My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 154

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 154

Chapter 154: Most of Wang Hu’s Combat Power There were more than a dozen humans and an unconscious Gui here.

The people in charge were the nine Third Realm cultivators from China he met the other day.

They were also the only people present in this city.

Meanwhile, they were waiting for Wang Hu’s arrival.

This time, they would be working with Wang Hu to execute the Entrapment Plan and also taking advantage of the opportunity to hone their skills.

Chances like this, where the risk level was not that high yet the challenge remained tough enough to allow them to go through a life-and-death fight, were rare.

The moment Wang Hu appeared, the nine cultivators were the first to react.

Out of the nine, there was one in particular who reacted slightly faster than the other eight.

After a brief state of alert, the man quickly said, “Your Excellency, you are here.

” As soon as the sentence was finished, the others lowered their guard and looked at Wang Hu with fervent and reverence.

Wang Hu maintained expressionless and faced the men coolly.

The nine cultivators walked towards him and saluted.

The person in the lead said loudly, “Greetings, Your Excellency.

Major General Dong Yuhao from China awaits special instructions from Your Excellency, to carry out the Entrapment Plan.

” Wang Hu nodded, and his gaze swept across the other men before turning to the world passage not far away.

He said coolly, “Let’s start.

” .



“Yes,” Dong Yuhao replied loudly and turned to look at the others.

“Start now.

” Once the instructions were given out, the Second Realm Gui was carried to the world passage by a few cultivators.

One of them looked straight into the Gui’s eyes, and his eyes emitted a mysterious glow.

His calm and light voice was heard, “Go back to your world.

When you return to your world, you shall wake up and tell what you saw truthfully, that’s it.

” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM Once he was done, he instructed the other cultivators to put down the Gui.

The Gui stood soullessly and walked slowly into the world passage.

The moment he entered the world passage, his eyes began to regain lucidity.

Not far away, Dong Yuhao—who was observing silently—turned to look at Wang Hu and said, “Your Excellency, it’s time for us to hide.

” Wang Hu nodded, and he morphed into a golden light and disappeared into the distance.

Dong Yuhao and the others also flew away.

… Meanwhile… On the other side of the world passage… That Gui was quickly brought to see the superiors of the Gui species.

“Speak, what’s the situation?” Multiple Gui species superiors stared coldly at the Gui.

“Patriarch, Elders, when I went over to scout yesterday, the city outside was already empty, and all the people were gone.

“There was no one at all.

I looked carefully for a long time, but I did not find anything,” the Gui said reverently.

“No humans captured you?” A Gui elder asked.

“No!” The Gui shook his head.

“What about the spiritual energy density?” Another Gui elder asked quickly.

“It increased by a lot.

But I’m not sure precisely how much,” the Gui said truthfully.

The few Gui elders looked at each other and let the Gui leave.

“Seems like the information is correct.

The spiritual energy density of the world over there is quickly increasing, and the people have also evacuated,” one of the Gui elders said with a frosty voice laced with intent to kill.

“That’s right.

We have scouted for a few days, and it’s still the same situation.

“Hmph! That powerful being killed so many of our Guis last time; this time, we must pay it back in entirety,” another Gui elder snarled.


We don’t have to tolerate it anymore.

Yes, the opponent was not weak, but it’s just a world where the spiritual energy was just awakening, how strong could he be? “This time, we must kill him.

” “Alright, now, the most important thing is to test how many powerful beings that world passage allowed to pass through?” The Gui seated in the center said.

The other Guis nodded in agreement.

Soon, they started moving.

… Several kilometers away from the world passage, Wang Hu was monitoring the site of the world passage through a screen showing satellite footage.

He didn’t wait for long, and a Gui was seen walking out of the world passage.

The Gui’s expression immediately brightened, and he headed back into the world passage.

Next, one after another, the powerful Guis walked out.

Wang Hu’s eyes were filled with satisfaction.

The Entrapment Plan was actually very simple.

The Gui species have constantly sent scouts over in the past two months to find out more about the Earth’s situation.

In the beginning, they were all captured by China.

They captured so many that the Guis stopped action for a while.

A month ago, he had a discussion with the senior officials from China, and they came up with the Entrapment Plan.

What followed next was waiting.

They waited for the other party to resume the sending of Gui scouts, and this wait lasted half a month.

It was just a few days ago that the Guis sent scouts over again.

This time, the Chinese did not capture them and allowed them to tour this empty city.

