Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 32

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Escape from the Encirclement Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio “Anderson, have a good night sleep after you’re done.

” Old Martin passed a cup of coffee to the other party.

“Old Martin, it’s going to be difficult tonight.

The entire city has been occupied by the New York police.

” “Did something happen?” Old Martin asked while drinking hot coffee in his janitor’s uniform.

“Don’t you watch the news? A robber robbed a bank and even ran out.

Now the entire New York police force is looking for him like crazy.

” Anderson held his coffee and teased old Martin.

“Then this robber is really crazy.

He can make so many police officers in New York play with him.

” Old Martin threw away the coffee cup in his hand and prepared to get into the truck.

He was actually not very interested in these news.

He just wanted to finish his work early and go back to bed and rest.




Anderson was obviously younger, but he still talked about these new things endlessly.

Old Martin didn’t stop him.

After all, having a “radio station” in his ear at night could also prevent him from dozing off while driving.

The two of them got in the truck and fastened their seatbelts.

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COM There was still a “battle” waiting for them tonight.

The truck slowly started and slowly drove out of the burning factory.

At this time, there were basically no cars on the road.

The speed also slowly increased.

It was different from the crowded city center.

It was very comfortable to drive at this hour.

The music on the radio and Anderson’s news broadcast made him did not hear the slight sound coming from behind.

So old Martin followed the planned route and drove all the way to the edge of the suburbs.

There were a few police cars guarding here.

The roadblocks blocking the road had already been raised.

The floodlights in front shone, as if it was daytime.

“Old Martin, look at the police ahead.

Isn’t that right? Right now, these police are looking for that robber like they’ve gone crazy!” When old Martin heard Anderson’s excited words, he pinched the space between his eyebrows.

The more police there were, the stricter the inspection would be.

The later we would go back, silly child.

However, he had no choice but to slow down first.

He drove over and greeted the police officer who was blocking the road.

“Can you let me pass? The trash in New York is piling up, Officer.

” Old Martin rolled down the truck window first and showed his work permit to the police officer.

The smell of such a large garbage truck was always unpleasant.

The police officer who was blocking the intersection also ran to the side in disgust.

He took out his walkie-talkie and reported to the sheriff.

“Sir, there’s a garbage truck coming from the southern suburbs.

It needs to enter the city.

Do you approve?” In fact, there had always been vehicles coming and going between the suburbs and the city’s entrance.

It was just that it was easier to get out than to enter the city.

Although the general location of the robber had been confirmed, the sheriff still would not let go of these vehicles easily.

“Check carefully, especially the people.

The robber is very cunning and will pretend to be anyone.

You must pay attention to this!” The sheriff said to the walkie-talkie.

He was confident that he would not miss a single detail this time, not even a fly! Just as the sheriff thought that they must check carefully, the public channel of the walkie-talkie suddenly sounded! “Sheriff! We found a figure in an abandoned factory three kilometers away!” “And when we approached the factory gate, the other party fired a warning shot!” “Shall we take the strong attack now? Please advise!” When the sheriff heard the news, he immediately forgot about the garbage truck and the inspection.

He opened the public channel! He shouted at everyone! “The northern team has found the whereabouts of the robber, Jon! The northen team is waiting for the other teams to form a circle!” “The rest of you rush to the center of the encirclement! Form the second layer of encirclement! I don’t believe he can escape from two layers of encirclement!” The sheriff excitedly gave the order.

James and the other two also clenched their fists.

Since they had already discovered the other party, the other party would either hold their ground or think of a way to escape.

They had not formed an encirclement at the bank previously, thus, Jon took advantage of the back door.

There was no way he’d be fooled this time! He surrounded the place with two layers of encirclement.

The robber would never escape! As the sheriff gave the order, everyone was rushing to the abandoned factory.

The officers in front of the garbage truck got the message.

After verifying their identities and checking the two people in the car, they quickly let them through.

They didn’t have time to waste with a garbage truck.

They had to rush to the marked location.

The end of the operation was coming.

Anyone who wasn’t there would be called out and criticized.

This wasn’t the time to check out a garbage truck.

They had more important things to do.

Old Martin watched the policemen left.

He slowly started the garbage truck.

“Looks like we found the robber.

Thank God, I hope New York City can be more peaceful.

” Old Martin hoped that the robber would be caught soon.

After all, they had already wasted at least half an hour.

He didn’t want to waste another half an hour when they came back.

However, Anderson was still indifferent as he ridiculed them crazily.

“This robber caused such a big commotion.

The sheriff is personally commanding it.

It seems like there are more than a hundred people.

” “I really want to see the robber with my own eyes.

I heard that after the bank robbery, someone was so scared that they went to see a psychologist.

” Old Martin slowly took a puff of his cigarette.

“Anderson, people like this usually have really killed people.

It’s best for ordinary people like us not to meet them in our lifetime.

” Old Martin looked out of the window with a dazed look, as if he was thinking of something from the past.

The smoke quickly faded in the night wind.

At this time, they had already arrived at the first garbage station in the city.

Just as they got off the truck and prepared their tools, out of the corner of his eye, Anderson suddenly saw a tall black shadow standing not far from them.

This person was wearing a hoodie, so no one could see his face clearly.

He looked at the man in front of him.

Old Martin quickly blocked him with tools at his front and pulled him back to the truck door.

“He’s right.

Don’t be curious about a robber like me.

” The black figure in the hoodie said to Anderson with a pair of cold eyes.

Anderson was scared out of his wits.

He hid his entire body behind old Martin’s sturdy body.

This person’s aura was like a serial killer.

There was no humanity in his eyes.

Anderson was so scared that he was trembling.

Old Martin looked at this familiar figure and asked tentatively.

“Are you… the bank robber from the TV?” This made Anderson even more afraid.

He was afraid that he would be killed by the black figure in the next second!