The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 82

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Thunder God Kicked Her Out Just Like That?! The space agency was not this busy every single day.

For the past two days, the research department of rocket propulsion had been relatively calm.

Ever since McLean had established communications with Joseph, the group of researchers at NASA had been idle.

McLean had gone into seclusion at the moment.

He was writing and drawing in his private laboratory.

However, before he did so, he instructed his subordinates.

“Do not make any comments regarding the plasma engine.

” This sentence seemed to say nothing, but it actually said everything.

Regarding Raymond, when the blueprint for the rocket engine was released, the Russians had already made some comments.

In the end, they had been slapped in the face.

This time, McLean had learned from the experience, so he would not make any comments.

On top of that, McLean had not yet performed extensive studies on the previous blueprints.




The blueprint that Raymond had drawn was different.

McLean made sure to study it.

As the lead investigator, McLean sought out its secrets.

Most importantly, he studied it alone.

This meant that no one could disturb or betray him.

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COM On the other hand, McLean must have had some inkling on its deepest secrets, otherwise he would not have gone to study it by himself.

The Russian chief, Joseph, similarly did not allow his subordinates to express any opinions.

After speaking to McLean, Joseph had been forced to give away some Russian technology.

Although it was within his jurisdiction, it had hurt him so.

He had to race against the clock and McLean to be the first to dissect Raymond’s technology.

The two major authoritative space agencies were without any opinions, but at that moment, the media had a lot to speculate.

Could other factors be involved? Or, the British and German space agencies did not find it feasible.

Even if it was pure speculation, such an article was published.

Attracting attention was always the most important thing for the media.

Of course, it was too easy getting attention for scoops involving Raymond.

Every media in the world wanted a piece of the pie.

Joseph remained silent as if he had already read Raymond’s mind.

5,600 tons of thrust was no longer an imagination, the interstellar era is coming “The era of pure electricity is coming, where should oil go?” “In the era of electricity, solar energy may become mainstream!” “Keep boiling water, what needs to be done after nuclear power generation is batteries…” “The birth of a plasma engine, but what of the power source?” “Thunder God’s nano-neutrino batteries, or a joint global effort to research it.

” .


As soon as the large articles came out, all the netizens immediately changed their minds.

The previous rumors said that Raymond was doodling, but now they said that Raymond’s blueprint was too profound and many people couldn’t understand it.

Inexplicably, Raymond had blown up again.

It seemed that they had grown used to it, and the netizens who had been watching the live broadcast didn’t care at all.

However, they still blew up where they should blow up.

“Thunder God is Thunder God.

Even if a lot of people can’t understand it, it doesn’t stop him from being awesome!” “New York, I told you.

Thunder God represent!” “Since the blueprint is out, when will Thunder God start producing it?” “I hope Thunder God can put the technology on open patent.

That way, we will be closer to the interstellar era!” “Open patent? I’ll open patent your *ss.

People like you should be fed to the sharks.

Disgusting!” “I also think it should be made public.

After all, no matter how powerful Raymond is, he only invented it after reading the books of his predecessors!” “F*ck, I’m so angry.

Then why don’t you f*cking make your wallet public? Did the farmers give you free food!” “F*ck, my blood pressure immediately rose.

How can there be such a disgusting person? You like to get something for nothing?” “Hehehe! Hasn’t Thunder God already made it public? Didn’t you see the live broadcast? If you have the ability to build it yourself, go f*ck your sister!” “Yeah, you should f*cking do it according to Thunder God’s Blueprint!” “Rubbish, you don’t know anything.

You only dream of butterflies and rainbows.

I think you’re living in a dream…” Raymond’s live broadcast room had been open for a long time.

It was rare for there to be such a large-scale war of words.

From the looks of it, this war of words would not die off for a while.

Most importantly, those troublemakers didn’t seem to be afraid of being scolded at all and kept talking about public matters.

Seeing that the situation was getting worse, Maggie activated her authority.

This was also the first time Maggie activated her authority.

Because it was a global live broadcast, Maggie never really bothered about the typical public chat bickering.

This time, it had grown large enough that if she were to ignore it, she would be remiss of her duties.

“I’m sorry.

According to our program team’s request, I will specifically ban a portion of people this time.

” “According to our program’s screening, it’s mainly because a portion of people are deliberately instigating matters.

Please be rational and watch the live broadcast.

Thank you!” Not long after Maggie finished speaking, those who were already busy scolding people ranted on.

The netizens who were instigating them seemed to have lost their right to speak and disappeared without a trace.

“Alright!! Maggie did a good job this time!” “Those b*stards were really pissing me off.

Fortunately, Maggie took action and banned them!” “Hey, hey! Civilization is speaking.

Since Maggie activated her authority for the first time, there might be a second time!” “Wrong, wrong, wrong! It’s not a matter of civilized speaking or otherwise.

It’s just that those hateful orphans never felt a mother’s love before.

” “Maybe they really don’t have parents?” “Yeah, people who like to keep other people’s things for themselves might be the doctors who took hold of the wrong object during the delivery and raised the placenta into the air instead!” “Hahaha, raised the placenta! How interesting!” .


The sense of sovereignty was the bottom line for many people.

Even if this wasn’t about them, they weren’t happy that someone had violated Raymond’s rights or even suggested it.

Moreover, this was on the internet.

It was where people from all walks of life were able to be themselves, masks stripped off.

Liking was liking, and hating was hating.

Moreover, the deprivation of other people’s sovereignty was common in reality.

Obviously, many netizens had been holding grudges for a long time.

The moment had arrived, and they had exploded on a large scale.

Things on the internet came and went quickly.

They also left quickly.

Not long after, they began to pay attention to Raymond’s actions again.

At that moment! Raymond, who had gotten the materials, started to work again.

The more observant netizens had already noticed a little trick at this moment.

“The Thunder God is starting already?” “The Thunder God hasn’t eaten yet.

Why is he starting again?” “Poor Kim Hee-sun.

She hasn’t even finished absorbing enough of his scent and he simply kicked her out again… Hahaha!” “Kim Hee-sun is so cute.

Look at her wrinkled nose.

She’s in love!”