From that point onwards, the Entrapment Plan already commenced, and Wang Hu had been ready to come over for the battle anytime.

However, the Guis were cautious, and they sent more scouts a few more times.

Every subsequent Gui grew more daring, and the time that they stayed outside in the city became longer.

Then, the Chinese decided to capture them and hypnotized them to probe the Guis’ situation.

It was until the Gui from yesterday that the Chinese deduced that the Gui species could no longer hold themselves back and were about to strike.

Hence, they informed him to come over and prepare for the operation.

One must admit that those geniuses from China had really predicted the thinking process of the Gui elders dead-on; they were indeed formidable.

Once that Gui went back, their opponent really started to move.

They were not anxious to begin, and they slowly watched as more and more Gui species walked out from the world passage.

First Realms, Second Realms, and Third Realms… In the process, there were also Third Realm Guis flying in all directions to survey the surroundings.

The well-prepared Chinese were obviously not exposed.

Soon, more than 20 minutes passed.

About 50,000 First Realm and Second Realm Guis had gathered, in addition to more than 60 Third Realm Guis.

Their morale was high, and they were full of excitement and greed.

Wang Hu saw that no more Guis exited from the world passage, and he morphed into a golden flash and disappeared.

It was time to get moving.

… In front of the Gui troops that were tens of thousands strong, a Gui elder yelled excitedly, “This world is ours now! “Now, the Divine Body Realms shall lead us to conquer the world that belongs to us!” Roar~! The tens of thousands of Gui soldiers cheered excitedly.

Their morale grew even stronger, so strong that it reached the sky and even dispersed the clouds.

“Remember, if you come across that damned powerful being, don’t fight him, just wait for us to arrive,” the same elder said again, his voiced menacing with murderous intent.


” All the elite Guis immediately responded.

Then, the Gui Patriarch turned to look at the few figures beside him and said solemnly, “The few of us will not split up.

Our aim is to find that powerful being and kill him.

” “Yes.

” The few Guis nodded.

“But how should we find him?” One of them frowned and asked.

“Hahaha, don’t worry.

As long as we cause a ruckus, he would naturally come and find us.

“Even if he hides, once we occupy this world, he can’t run away either,” the Gui Patriarch laughed maniacally, full of confidence.

“That’s right.

” “We let him get away with last time… this time, the truly powerful ones have come to take his and his family’s lives.

” “No, we have come to take his entire species’ lives.

” The other elite Guis also laughed with confidence.

Their brazen laughter swept through the sky, spurring the entire Gui troops to also laugh out loud, and their morale and aura were increased to the next level.

Dong Yuhao and the rest, who were hiding far away, heard their yells.

They had picked up the Gui language, and their expressions immediately changed upon hearing what the Guis said.

They looked at the Gui species in the distance, as though looking at dead bodies.


” In the laughter that rang into the skies, a forbidding and commanding voice was heard.

It was like a sword that penetrated through the laughter.

The voice was not loud, but it strangely drowned out all the laughter and rang clearly into the ears of all the Guis.

The laughter from the Guis was abruptly stopped, as though they were grabbed by the throat.

The elite Guis were jolted back to reality, and their eyes turned wide to look in the direction that the sound came from.

They saw a figure standing in front of the world passage.

The figure was not tall, yet it exuded a domineering and indomitable quality.

The aura of just one being was not weaker than their tens of thousands of soldiers.

“Who are you?” The Gui elder bellowed furiously, while his heart turned solemn.

How did the other party come over without getting detected? “Weren’t you all looking for me? I’m here.

” Wang Hu looked coldly at the tens of thousands of Gui troops, and his voice weighed down on the air like it was a divine mountain.

All the Guis felt an inexplicable pressure.

Just then, a realization dawned on the elite Guis.

“You are the one who massacred our 10,000-strong troops?!” The Gui elder fumed.

All the Guis suddenly turned murderous and shot daggers at the being, appearing ready to take action in the next moment.

Wang Hu was unbothered, and he calmly said, “All of you will be included now.

” “How conceited!” The Gui elder stared menacingly.

“Last time, you got away killing our Gui species because our true elites were not here.

This time, we will make you regret it!” Wang Hu looked coldly at him and was not interested in talking anymore.

He took a step, and in the faint golden light, his figure teleported to slightly more than 10 meters in front of the Gui elder.

As the Gui elder was still gaping with shock, Wang Hu smacked down with his palm, and a faint tiger roar was blasted, setting off a shower of dazzling golden light.

