The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 85

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 85

Chapter 85: Experimental Thrust! Raymond couldn’t do anything about Tuesday.

She would have to figure it out by herself.

The plasma engine’s power cable was quickly connected.

The remaining small cables followed shortly after.

“Tuesday, I plan to build a control center.

When you’re free, make me a few building plans.

” “No problem, sir.

” Although Raymond didn’t finish elaborating, Tuesday filled in the blanks on her own.

A test platform always needed a control center.

Otherwise, a large number of cables had to be lugged over each time.

It looked a little unprofessional.

The installation of the plasma engine was completed.

Without any extra programming, Raymond immediately began testing.




“Flip the main switch!” “Monitoring temperature…” “Monitoring Lorentz force…” Raymond turned on the switch while muttering.

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COM “Activate the start module…” “Prepare for preheating…” “Level one preheating…” Because the plasma engine did not need air, the opposing end of the engine nozzle could be blocked.

The instrument currently blocking the nozzle was to measure the magnitude of the thrust.

The thrust test platform had been built overnight by Tuesday.

More than a dozen large steel pipes were smashed into the ground, and dozens of pressure testing machines lay spread out.

After all, it was a strength test of 5,600 tons.

Normal pressure testing machines wouldn’t withstand such a large amount of pressure.

“Engine, start!” Raymond chanted while his hand flipped the switch, “Boom! Boom Boom! !” Although no air entered, the plasma engine still produced a loud sound.

Charged particles spewed out rapidly, and hot air immediately rushed towards them.

The air started to burn, and the heatwave caused the surrounding scenery to distort.

When the heatwave hit, it was too much for Raymond and the others.

At that moment, a robot ran over with an insulation blanket.

The heat instantly became bearable.

“Brother, are you making some barbeque?” Kim Hee-sun asked a question that came to her mind.

“Hee-sun, do you like barbecuing?” Raymond replied loudly.

“I do!” “As long as you like it!” The power supply started to increase under Raymond’s fine control.

At the same time, the total reading of the pressure tester began to change.

The starting point was 100 tons of thrust.

105 tons! 120 tons 200 tons 400 tons 1,000 tons .


Raymond’s hand did not stop.

There was no problem with the heat control, and there was no leakage of electricity inside the engine.

The rest of the reading was completely normal.

1,800 tons 2,000 tons At that moment, Tuesday called out.

“Sir, stop!” Raymond did not doubt Tuesday’s words at all and immediately killed the power.

The sound of the engine gradually decreased, and the sound became softer and softer.

The sound of the bubbling radiator grew louder.

The energy supply returned to zero, and Raymond let go.

“What’s wrong?” Raymond looked at the robot by his side.



“What’s going on? Is there a problem?” “Did anyone see what’s wrong? I’m worried sick!” “Why did it suddenly stop?” “Can’t you see? Tuesday gave him a warning!” “Did Tuesday see something? Would it be dangerous to suddenly kill the power like that?” “Such a huge thrust would consume a huge amount of electrical energy.

With such an intense electric current, losing control would be catastrophic!” “Could it be that there was something wrong with one of Thunder God’s engines, and his instrument did not display any data, but Tuesday spotted something?” The questions in the bullet messages grew more and more.

Even the various space agencies became nervous.

“Turn off these bullet screens.

I’m sick of looking at them!” McLean was sick of looking at the bullet screen.

In fact, he did not know what had caused Raymond to suddenly shut down his engine.

However, there were two sides to this matter.

At least he was certain that Raymond’s direction was completely clear.

Think about it.

The plasma engine from before only had so much thrust.

To put it bluntly, that thing was just a toy.

If it wasn’t needed in space, no one would have developed it.

But now, Raymond’s improved model was truly worthy of being called an engine! This was just the beginning, and it already produced 2,000 tons of thrust.

They didn’t know what the problem was.

Even if it didn’t meet Raymond’s requirement of 5,600 tons of thrust, this 2,000 tons of thrust was proof enough.

With the addition of Raymond’s previous nano-neutrino Battery, it would be as easy as riding a high-speed train in space in the future.

As long as large groups invested in it, it could be commercialized and commercialized within a year.

Moreover, as the cost was reduced, space garbage could also be cleaned up.

Perhaps the matter of colonizing Mars would not be too distant a thought.

After waiting for a few minutes, everyone finally knew the source of the problem.

“The mounting can’t withstand the power of the engine anymore?” Raymond looked around Tuesday’s handiwork and couldn’t figure it out.

“Sir, it is not the mounting.

The land is being torn off the planet.

” “Huh? This is an industrial area.

Do we not have solid foundations here?” “I’m not sure about this.

I am unable to calculate the consequences of the ground tearing, for the safety of you and the others, I called for an emergency stop.

” “Well, I don’t blame you.

You did the right thing.

” Raymond wasn’t angry.

The path of researching would always encounter all kinds of problems.

Even Raymond had encountered many problems.

However, the system helped him activate his Ultimate Learning Ability, and his thought process had grown extremely fast.

To the people outside, it seemed like he had solved the problem in one go.

Only he himself knew that when he was stuck, it had been extremely uncomfortable.

Therefore, when he encountered a problem during the research, Raymond could deal with it calmly.

After all, losing his temper could not solve any problem.

“Now, where are we going to do the experiment?” The plasma engine experiment had to be carried out.

It was unwise to move ahead of the plan, armed with nothing but theoretical hypotheses.

“Brother, why aren’t you continuing? Are you waiting for me to bring the barbecue stuff over?” “Haha, Hee-sun, go get them.

We’ll wait for you!” “Alright!” Having gained his approval, Hee-sun skipped away.

However, her eagerness had given her such a spring in her step that many things started jiggling on her body.

Even Raymond could not help but sneak a few glances.

It was said that high-beaming headlights never failed to attract the attention of men.

“Raymond, did you encounter any problems?” Gayle Gadot walked over calmly.

“There was a problem with the location of this experiment.

The ground couldn’t withstand the power of the engine.

” “Couldn’t withstand it? Why don’t we find something that’s very stable…” When Gayle Gadot said this, Raymond suddenly thought of something.

It could definitely withstand the power of a plasma engine.