The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 83

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 83

Chapter 83: Plasma Engine, Complete! Industrial Park, Lab 14.

Just as Raymond finished preparing his stuff and hadn’t even started manufacturing it, McLean, who had been working alone, was called out.

At first, McLean cursed and swore, but after hearing that Raymond had started working on it, he ran faster than anyone else, afraid that being a second later would affect his findings.

He and Joseph did not openly say that they were going to compete, but they knew each other well.

Although the two of them exchanged some of their own opinions, they had not revealed their backgrounds.

They were masters of subterfuge.

“Tuesday, prepare to give me some manpower.

Give me real-time improvisation!” “Affirmative, sir.

” More than ten robots walked into the laboratory.

Raymond began his work.

Meanwhile, in the live broadcast room, as if they had received an order, everyone actually stopped talking at the same time.




Without the bullet comments, the live broadcast room seemed to have been completely silenced.

It was terrifyingly quiet.

It was not until more than ten seconds later before a bullet comment floated past.

“Wait, have they disabled comments? Testing testing…” Many viewers saw the comment flying past, but not many paid attention to it.

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COM A netizen who was watching the live broadcast knew that Raymond’s plasma engine was related to their future trip to space.

The more down-to-earth things were, the more people cared.

That was why this rare situation had appeared in the live broadcast room.

Not long after, two robots carried a giant transparent television into the room.

Raymond’s datastream and other relevant information was displayed on it.

It’s just that the location and angle of Tuesday’s placement are rather special.

Raymond barely needed to look up to get a good view of the screen.

In the beginning, the above data was still densely packed.

Eventually, Tuesday seemed to learn what Raymond needed and the data became summarized, containing only the barest of necessities for Raymond to continue working.

The robots seemed to read Raymond’s mind.

The tools in Raymond’s hand seemed to switch as rapidly as a poker card artist, appearing out of thin air.

If it wasn’t for the fact that there were multiple angles of the live broadcast, the audience would have thought that Raymond knew spatial magic.

“My God, the cooperation between Thunder God and Tuesday is flawless!” “Even if I watch the replay, I’d have to watch it several times before I can understand what they just did.

” “With such an AI, I feel like the end of the world is coming!” “A robot uprising? I don’t think so.

Thunder God’s source code must contain some safeguards.

Tuesday has never turned against humans yet!” “Did you forget that when Thunder God once asked if Tuesday was ever given a strict order, would Tuesday turn on humans?” “If Thunder God dies… maybe…” “Thunder God dying? Even after you turn to dust, Thunder God would be around! Idiot!” Watching Thunder God fabricate and build was boring.

After all, they couldn’t understand it at all.

But to the space agencies of the various countries, what Raymond was doing could not be more important.

Even if several countries felt that Raymond’s blueprint was unfeasible, such as the United Kingdom and Germany had begun to look at it carefully.

Some even began to imitate it.

If the fundamentals seemed to work, he might be on to something.

“Why can’t I understand this shit again?” McLean muttered.

A few minutes later, he started to scratch his hair again.

He couldn’t hold it in anymore and was about to take out his phone again.

At that moment, his phone rang.

It was Joseph.

He smiled wryly.

McLean felt that Joseph was truly his equal.

When he called, he could not understand much either.

“Hi!” “McLean, are you still looking?” “Hehe, I’m still looking.

” McLean smiled wryly.

He had originally thought that he could understand most of the blueprints and understand more things by looking at Raymond’s actual operations.

But reality had arrived too suddenly.

A plasma engine had appeared in reality, one which McLean was building on his own.

He could have built it even if he had been thrown into the stone ages.

That only meant that McLean had crunched all the data on a plasma engine on his own.

He could have built it even without an industrial system.

He could remember everything from the size of the engine to the ratio of the alloy.

As for Raymond’s version, he could not do anything about it.

He was so close, but he just could not understand it.

“You can’t understand it either?” “Then why should I answer your call?” “This… why don’t we go and ask him directly?” “Joseph, are you crazy? Do you know why we deliberately sent the materials in?” “I know!” “Then why do you still want to ask for advice? Is there something wrong with your brain, or have you forgotten to take your medicine recently?” “I can’t help it! The feeling of being stuck in ignorance is really uncomfortable!” “I feel uncomfortable too! But, for the sake of future plans, we can’t be rash!” “I know!” “You know my *ss!” How could McLean not sympathize with Joseph’s desperation? If he wanted to accomplish something, no one would come.

Other than one person, the Russian emperor, Chekov.

Only he could hold this stubborn bull back.

“Don’t worry, I won’t do anything.

I’m hanging up!” After Joseph said that, he immediately hung up.

At that moment, Joseph was no longer thinking about the problem that was holding him back.

Instead, he was thinking about how to quickly and safely reach Raymond’s side.

He thought a lot about the plan, and in the end, he decided to use the nuclear submarine that had been hidden for a long time and had been almost forgotten by the world! But something told him that McLean would definitely send a warning to Chekov.

He had to find a more reliable way.

“Lydia, my thoughts have come to a dead end.

But with the blueprints from before, I’m still certain.

After Raymond finishes this plasma engine, have the team send the video and data directly to me.

I need to think about it in a space of silence and solitude.

Under no circumstances am I to be disturbed!” “Okay, consider it all done.

” Joseph got away.

McLean had the exact same thoughts and had sent a message to Chekov.

McLean received a reply not long after.

He believed that with Chekov around, he wouldn’t be able to act recklessly.

… Raymond had entered the zone.

He forgot to eat and drink.

Time and hunger became fleeting thoughts.

The audience watched as Raymond formed something from thin air.

Nothing became separated parts, and separated parts became entire contraptions.

The large plasma engine seemed to be taking shape.

With the last few adjustments, Raymond’s speed slowed down.

The 1-meter radius and 2.

3-meter-tall construction was nearing completion.

With Raymond’s “OK, Done!” the bullet screen immediately exploded.

“Thunder God holy cow -! (Breaking sound)” “Thunder God is the GOAT!” “It’s finally over.

I’m looking forward to the next Test Drive!” “Thunder God, you’ve worked hard.

Kim Hee-sun, Gayle Gadot, Thunder God needs you!” “Where’s the food! Where’s my food? Good sir, I didn’t get any!” “Quick, quick, quick, Kim Hee-sun, it’s your turn to take the stage!” “Gadot, where’s your food? Hurry up and offer yourself to Thunder God!” The bullet screen commanders started to work, even though Kim Hee-sun and the others couldn’t hear them.