The Gui elder’s expression contorted in anger.

He was actually unable to circulate the divine power that he already prepared a while ago in time.

He could only surge as much power as he could and faced this palm head-on.

Bang! A blast erupted, and the Gui elder’s body was hurled heavily into the distance like a torn rag.

His body smashed into the empty buildings, causing them to collapse.

All of these happened in a flash.

Before the elite Guis could react, the Elder was already thrown out of sight.

“You’re quite weak, but you talk big.

” Wang Hu’s gaze swept contemptuously at the other elite Guis.

He looked down at them from above as though looking at a bunch of useless weeds, and his indomitable aura suddenly erupted, flooding towards the tens of thousands of Gui soldiers.

“Since you are here now, whether you get to go back alive or not will depend on your luck.

” As he finished, an earth-shaking tiger roar boomed.

Roar~! It was like knives and words penetrating the skies and lightning pounding the earth.

The innumerable shocked Guis suddenly felt their heads spin, as though they had been hit on the head.

When some elite Guis came back to their senses first, their vision was filled with a boundless golden gleam.

The earth seemed to be teeming with such golden flashes that traveled extremely fast.

The speed was unimaginably swift.

Within the blink of an eye, it arrived under one’s nose.

“Ahhh!” Instantly, countless screams were heard, but many more were not even able to cry out in pain before they got torn into pieces by the golden flash.

The First Realms and Second Realms were unable to resist the attacks at all.

The moment it made contact with them, they were immediately penetrated and torn into pieces.

The Divine Body Realms fared better, and they managed to resist some attacks.

However, as more and more Gui soldiers died, the golden flashes started to converge and were now targeting the Divine Body Realms.

Some of them started to get injured and eventually got torn into pieces.

An outright massacre was taking place here.

In the distance, the injured Gui elder—who was smacked and tossed away—stood up, and he looked at the happenings with shock and horror.

The sky was raining with golden flashes, and it was massacring the Gui troops.

50,000… 40,000… 30,000… The speed became increasingly fast, so fast that he trembled with fear.

How could this be?! In a world where the spiritual energy had just awakened, how could there be such a strong being? How could this be?! His body shook like a leaf, and all the thoughts of fighting or killing vanished.

He ran maniacally towards the world passage and shouted, “Retreat! Retreat!” On the other side, Dong Yuhao and the rest were gawking at the happenings, and they could only feel their hairs stand on the end.

The air of blades, unimaginably fast speed, and the immensely vast strength… all of it made them feel helpless.

Although they had seen a similar sight from videos before, it was even more shocking to see it happening in person.

He was so unimaginably strong.

“What Floor do you guys think the Tiger King’s combat power has reached?” One of them couldn’t resist the urge to ask.

He did not ask about what Floor his strength reached.

It was obvious that Tiger King’s power could not be solely represented by strength.

Everyone was silent, and no one answered.

They didn’t know either.

“Quick! We can’t miss out on such a good opportunity,” Dong Yuhao said seriously.

Everyone nodded.

They did not speak further, and their speed increased.

Wang Hu circulated the White Tiger Battle Art and two of his special abilities—the Extreme Strength Strike of Dao and the Extreme Agility Movement of Dao—at full speed.

With the Extreme Strength Strike of Dao, his strength now has reached the maximum of China’s limits.

From the Third Floor, it was directly raised to the advanced-level Fourth Floor.

That meant that no one here, including that Gui elder, was stronger than him.

With such strength, combined with the increase in speed by four times through the Extreme Agility Movement of Dao, Wang Hu wasn’t even sure how terrifying his prowess was himself.

To elaborate, the strength of that Gui elder was actually not far from his.

Yet, if he wanted to kill the other party, he could do so easily with only one strike because the other party could not react in time at all with his speed.

His attack speed, divine power circulation speed, and speed of other aspects were four times of the other party.

His opponent had no chance of winning him.

In addition, he also had the Extreme Defense Wall of Dao.

He did not have to be bothered by the shock from their attacks colliding at all.

At this moment, his White Tiger Battle Art was about to reach the first stage, and he kept using this multi-target move in full force.

The air of blades and, more importantly, the four-time increase of speed completely shut the Guis in.

They were unable to hide at all and could only withstand it with brute force.

Furthermore, the longer it went on, the fewer of them remained.

The air of blades converged, and the less they could withstand it.

This was most of Wang Hu’s combat power today.

He was so strong that even he had no idea what level he was at himself.