My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 155

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 155

Chapter 155: Pain and Suffering Descends ‘I’m invincible in the world of humans.

’ This definitely wasn’t Wang Hu being arrogant and full of himself.

Rather, he had truly gained that confidence—the confidence that he was invincible on Earth and in the world of humans.

It was just like all these invading Guis.

As far as the eye could see, was there anyone among them that was his match? A vague sense of disinterest suddenly welled up in him.

These Guis could no longer pique his interest in fighting them—because this was ultimately nothing more than a massacre.

It wasn’t a battle.

He wasn’t interested in massacres.

At the sight of the Guis fleeing madly toward the world passage in hopes of that slim chance of survival, he didn’t pay them any attention.

He had already said that whether they could survive or not would depend on their luck.

However… When he thought of the words that he had heard just now, a cold and sharp look flashed across his dark, frosty eyes.




With a wave, large amounts of sharp golden light converged and shot toward a few of the Divine Body Realm Guis among them.

The unusually sharp force, together with his speed far beyond one’s imagination, caused the few Divine Body Realm Guis to slow down at once.

“Ahhh!” Very soon, some of them couldn’t defend against the force anymore.

The force pierced through their bodies little by little, and they were thoroughly obliterated in no time.

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COM Another minute or so later, Wang Hu retracted his palm after he noticed that some Guis had already fled desperately into the world passage.

The sharp golden glints that filled the whole sky disappeared, and the world resumed its original appearance.

The remaining 10,000 or so Guis and about 30 Divine Body Realm-level Guis couldn’t help but heave sighs of relief.

They were gone.

They felt as though they had just awakened in shock from a nightmare and escaped from a life-and-death crisis.

Even the Divine Body Realm Guis felt weak and powerless all over.

However, that devil-like figure was still there.

Not daring to stay still for even a moment, they fled even more desperately toward the world passage.

Without paying any heed to the fleeing Guis, Wang Hu appeared right in front of the Gui elder in a flash.

The horrified expression on the Gui elder’s face intensified, and he turned and flew in another direction.

Wang Hu, who had lost all his battle spirit and now found this dull and boring, cleaved down mercilessly with his palm as though it was a blade.

Boundless golden glints of light converged into a light blade that cut across the sky and pierced through the Gui elder at a speed nearly undetectable by the eye.

He let out a muffled grunt as signs of life rapidly dissipated from him.

His 80- to 90-meter-tall body crashed onto the ground with a deafening boom.

Wang Hu didn’t take a second look at him.

Instead, he showed up right in front of another Divine Body Realm-level Gui.

His memory would never fail him.

This was the Gui that had said that he wanted to kill his whole family just now.

He raised his fist and threw a punch in front of him.

With his three great special abilities coordinating with one another and coupled with the power of the wind, unparalleled strength erupted like a flash flood in an instant.

Bang! Everything in front of him was instantly blasted apart.

Even the Divine Body Realm-level Gui’s divine body had been blasted into pieces.

The Guis around them had already reached the peak of their fear.

Amidst fearful breathing and mindless shouting, they swarmed madly toward the world passage.

The ones blocking the way at the front were even straight-up killed by the experts at the back.

Wang Hu didn’t attack any of the other Guis.

Instead, he visually differentiated and identified them one by one.

A few seconds later, he confirmed that all the Guis that had talked about killing his whole family and his whole clan just now were all dead.

Only then did he retract his gaze and glance at Dong Yuhao and the others currently encircling and battling a Divine Body Realm-level Gui somewhere nearby.

He stood there quietly, the murderous intent around him subsiding.

Soon, all the Guis that were lucky enough to survive escaped into the world passage, leaving behind only the one whom Dong Yuhao and the others had picked as a training target.

He was the only one who was still battling them incredibly fearfully.

A fairly interested Wang Hu watched them for a while.

This particular Gui’s combat power had roughly just reached the Third Floor.

