The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 84

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 84

Chapter 84: The Essence Of Nuclear Power Generation Is Boiling Water?! Although Joseph was a big shot at Roscosmos, he was not the person in charge.

After all, his hobby was research.

Previously, when Chekov asked him to be the person in charge, he had refused.

He loved his career so much only because he could become himself.

But now, Joseph no longer had those thoughts.

If he wanted to go out and do something that he couldn’t do, he had to bypass the management.

Even if he wasn’t restrained by the management, he couldn’t sneak away.

But he naturally had his ways.

That was why he said those words before.

At that time, Chekov had mobilized his people at the space agency.

“I’ve received some news that Joseph might act on his own.

You must keep an eye on him.

If he becomes too much of a handful, get the military police to lock him up.

” “This… Emperor, what does he know? He actually wants to send out the military police?” “Don’t worry about what he wants.

If he really can’t do it, give me a call.

You must keep an eye on him.

This is an order!” .



“Yes! We must complete the mission!” “Is Joseph acting oddly now?” “He’s in his lab right now.

He seemed to be very concerned about the plasma engine.

” “Okay, that’s it then.

Report to me if there are any unusual movements.

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COM “Yes!” The call ended very quickly.

The person who received the call from Chekov was afraid that there would be an accident.

After the line was cut off, he went to take a look at Joseph’s lab.

When he saw Joseph, he heaved a sigh of relief.

The eccentric man appeared to be seriously looking at the blueprint of the plasma engine.

“I am capable of doing it, but don’t keep bothering me!” He shook his head speechlessly at those words.

Joseph had never once behaved well when he was young.

However, because of his outstanding ability, the higher-ups often let him have his way.

Therefore, the space agency loved and hated him at the same time.



Raymond ate a meal for less than ten minutes.

He was famished.

“Raymond, don’t be like this in the future.

Even if it’s important, you have to eat your meal.

What if you get digestion complications in the future?” Gayle Gadot reminded Raymond as if she was his wife.

His stomach had been aching from hunger, and Raymond knew the consequences.

He nodded repeatedly.

After Gayle Gadot finished speaking, she shouted at the robot beside him, “Tuesday!” “Ms.

Gadot, what’s the matter?” Tuesday responded through the robot.

“Next time, no matter how busy Raymond is, you have to let him eat.

Yes, he’s your God, your creator, but you have to consider his body!” “He is not a robot.

Do you know how painful it is to have gastric? He actually used a few robots to stop me.

If there is a next time, I will smash your server and make you homeless!” Gayle Gadot grew angrier the more she spoke.

Tuesday paused for a few seconds.

There was a hint of sheepishness in her synthesized voice.

“Madam, don’t worry.

Next time, as long as it isn’t something particularly important, I will definitely let Sir eat.

” “You, look at you.

Uou still need to learn more.

That’s just common sense, you need to learn that fast.

I don’t believe that Raymond let himself get so lost in his work.

I’m so angry!” “Ma’am, don’t worry.

This will never happen again!” Tuesday controlled a robot and gave a military salute to Gayle Gadot.

This instantly made Gayle Gadot laugh.

“Tuesday, please don’t get in my way again, okay!” Watching Gayle Gadot cow the artificial intelligence, Kim Hee-sun tried to follow suit.

“Sorry, Miss Kim Hee-sun, you’re doing this for your own selfish desires, so I won’t agree to your request.

” “Hmph… No!” Seeing that Tuesday didn’t give in, Kim Hee-sun immediately sat on Raymond’s lap and started to act coquettishly.

“Brother, look at your AI.

It gave in to sister, but it won’t listen to me… am I very annoying?” Raymond pinched Kim Hee-sun’s nose and smiled.

“How could you be annoying? You’re just annoying my robots!” “Aiya, even brother is bullying me! You’re all making fun of me!” Kim Hee-sun wanted to get up as she spoke.

However, the smell on Raymond’s body made her forget about it.

For a moment, Kim Hee-sun was in a dilemma.

“Alright! I’m just playing with you.

Next time, I’ll have Tuesday give you special treatment, alright?” When Raymond said that, Kim Hee-sun’s previous thoughts immediately disappeared.

“What special treatment?” “It’s special.

It’s definitely very special, so you can’t know about it.

You have to slowly test it out.

Only then will it be interesting.

” “I understand.

Like cats playing hide-and-seek, you have to find them yourself!” “That’s right, that’s just what I meant!” After bluffing Kim Hee-sun, Thunder God took a break and returned to the laboratory.

However, this time, Thunder God did not directly head in.

The plasma engine tests could not be performed in the laboratory.

According to his calculations, the massive exhaust flame would cause great damage.

But this laboratory would still be useful in the future.

Moreover, the thrust tester could not be installed in the laboratory.

After all, there was not enough space in the laboratory.

The tests had all been arranged in advance on Tuesday.

Because of the huge power consumption, the massive power station cables were the best choice and had the largest capacity.

After all, to reach 5,600 tons of thrust, according to the conservation of energy, the power consumption would be extremely huge.

Moreover, during the operation of the engine, a part of the energy would be lost.

The cooling system would also consume a large part of the electrical energy.

“Sir, if such an engine is installed on a spaceship, what would be the energy source?” Regarding Tuesday’s question, Raymond had already considered it.

But at that moment, what he took notice of was that Tuesday had actually started to take the initiative to ask questions.

This was a huge breakthrough.

Had Gayle Gadot’s scolding just now taught her something? Was Tuesday a little masochistic? It did not seem very scientific.

Raymond’s expression was a little complicated.

When he thought of the surrounding cameras, he did not say what he wanted to say.

“Or boil water.

” “Boil water? What does that mean?” “Do you know what the essence of nuclear power generation is, Tuesday?” “Essence?” “Forget it, let me tell you! In the end, the conversion of nuclear energy into electrical energy depends on the conversion of nuclear energy’s thermal energy into mechanical energy.

As for how to convert it into mechanical energy, we use heavy water.

Heavy water carried away the heat and passes it to ordinary water.

When water is heated, it evaporates and forces the impeller to turn.

Then, the impeller drives the generator to work and converts it into electrical energy.

” “I understand the principle, but what does boiling water mean?” “Forget it.

I won’t make things difficult for you, Tuesday.

You’ll understand it when you come to understand how humans think.

” Raymond knew that the current Tuesday would understand the definitions, concepts, and theories.

But abstract human thought was still out of her reach.

Even Kim would understand him just fine.