Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 34

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Shocked the Sheriff Again! Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio The gangster’s hand trembled as he held the dagger.

Jon walked step by step, as if there was a rhythm.

It was the same as the gangster’s heartbeat.

Series of accidents had made the gangster extremely tense.

When he saw Jon pointing the gun at him, he couldn’t help it anymore and knelt on the ground.

He couldn’t stop shaking.

He kept mumbling when he saw the robber like this.

Jon didn’t stand on ceremony either.

He went up with a butt of the gun and knocked out the other man again.

Two gangsters were subdued by Jon in a very short time.




He took off the coat of one gangster and threw it to the shivering Mary.

“Next time, don’t go out alone in late night.

” When he threw the coat to Mary, his masculine face under the hood was revealed.

Mary immediately recognized that it was Jon, who had become popular on the Internet today! Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM Mary covered her mouth with both hands.

He actually came to help me! The deep voice made Mary felt as if she had found her backbone.

She hurriedly rushed up and pulled Jon, who was about to leave.




What should I do next?” “I mean, what should I do with these two robbers? Calling the police will affect your actions, right?” Mary’s words stunned Jon.

That was indeed the case.

If Mary called the police at this hour, the police would quickly deduce that it was probably Jon.

They might even start a large-scale search.

This was extremely disadvantageous to him.

Thinking of this, Jon was about to speak.

But he found that he could not speak.

A jade-like finger pressed against Jon’s mouth.

“Can you stay with me for one night? I’m a little scared by myself.

” “The house I rented is nearby.

You don’t have anywhere to go, right?” Mary’s words made Jon raised an eyebrow.

“Aren’t you afraid that I’m a bad person?” “I’ll admit it if you’re a bad person.

” This man was so popular on the Internet.

Everyone wanted to get to know him.

In addition, she had just been scared.

She desperately needed a sense of security.

Jon not only fit the bill perfectly.

He was good-looking, too.

Jon was already in the top 20 of the most wanted sex partners in the latest list.

It’s a testament to his popularity and good look.

Mary was still walking on the dangerous streets in her skimpy clothes.

But she was not afraid at all as she was being protected by a strong man.

The sheriff was commanding everyone to surround the abandoned factory in the north.

At this moment, the sheriff turned on the walkie-talkie and shouted to the person-in-charge of the northen team.

“What’s the situation over there now!” “Report, sheriff! They are still in a standoff with the robber.

” “When the door is broken through, the other party will fire bullets.

Request for anesthetic bullets for backup!” The person-in-charge of the team was also keeping an eye at the abandoned factory.

He was constantly making sure that the other party inside did not escape.

Moreover, the other party’s figure could be seen from his side.

If he applied for sniper anesthetic bullets from this angle, there was a very high success rate.

After listening, the sheriff also sent the sniper there.

There were many buildings nearby, and the vantage point was very easy to find.

The sheriff was driving the police car crazily.

He wanted to say to Jon face to face, “You can’t f*cking run out of my hands!” The four squads, north, south, east, and west, all moved out.

In their eyes, Jon had nowhere to run this time! The sheriff soon arrived at the abandoned factory.

Nearly a hundred police cars blocked this place.

All the police surrounded this place.

The high-frequency searchlights not only illuminated this place as if it was daytime, they also took out infrared detection equipment to check the position of Jon.

“Second floor, by the window.

” The policeman told the sniper and the sheriff this news.

The sniper was also ready to take position.

In this position, Jon’s exposed figure was like a naked beauty in the eyes of the sniper.

Everywhere was filled with tempting spots.

After receiving the sniper’s confirmation, the sheriff confidently took out the loudspeaker.

No matter how foolish he was this time, it was impossible for him to escape in front of him! “Jon! You’re surrounded by us, there’s no way you can escape!” “There’s no one here who can make you pretend, everyone aim!” “Jon! The drill is over!” The sheriff held the microphone and issued an ultimatum.

He hadn’t eaten anything since the afternoon.

Just so he could catch Jon.

But he had to admit that Jon had taught him a lesson.

If it wasn’t for his serious play that had slapped all of them in the face, how could they be so serious.

With that, a smile appeared on the sheriff’s face.

He wanted to thank Jon in person for taking such ‘good care’ of him.

The sheriff grinned at the thought.

It was as if the long period of depression had been swept away.

And the sheriff didn’t immediately let the sniper use the tranquilizer gun as he wanted to wait for the media to arrive.

All his preparations were for this moment.

When the media’s live broadcast arrived at the scene and saw the densely packed police cars and police officers, the bullet screens were all shocked.

“I really can’t think of what I would do if I were Jon.

” “If I were him, I would probably choose to surrender.

This is the first time I’ve seen so many police officers.

” “You’ve seen the police snipers aiming at this place.

If Jon still doesn’t surrender, I reckon he’ll have to sleep for a while.

” “But since the drill has progressed to this point, Jon is already very impressive.

We pay our respects to him.

” Many people continued to pay attention to this matter even late into the night.

Many people finally heaved a sigh of relief.

It was like watching the end of a TV series.

The media was also writing nervously, preparing to release it when the sheriff arrested Jon.

The police, the media, and netizens all knew the ending.

They were waiting for Jon to come out and confess.

The sheriff couldn’t get any feedback.

He ordered the sniper to anesthetize him! After the sniper received the signal, he immediately turned on the optical sight.

He accurately shot the other party.

“Sheriff, I got him!” The sniper reported the situation.

But he was a little strange.

Why didn’t Jon react after being shot.

The sheriff received the signal.

He immediately rushed up.

They had never seen an old sheriff being so agile! The sheriff didn’t care.

The only thought in his mind was to catch Jon.

He rushed up to the second floor of the abandoned factory.

He saw a masked man sitting on a stool.

“Jon! I finally caught you this time!” “You still want to play that game with a mask on!” The sheriff glared at the man.

He walked to the man who was shot with a tranquilizer bullet.

He lifted the mask on the other side and saw the face under the mask.

The person under the mask was not Jon.

It was a homeless man he didn’t even know!