Among Dong Yuhao’s group, Dong Yuhao was the strongest.

His combat power had just reached the Second Floor, while the others were all at the First Floor.

With the nine of them working together, coupled with how the Gui was rather rattled and constantly in a state of terror, as well as the fact that it was already injured from the start; the Gui was firmly suppressed at a disadvantageous position.

After taking a few more looks, Wang Hu started to collect his Divine Body Realm war spoils.

He collected their space bags and purified their divine bodies.

More than ten minutes later, the Gui died indignantly.

Dong Yuhao and the others, who felt as though they hadn’t had enough yet, flew over and saluted Wang Hu.

They waited until Wang Hu was done packing his war spoils before a rather reverent Dong Yuhao said with a smile, “Your Excellency, you’ve killed more than 40,000 Gui soldiers, as well as over 30 Third Realm-level Guis, in this battle.

They probably won’t dare to take a step onto Earth ever again.

” Wang Hu gave him a dispassionate smile and said nothing.

The main purpose of this battle was exactly to scare the Guis into never daring to step onto Earth ever again.

There was a very simple reason why he hadn’t wiped out the Guis: he allowed the Guis to retain some combat power, lest they suffered too huge a loss and ended up being annihilated by other forces.

If that happened, the world passage would end up falling into the hands of other forces.

This wasn’t something that he or China wanted.

Striking fear into the Guis such that they wouldn’t dare to ever come again while ensuring that they retained some combat power and continued to hold control over the world passage—this was the biggest objective of this battle.

As for whether the other party would form an alliance with other forces and invade together or not… The possibility did exist, but the chances of it happening weren’t that great either.

This was because the Guis likely knew that it was pointless even if they approached other forces of similar strength after this battle.

As for approaching forces stronger than them, wouldn’t they be worried about being swallowed up by the other party? This was a world’s worth of benefits they were talking about.

Who knew what the other party might do? Or whether the other party would want to take it all for themselves or not? With regard to matters like this, it was the safest to just keep it a total secret.

The Guis likely wouldn’t be that stupid.

There was also one other possibility: the Guis moving away and not bothering about the world passage anymore due to the concern of Wang Hu launching a counter-invasion in the future.

However, that required immense resolution and determination, as well as how confident they were in their combat power.

It also ran the risk of stronger forces giving them trouble as a result in the future.

A concrete idea of what kind of outcome it would be in the future… Nobody could be sure of that.

All Wang Hu could do was just try his best to do everything he could—in other words, strike fear into them and let them suffer a painful loss in a single battle while not annihilating them.

As for everything else, he could only wait and see once some time passed.

“I’ll leave the rest to you,” said Wang Hu dispassionately.


Rest assured, Your Excellency,” replied Dong Yuhao seriously.

Wang Hu transformed into a streak of golden light and left.

The rest of the matters didn’t require him to personally attend to them anymore.

The nine cultivators, including Dong Yuhao, heaved sighs of relief.

Although they knew that the Tiger King would never hurt them and they also held respect toward him, facing the Tiger King in the flesh—as well as the astounding battle just now—nevertheless involuntarily and instinctively made them feel repressed.

After calming himself down, Dong Yuhao started to make calls and arrangements.

… Very soon, news about the battle started to spread, thanks to China.

Upon hearing that 60-odd Third Realm experts had invaded, even the dissatisfied and indignant ones among the North Koreans couldn’t help but be overcome by lingering fear.

Luckily, they had joined the China Alliance.

China didn’t mention any concrete details about the battle process or outcome, however.

They merely stated that the invaders had been repelled again.

At the same time, this piece of news also made the small and medium countries even more anxious.

More than 60 Third Realm invaders had come out of the alternate world in North Korea, and China and the Tiger King had repelled the invasion this time.

Should that many Third Realm invaders appear in or nearby their countries—no, they didn’t need that many at all.

