The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 136

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 136

Chapter 136: Is A Perpetual Motion Machine About To Appear? ! Caroline had not guessed wrongly.

If she could guess it rightly, McLean and the others could too.

“Shepherd, do you think a thermoelectric generator is useful? It’s not going to be very heat-proof, right?” Shepherd watched Raymond continue working without turning his head.

“The efficiency of a thermoelectric generator is too low.

I wonder how efficient his rendition of it would be.

” After a pause, Shepherd continued, “If the material can pass the test, using this miniature thermoelectric generator to generate electricity is undoubtedly the best choice.

” McLean asked, “Shepherd, how much heat do you think this thing can withstand to continue working?” “Based on the laser cutter that Raymond used previously, this thing can at least withstand temperatures of not less than 5,000 degrees celsius.

” “5,000 degrees celsius? That’s too low.

According to the data from your China, the temperature of the nuclear fusion achieved there was at least 100 million degrees celsius.

Would his contraption even survive that?” This question was very understandable, However, Shepherd had no answer to it.




Why did China’s artificial sun last for only slightly over 100 seconds? Their hardware could not handle the heat.

If they had more durable materials, then the artificial sun would definitely have lasted longer.

Shepherd was not sure if Raymond’s new material could withstand it.

This question could only be answered by Raymond’s subsequent experiments.

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COM 77 raised her head to take a look.

She was just about to lower her head to continue reading.

However, Raymond’s electricity generator attracted her attention.

“Not about temperature!” 77’s lines were still as short as before.

Because of her words, McLean and Shepherd turned around and looked at her intently.

It’s not about the temperature? Using a difference in temperature to generate electricity was already the limit of what they could think of.

One line from 77 had derailed their thoughts.

What was it then? Shepherd looked at the screen again.

Shepherd had to admit that taking 77 along with him was undoubtedly a very important decision.

Yes! That was not a conventional generator.

If it were, it could not be a few millimeters thick.

The temperature of nuclear fusion was extremely high.

The temperature would be monstrous, even in high pressures The thermal radiation had to be immense.

How then, was a difference in temperature achieved? Compressor? No, no, no! That was completely impossible! Therefore, Shepherd concluded that what Raymond had made was not a temperature difference generator.

But, if that was not a temperature difference generator, then what was it? Or Raymond was just testing his hand to see the power of the laser cutter? Or was he trying to see if Riven could make a semiconductor refrigerant? Soon, Raymond’s actions put an end to these two schools of thought.

The power generator was lifted up by the pink robot.

Two wires were connected to the two ends of the power generator.

At the other end of the wires was a measurement of current and voltage.

“Tuesday, in ten seconds, turn on the laser cutter.

Set the power to 20,000,000.

” “Yes, sir.

” “Riven, put that piece of light-absorbing film on the front and over the power-generating film.

” “Yes, Master.

” Riven was very obedient when it came to business.

She cut off her nonsense.

Raymond was very confident in the power-generating film he made.

However, he would never be certain without an actual test.

He knew just how powerful his laser cutter was.

The power generator version 1.

0 that he had just made would not resist the burning of the laser cutter.

[If I’m not mistaken, the thing in Riven’s hand is used to generate electricity!] [Aren’t you talking nonsense? It’s hilarious!] [Hmm… a new perpetual motion machine is about to appear.

It generates electricity here while the laser cutter consumes power.

The laser beam’s energy is taken to generate more electricity…] [The f*ck are you on about?!] [Perpetual motion machines are a myth.

Just drop it!] [Don’t spread rumors here.

Perpetual motion machines are a scam, and impossible.

As long as external forces can act on it, they’ll run out of steam.

] [The prototype is starting up.

Let’s wait and see!] [If the laser cuts that thing, then it will be interesting!] [I need some help formulating the energy conversion process! My teacher watched the live broadcast and gave me some homework…] [You guys are demons, right?] There weren’t that many bullet comments on Jelly Media’s stream.

However, the overall quality was a little better.

After a few days of teaching, Caroline had gained a fair bit of recognition.

However, at that moment, she was still holding her silence.

Because, technically, it was feasible.

And together with Raymond’s brain, it was a very real possibility.

However, Caroline was wrong.



After adjusting the power of the laser cutter, Tuesday activated the laser cutter.

The blue laser was not very strong.

But it was beautiful to look at.

It attracted a lot of people’s eyes.

But Raymond didn’t care how attractive the blue light was.

He only cared about the readings on the equipment.

These readings represented the conversion efficiency of the new item he made.

As long as the readings were up to standard, the thing could be put into production immediately.

Although a nuclear fusion reactor couldn’t find much use in all fields, this was a necessary research on Raymond’s part! The laser hit the absorber, and the heat of the absorber was absorbed by the generator.

The reading started to rise.

[100V ][8AH] [100V ][9AH] [100V ][11AH] [100V ][12AH] The voltage was stable at 100V.

The voltage was constantly changing.

It held steady at 12 AH.

Looking at the data, Raymond couldn’t help but laugh.

This had exceeded his standards.

However, he didn’t stop Tuesday.

He needed to see how far the generator could go.

If it only lasted a short while, it would be useless.

Caroline had started to form an opinion.

She held the microphone and wrote a few numbers in her notebook.

She was as tech-savvy as any scientist out there.

However, the feeling of using a pen was different.

“You might not see anything out of the ordinary!” “However, I can tell you that Raymond’s power generation film is too amazing!” “I know you must have a lot of question marks in your head right now.

” “I’ll explain it to you later!”