The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 137

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 137

Chapter 137: An Unrivaled Conversion Efficiency! Caroline suppressed her excitement and continued.

“Perhaps, in your lives, you will all hear how many Watts this thing has, and how many Amperes that thing has.

” “You can look up the conversion on the Internet!” “What I want to say now is that the efficiency of Thunder God’s power generator is already very, very impressive!” “Just now, at Raymond’s behest, Tuesday had set the power of the Laser Cutter to 20,000,000 watts.

” “The electricity generated by the laser was almost 12,000,000 watts.

” “It was almost a 60% efficiency!” “Some people might say, isn’t that a 40% loss?” “Actually, the efficiency of this laser cutter is far more than 60% .

” “When the laser cutter was activated, a great deal of energy was lost to heat production.

“The laser passes through the air where more energy is lost.




“The laser srikes the light absorber and loses more energy.

“By the end of it all, the electric generator absorbs the remaining heat of the light absorber and produces electricity “By my rough calculation, the efficiency of the electric generator is more than 70 percent “Perhaps, you are not clear about this concept.

Let me give you a number.

The efficiency of our nuclear power station is between 33% and 35% .

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COM “And Raymond has doubled this efficiency!” “The horror of this is only understood by those who are involved in this field!” They did not give the audience time to think.

Caroline used an even simpler explanation.

“If we use the Thunder God’s Generator, the current electricity bill will be reduced by half!” “If the Thunder God’s nuclear fusion reactor is produced, the electricity bill will be reduced to one-tenth of what it is now!” “This is the power of technology!” “This is Thunder God!” Caroline’s words immediately riled up the confused audience.

“Damn, that’s no small matter! If it wasn’t for Mam Carol’s explanation, I probably wouldn’t have been able to visualize this!” “That’s why, no matter what, we have to let the Thunder God continue his live broadcasting for the benefit of the country and the people!” “We already know just how capable he is, but this never gets old!” “Let’s just keep it simple.

He’s awesome, enough said!” “Even if the Thunder God can’t produce nuclear fusion, he can still laugh proudly at the entire world!” “Mam Carol is still amazing.

She knows the principle behind it and also quickly saw the implications.

Furthermore, she simplified it to our level and finally end up with – the Thunder God is awesome!” “He has all the right to go up his throne.

There is no doubt about it!” “Where are the doubters from before? Come out and see what you think now?!” “Thunder God, I still love you.

I want to give birth to a monkey for you!” .


The people in the live broadcast room gradually understood the power of Raymond’s power-generating film.

The netizens of Jelly media couldn’t help but spread the word.

They had already shown off their abilities.

Word spread like wildfire.

NASA wasn’t even talking about the applications anymore.

“Shepherd, is the conversion rate of this thing that high?” “It doesn’t even feel scientific anymore!” McLean kept running the numbers again and again on his tablet.

However, each time, the result was the same.

Something like this almost broke the rules of physics.

It made McLean question everything he had learned.

Having had his worldview shaken again and again, he started to undergo an existential crisis.

Shepherd once lost his sanity after having his own worldview tested time and again.

At least, he seemed to be more resilient this time round.

However, his mind was only focused on Raymond.

If he ever solved Raymond’s numerous mysteries and went back to visit his past demons again… Then he would still have to go to Italy and continue receiving rehabilitation.

Understanding the nature of the world often brought about serious consequences.

When he saw McLean teetering dangerously close to the edge like he once did, he tried to pull him back.

“McLean, we are at the tip of the iceberg.

We’re just specks of dust in the grand scale of the universe.

Nothing is truly set in stone.

It comes to no surprise that we see rules broken with each passing day!” “We upgrade our home appliances frequently, why can’t we do the same with our understanding?!” “Science had plateaued for a while, but Raymond is obviously different.

He will usher forth a new age of knowledge!” “Let’s just take in whatever he presents!” “So what if it goes against all conventional wisdom? Just focus on grasping the fundamentals of his work!” Shepherd was much younger than McLean, but he had achieved a little more.

McLean took his words seriously.

He didn’t dwell on his dillemma any further.

“I understand.

It’s just that I keep trying to refer to what we already know, and it’s driving me up the wall.

I’ll hold back.

” McLean knew exactly what Shepherd had saved him from, and fell silent.

“Chinese net culture is rather peculiar.

Most of the time, those netizens don’t even know what they’re looking at.

If it seems to be something worth celebrating, they’ll just shout the number of the beast, ‘666’.

Over there it means something very different, of course!” The Chinese were always a peculiar bunch.

But McLean was aware of their neetspeak.

So, he turned his head and silently took in the stream.



The prolonged exposure to high temperature did not cause any damage to the power generator.

But Raymond did not intend to end the abuse of this power generator.

The temperature created by the laser cutter was still somewhat different from the temperature of nuclear fusion.

Raymond had to know the limit of this power generator.

“Tuesday, increase the power to 30,000,000!” The color of the laser changed.

The blue color from before looked a little dreamy.

But now, the laser carried lethal intent.

Although it was just a change in color, the message was clear.

[Did you guys feel it? The color of the laser looks really dangerous!] [Yes! The blue color was gentle and soft, but now it looks a little violent!] [Yes! Before, it looked like cotton yarn, but now it looks like a knife.

It’s completely different.

] [Science changes laser colors? Is this the power of science? I love it!] [Why would every country vigorously develop their science? It’s not just because of the human desire to explore, but also because of its lethality!] [Unfortunately, I blew my high school.

In the future, my child must study hard and see this kind of beauty in this world!]