Just a fraction of that number would be enough to wipe out their countries.

When that happened, who would be able to help them repel the invaders? Nuclear weapons? In that case, they would rather give it up.

Under such a real threat to their lives, the small and medium countries’ senior officials didn’t care about their fear and inhibitions toward the big countries anymore.

All of them adopted attitudes as if they would never rest—or even fight it out to the death—until they got what they wanted.

Turmoil and unrest were also starting to form among the citizens of some small and medium countries.

Wang Hu wasn’t interested in paying any attention to such things.

It was impossible for human countries to change unless they experienced terrible pain and suffering.

He would just let them continue kicking up a fuss.

They would naturally stop kicking up a fuss when they were done.

The terrible price they would pay during the process of kicking up a fuss was unavoidable.

It was also something that no one could change or stop—because this was human nature itself.

One would only continue to stubbornly insist on their own ideas until they learn it the hard way.

Moreover, even so, they still might not repent.

Unless the knife was on the neck—no, unless the knife hacked off a few fingers or a couple of limbs; some people would simply never let go of the power they held.

It was just like North Korea.

If Gyeongmyeong hadn’t been invaded by the alternate world, there was no way they would ever give in and join the China Alliance.

These things aside, Wang Hu—who had returned to the Tiger King’s Cave—was currently organizing war spoils with his Silly Girl.

There were a total of 34 space bags and one space bangle.

The largest one had a capacity of nearly 1,000 cubic meters and 675 kilograms’ worth of Spirit Stones.

A greater half of them had all belonged to the Gui elder.

His space bag—in other words, the one with the biggest capacity of nearly 1,000 cubic meters—contained over 400 kilograms’ worth of Spirit Stones.

As expected of an elder of the Guis.

They were wealthy indeed.

Apart from Spirit Stones, there were also some pills, various medicinal herbs, and some simple techniques and special abilities.

In terms of their might, Wang Hu and Di Baijun naturally weren’t interested.

However, their harvest this time was unprecedentedly huge.

These were more than 600 kilograms’ worth of Spirit Stones.

Even Wang Hu had already made up his mind to use some for his cultivation and have a good experience of what extravagance was like.

There was joy even on Di Baijun’s countenance.

It didn’t matter that these things would have been nothing in the eyes of the past Di Baijun.

This was the present.

To the current Di Baijun, these things really were quite a lot.

After placing some Spirit Stones into a space bag, she said with a hint of a smile, “There are quite a lot of Spirit Stones this time.

It just so happens that we can use these to set up a Spirit-Gathering Formation in Big Treasure and Little Treasure’s room as well.

“Those two little fellows play too much.

They’re not cultivating at all.

” As she spoke, she also cast a somewhat miffed glance at the rascal next to her.

It was all because he, as their father, wasn’t disciplining them.

On top of that, he was always setting a bad example for them.

Wang Hu, who understood the meaning behind her glance, naturally owned up to his mistake in a well-behaved manner and gave her an embarrassed smile.

Only then did a satisfied Di Baijun look away and continue to pack the things.

Although she knew that it was pointless even if the rascal owned up to his mistake because he wasn’t going to change his ways anyway, there was nothing she could do about it.

She could only let it be.

“Now that we have spare Spirit Stones and sufficient materials, let’s also set up one in the quadrangle and let Old Second, Old Third, and some others use it.

” Di Baijun set aside another portion of Spirit Stones.

As she spoke, she made up her mind without even waiting for Wang Hu’s response.

However, a warm smile instead formed on Wang Hu’s lips.

Why would that harebrained Silly Girl care about Old Second and Old Third? It was all because they were his younger brothers.

He watched Silly Girl categorize the items and carefully pack them.

That meticulous demeanor of hers was something that he really rarely saw during their daily lives.

She looked very adorable.

Wang Hu’s gentle smile widened.

As he smiled at her, he suddenly felt like he had treated Silly Girl rather poorly.

