The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 138

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 138

Chapter 138: The Harem Has Been Established! As the power of the laser cutter increased, the power of the generator also rose.

The temperature kept rising.

When it reached a threshold, Raymond decisively called out to Tuesday.

“Tuesday, stabilize it!” It was not because the generator could no longer withstand the laser.

It was because the absorber could no longer withstand the laser.

If this continued, the absorber was bound to be cut.

And the result would naturally be that the generator would be destroyed.

“Master, why don’t you study this absorber?” Riven said.

“There’s no need.

The temperature is about right.

” .



Raymond looked at the equipment in the laboratory.

He was almost certain.

“Mass-produce the power generators!” Raymond gave the order, and Riven and Tuesday started working together.

At the same time, Raymond helped out.

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COM Yes, Raymond was helping.

Because it was a mechanical operation, as artificial intelligence… no, artificial intelligences, the two of them would have an advantage.

The robots would work together with repeated actions.

Raymond was happy to see them move quickly.

[The generator has entered the fast lane.

What’s the next step?] [Can’t you tell? Actually, these are the key points of nuclear fusion!] [The next step is the final test!] [What do you mean? The nuclear fusion reactor is almost done?] [That’s right, Thunder God’s speed is just this fast!] [What’s so fast? When Thunder God and Kim Hee-sun went in, they didn’t come out for a long time!] [F * ck, let’s be serious please.

Are you fapping?] [Hurry up, I want that ass on my face, now!] [How long do you think he lasts in bed?] [What are you still waiting for him to whip it out on camera?] [Hehe, the Thunder monarch is so good-looking, strong, and has invented so many useful things.

So what if he whips it out?] [The Thunder God has no interest in the likes of you!] [Hahaha, some people probably don’t know this! Many think that they are comparable to Kim Hee-sun, and they think they can win him over like she did!] [So, his harem is already established, and we are just waiting for Thunder God to descend!] Time passed very quickly.

The production of power generators had already entered the late stages.

Seeing that almost enough had been produced, Raymond started to do his work.

Riven and Tuesday were still worked on.

One nuclear fusion reactor might be enough.

However, if given the time, Raymond planned to make a few more.

Having a few backups wouldn’t hurt.

If something went wrong in space, it wouldn’t be easy to fix the single one he had.

Contrary to what many people thought, the generator wasn’t installed inside the directional magnetic field generator.

It covered the outside of it.

The directional magnetic field generator had a radius of 1.

2 meters.

Covering such a circle wasn’t a big problem for Raymond.

It only took a little time.

“Riven, it’s about time.

Come Over and help!” The directional magnetic field generator had a radius of 1.

2 meters, so even if Raymond had many robotic hands assisting him, he still needed help.

Of course, Raymond could do it by himself.

But that would take a little more time.

Raymond, who wanted efficiency, naturally wouldn’t do such a thing.

“The main frame over here, carry it a little…” “The wiring harness over there, give it to me!” “The local controller, install it!” “The high-temperature insulation paint…” “Sigh! Riven, why aren’t you as smart as Tuesday!” Raymond had to be in charge of almost every matter.

He did not feel comfortable leaving things to Riven.

Riven silently obeyed.

After all, she really didn’t know Raymond as well as Tuesday did.

But after Raymond called her out a few times, she was a little unhappy.

“Master, how long have I been born, and how old is Tuesday… it’s completely incomparable.

Aren’t you asking too much of me! ?” Although her words weren’t very pleasant to hear, Riven managed to remain calm.

In addition, her voice was originally sweet, so it worked her in favor.

However, it got Raymond thinking.

After all, Raven had just been born yesterday, and it was naturally impossible for her to achieve the tacit understanding he had with Tuesday today.

Therefore, Raymond backed off.

When he no longer pushed her, Riven actually took more matters into her hands This confused Raymond.

But with increased efficiency, he had nothing to complain about.

With Riven and Raymond’s cooperation, the general shape of the nuclear fusion reactor started to emerge.

It was like a large football.

On the surface, it was covered with pieces of power generators.

Because of Raymond’s latest modifications, the gap between these hexagonal power generators was not big.

It was only about 0.

01 millimeters.

This was something that Raymond thought was normal, but to the average netizen, it was different.

Immediately, groups of scientists got to work attempting to reproduce his work.

It did not matter to Raymond.

He simply continued working.

“One last check, follow my lead!” “Yes, Master!” Raven immediately controlled her three pink robots to start checking.

One by one, data was sent from Riven’s server and displayed on Raymond’s console.

Raymond grew more and more confident as he read the data.

At this moment, the entire internet was paying attention to this matter.

Raymond’s nuclear fusion reactor! This matter had already become popular on the Internet two days ago.

However, some of the spotlight had been taken by his Gundam.

Even so, almost everyone was paying attention to this matter.

[Have you all been notified? Let your relatives and friends come and witness this historic moment!] [His tags on Twitter have exploded.

There’s no need for us to inform them!] [There are still many off-grid folk.

Please tell each other!] [I pity those people who work overtime.

They can’t watch Thunder God’s live broadcast now!] [Do you think Thunder God’s nuclear fusion reactor would succeed in one go this time?] [Yes! Absolutely!] [No matter what, according to Mam Carol, the power of that power generator can greatly increase our energy conversion efficiency!] As the netizens were informing each other, the various media outlets started to do what they used to do.

Push after push was sent out continuously through their apps.

One could not be a qualified media outlet if they didn’t take advantage of it.

The shockwave spread through the Internet once again.

[Thunder God’s nuclear fusion reactor is about to be tested!]