small area of the wall cracked as a result.

The Cursed Undead Greatsword that Ye Feng had casually carved formations onto and fused special materials into was definitely not weak.

But Ye Feng did not notice this, he was still focused on exploring the forging of stage four weapons.

Right now, Ye Feng felt no difficulty when it came to stage four forging.

Even for stage four superior-grade weapons, he was qualified to forge them! “Right now, compared to those senior stage four Blacksmiths, I am in no way inferior to them.

” A month passed.

Ye Feng who was engrossed in forging looked at the boxes filled with stage four weapons, he smiled in satisfaction towards his gains.

Next, Ye Feng sent these boxes of weapons to the Auction House and handed them to the manager Nathan.

Nathan who received this box of stage four weapons became exceptionally shocked, even an egg could fit into his opened mouth! “Oh my heavens!” “My friend, are you a stage four Master Blacksmith now? Nearly twenty top quality stage four weapons, how did you accomplish this?” Nathan had an idea of Ye Feng’s stage four Blacksmith identity after seeing the fight between the Heavenly Snake tribe and Vast Eagle tribe.

But he did not think that Ye Feng would grow so quickly.

Earlier, when he interfered in the battle between the Heavenly Snake tribe and Vast Eagle tribe, he had just stepped into the realm of a stage four Blacksmith! But now, he was already able to forge boxes of stage four weapons, one had to know that even an average stage four Blacksmith would only forge one stage four weapon every few months.

Of course, stage four forging materials were hard to collect, this was the core reason why most stage four Blacksmiths could not forge stage four weapons often.

But Ye Feng was different.

He had obtained the forging materials of both the Heavenly Snake tribe and Vast Eagle tribe! Not long after, Ye Feng returned in his horse carriage.

When he came, there were only several boxes in the horse carriage, but when he returned, he was accompanied by the Auction House’s guards.

They were escorting carriages of gold coins, as well as stage four superior forging materials, the destination was Ye Feng’s Blacksmith Shop! “How many gold coins are there?” “Two hundred thousand or three hundred thousand…” Ye Feng looked at the storage room that was covered in gold coins and dust, he could not even remember how many he had.

If he did not purchase stage four forging materials, the amount of gold coins would be doubled or even tripled.

“Putting so many gold coins here feels like a waste, after some time, I need to try and turn them all into forging materials.

” Ye Feng shook his head and muttered to himself.

After that, he returned to the forging furnace and counted his stage four forging materials, he started the fire of the forging furnace and began a new round of forging.

During this period, Claude came several times to clean up Ye Feng’s forging furnace and the residues that lingered.

Ye Feng also taught Claude several unique formations that he obtained from the system!