Ever since she got together with him, it seemed like he had never given Silly Girl much of a good life.

Relatively speaking, the best he had ever given her was that time when they had ample food, and she didn’t need to personally hunt anymore.

When Silly Girl broke through to the Third Realm, her origin and vitality had even taken a huge hit because of him.

She didn’t even have anything good to nourish her body with during her recuperation either.

He couldn’t even provide her with an ample supply of something as simple as Third Realm divine bodies.

The supply was cut off every once in a while.

He heaved a soft sigh inwardly.

Suddenly, a thought occurred to him.

Since alternate worlds were invading every once in a while recently, then that meant he would no longer have a shortage of Third Realm divine body supplements.

Sighing emotionally inwardly, he placed his arms around Silly Girl’s shoulders.

“What are you doing?” Di Baijun, who was still in the midst of packing up the things, was taken aback.

She looked at Wang Hu with a little mild dissatisfaction in her eyes—he was in the way again.

“Nothing much.

I just felt like hugging my wife,” replied a smiling Wang Hu.

Di Baijun rolled her eyes disdainfully at him and ignored him after that, continuing to pack the things instead.

A few seconds later, Wang Hu couldn’t resist pushing his luck and hugged her even more tightly.

Di Baijun glared daggers at him and ignored him.

At the sight, Wang Hu changed his position and hugged her even more tightly.

At last, Di Baijun couldn’t stand it anymore.

She pushed him away forcefully and said disdainfully, “What are you doing? You’re so troublesome.

Step aside.

” “I just fought a big battle just now.

I’m tired.

” A certain tiger shamelessly continued to approach the soft and fragrant body.

“I don’t believe you.

” Di Baijun wrinkled her delicate nose and said suspiciously.

“I really am tired.

” A certain tiger continued to lean over.

“Go and rest if you’re tired.

Don’t bother me.

” Di Baijun continued to push him away.

“I won’t.

” “Hey, you’re really annoying.

” … Wang Liang and Jun Wen set off the next day after Wang Hu’s return.

They rode on China’s large airplane and headed toward the new territory, so they could work together with the Chinese to modify the new territory.

To put it bluntly, these modifications were just spreading vast amounts of seeds, so they’d form new forests, thereby forming a suitable habitat for the tigers.

At the same time, they would also make use of China’s airplane to personally take a look at close range at their new territory, so they would have a better idea of the place.

This was naturally the mission that Wang Hu had entrusted them with.

Thanks to the current spiritual energy environment, plants and vegetation grew at an extremely fast rate.

Many 100-meter-tall trees could be seen everywhere in China’s forests these days.

Adding to this and the attractiveness that richer spiritual energy would hold toward various animals, if everything went well, they would be able to use every part of the new territory in less than two to three years.

Of course, Wang Hu would want Old Second and Jun Wen to go over to the actual site and take a look, so they could do a better job when they needed to plan things.

There would ultimately always be oversights if one depended solely on the map.

Time passed in a flash.

Arguments and strife continued to plague every part of the world.

Tiger King’s Cave continued to be a peaceful sanctuary.

More than ten days later, at last, Third Realm experts from a Grade 2A alternate world that the human countries had been monitoring since a long time ago discovered and entered Earth.

They were subsequently bombed to death with a nuclear warhead by Russia.

Fortunately, no one was affected.

However, it was as though this incident had opened the floodgates.

After that, experts from alternate worlds constantly discovered that things had changed on Earth and that weaker Third Realm cultivators could now enter.

War and widespread panic truly descended upon Earth.

On top of that, they were also becoming more and more intense and brutal.

The pain and suffering that Wang Hu had foreseen thoroughly descended.

At the same time, chaos—both large-scale and small-scale—broke out in several small and medium countries… and even in the big countries.

All sorts of odd organizations were subsequently born.

It seemed like the whole world, including China, had suddenly been caught in an upheaval.