Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 33

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 33

Chapter 33: the Gangsters in the Alley Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio Looking at Anderson who was running away, old Martin was calm.

Jon’s aura was scary, but if he wanted to make a move, Anderson wouldn’t be able to escape.

“I hope you won’t expose my whereabouts.

After all, if I’m really the robber, I can kill all of you.

” Jon threatened the strong black man in front of him.

“Of course, we all hope that the police will suffer a little.

” He didn’t like the police very much.

“Remember to keep your partner under control well.

” “After all, I don’t like to cause trouble for others afterwards.

” .



Jon’s tone was half joking and half threatening.

As a former SEALs, he had many ways to cause trouble for the other party.

Old Martin nodded naturally.

He’d heard Anderson talk a lot about Jon in the car.

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COM Facing off against the entire NYPD alone, not only did he escape, but he also robbed a bank with millions of dollars.

Whether it was Anderson or himself, if Jon was the real robber, he probably wouldn’t have been able to escape.

He would have been killed immediately… At the thought of this, old Martin broke out in a cold sweat.

He decided to come back and take care of Anderson’s big mouth.

It wasn’t a matter for Anderson to be unlucky by himself but it would be worse if he got old Martin into trouble, too.

How did he meet such a partner! Old Martin thought to himself.

He had no idea that Jon had left.

The darkness gave Jon the best protection.

He naturally knew that the city was full of surveillance cameras.

But he had already memorized them.

Every route was a blind spot for the cameras.

“Hey, beauty, do you mind playing with us?” A gangster-like hooligan was teasing a scantily clad beauty.

Mary was a waitress at the strip club next door.

She wanted to earn an extra $50 tonight, so she stayed there and worked an extra hour.

She knew that the security here was not good.

But in order to earn enough rent for next month, she had to go all out.

She did not expect to meet a gangster from a nearby gang just after a few steps from the club.

Shouldn’t they be eating at this time.

“Hey, if it wasn’t for the seige by those idiots from New York, I wouldn’t have taken so long to get out.

” “However, I might not have met such a beautiful woman.

” The gangster swallowed his saliva as if he was admiring a beautiful dish.

Mary’s heart was filled with despair.

She had deliberately avoided the gangster activities.

She did not expect to encounter such an unexpected incident.

Mary tightened her bag and clothes.

That exposed figure made the two gangsters even more bestial.

Tragedy was about to happen.

“It seems that it was me causing the problem.

” A cold voice came from the alley.

A black figure wearing a hoodie suddenly appeared at the alley entrance.

The voice surprised the two gangsters.

The voice was extremely cold and terrifying.

Under the moonlight, it was like a judge coming to punish their sins.

The gangster immediately took out the knife hidden in his trouser pocket.

“I advise you to mind your own business, you b*stard.

” He looked at the man warily, waving the knife in both hands.

He wanted to scare the man away.

He didn’t know why but he had a bad feeling.

He didn’t want to waste time talking to this man.

The man at the end of the alley smiled.

He revealed a mouthful of white teeth, as if he didn’t care about the other party at all.

“Hurry up and scram.

This is your final advice.

” This black shadow wasn’t polite to the hooligans at all.

The moment he opened his mouth, he wanted to make the other party scram.

How could a gangster be treated this way.

He looked at Mary beside him and then looked at his knife.

Suddenly, he became bolder.

“Hey, I’m going to make a few holes on your body.

Only then will you know how powerful I am!” As he said that, he took the dagger and rushed towards the black shadow.

The gangster beside him also had bloodthirsty eyes.

He had not killed anyone in a long time.

The last time was a man who liked to pretend to be a gentleman.

He was directly stabbed by his dagger until he was dripping with blood.

Seeing that man begging for mercy under his feet, he was extremely carefree.

This was the consequence of stopping your grandfather! He watched as he rushed forward with the dagger.

He had already imagined the feeling of the knife stabbing the man.

It was like stabbing into a sandbag but it wasn’t that hard.

It was like stabbing into a milk bag, but it was a bit hindered.

In short, it was a wonderful feeling.

Just as the hooligan approached the man with the dagger while his right hand was about to stab him, he was suddenly stunned.

An extremely cold thing suddenly pressed against his forehead.

He was very familiar with this feeling.

And it was a powerful shotgun! The power of this gun could blow his head off! He was definitely not joking.

He did not have the habit of joking about his own head.

His hand holding the dagger was trembling.

This alley was a camera blind spot.

It was a place where the gang dealt with matters.

Even if this man killed him here, there would not have any evidence.

This was still a dead end.

The black shadow was blocking the only exit, making him could not escape.

“Who is going to open a hole for whom now?” The cold voice was like the call of the grim reaper.

He swallowed his saliva and sweat covered his forehead.

“I… I’m just joking, I’ll get out now…” The hoodlum holding the dagger immediately admitted defeat.

But he wasn’t thinking of running, he was thinking of bringing more people to kill the shadow.

He wanted the man in front of him to let him go by pretending to be pitiful now.

Just when the man slowly moved the muzzle away and held it in his hand.

He was instantly delighted.

“I’ll bring people to kill you later! You b*tch!” Just as he was about to run away what awaited him was not an escape.

Instead, it was the man who smashed the butt of the gun on the back of his neck.

The little hooligan’s vision turned black.

“You devil, what did you do to him!” Another gangster immediately took out a dagger and pressed it against Mary’s neck.

“If you move again, I’ll kill her!” The black shadow looked over.

His cold gaze made the gangster’s body tremble.

He had not seen such a terrifying gaze for a long time.

It was as if he had just killed someone.

The black shadow was indifferent to his words and walked from the alley entrance step by step.

Just like that, he kept staring at the other party.

“I’m warning you, you better not come over! Or else I’ll really kill her!” The black shadow was stunned when he heard that and continued to walk in.

“Whether you kill her or not, what does it have to do with me?” “I’m not interested in her, I’m only interested in you.

” Jon’s cold gaze, coupled with the shotgun that was dripping with blood.

This terrifying scene… scared the shit out of him.