My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 153

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 153

Chapter 153: Entrapment Plan As she spoke, Di Baijun’s expression went contemptuous.

Putting aside the territory, why didn’t they give them the Gui carcasses? Wang Hu looked at Silly Girl, who was behaving like a frugal treasurer of the family, and broke into a soft smile unwittingly.

“I have already informed them of the place we want for our territory.

Once they are done moving, that place will be ours.

“As for the bodies, I told them to help us freeze it first and didn’t instruct them to ship the bodies over.

I forgot to tell you.

” Di Baijun put away her contempt, and her big and beautiful eyes looked confusedly at Wang Hu.

“Why did you ask them to freeze it? The longer the bodies are frozen, the less effective they become.

” Wang Hu turned more serious and slowly spoke, “Baijun, we have more and more Transformation Realms in our Tiger King’s Cave, and their families are also living here.

“I think that… we can’t continue to practice what we used to, by sharing with them everything and anything good that we have for free.

” Di Baijun raised her brows—this sounded a little troublesome.

However, she continued to listen patiently.

“Although those things are not as useful to us, if this continues for the long term; it will become habitual for the beasts, making them think that we are obligated to give it to them.

“It is also not beneficial in maintaining their enthusiasm and self-motivation.




“So I have been considering for the past few days whether we should introduce a corresponding rule framework.

The different levels can receive different amounts of salary.

“If they made meritorious contributions, then they will also be rewarded.

” Wang Hu relayed the plans that he was considering for the past few days.

This matter should have been decided a long time ago; announcing it after the first martial arts tournament would have been most ideal.

However, there were too few Transformation Realms under his helm at that time, so he put the plans aside.

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COM Currently, the number of Transformation Realms subordinate to him has reached more than 60.

The number of tigers alone was more than 50.

He felt that the time was finally ripe.

Coincidentally, he also happened to receive a huge batch of very useful First Realm and Second Realm Gui carcasses.

He could take the opportunity to fix the rules at the same time.

Di Baijun nodded in agreement.

She was just uninterested in managing the troublesome matters; it didn’t mean that she was ignorant about it.

She was clear that the rules were necessary; without rules, things couldn’t be done properly.

Seeing that Silly Girl nodded, Wang Hu continued to add some more of his thoughts and concluded, “I will discuss it with Old Second and Jun Wen in two days and come up with the most appropriate framework for our current circumstances.

” “Sure.

” Di Baijun had no questions.

Although she did not see eye to eye with Jun Wen and was a little displeased with Old Second, the two of them were still very capable.

After wrapping up the important matters, Wang Hu’s expression lightened up, and he said expectantly, “Baijun, with the earnings this time, how long do you still need to fully recover?” Di Baijun instinctively backed away, and she looked suspiciously at the rascal in front of her, feeling that something was off.

However, she replied truthfully, “About half a year to go, why?” “Nothing, I’m just concerned,” Wang Hu said casually.

In his mind, he was calculating the half a year.

I’ll just have to tolerate it for a while more.

I have already tolerated it for so many years, the following half a year would be nothing for me! I have to be calm.

After calming down for a minute, he continued to say, “How many months would that be?” “How do I know?” Di Baijun snorted.

As she finished, she felt increasingly strange.

“What are you doing exactly?” Wang Hu hugged Silly Girl by the shoulders and said resignedly, “What can I do? I’m just showing concern to you, asking you how long you will need to fully recover? “Don’t be so paranoid; what can I do to you? I’m just hoping for you to recover soon.

I feel guilty if I don’t ask about it at least once a day.

” Di Baijun’s suspicions dissipated upon hearing that.

She thought it made sense, especially after hearing the last line.

She wanted to ask: ‘Then, why don’t you ask once a day?’ However, she would be too embarrassed to say that, so she just rolled her eyes and did not continue with the topic.

Wang Hu did not take the little incident to heart and continued to cultivate together with Silly Girl.

After more than a year, his physical size has reached 27 meters, and his combat power has also increased greatly.

At the same time, he also noticed that his combat power increased slower the further he progressed.

Another issue was the limit of the world.

China’s spiritual energy density level was at the fourth stage of the Third Realm, and Wang Hu was already not far away from this limit.

Once he truly reached this limit, the rate at which his combat power grew would most likely not be dependent on the speed he cultivated, but on the speed that the spiritual energy density level increased.

After two days, Wang Hu instructed Wang Liang and Jun Wen to discuss the framework regarding the beasts’ salary.

On the second day, the two of them were ready with their reports.

Wang Hu looked at their proposal.

The content was simple and not complicated.

The beasts shall work hard in their respective positions, and they would earn a basic income that would be sufficient to feed their families.

Apart from that, team leaders and assistant team leaders shall receive a Second Realm body as their salary every month.

If they completed a mission or made a meritorious contribution, they should also get rewards.

It was as simple as that.

Apart from the team leaders and assistant team leaders receiving more salary than the others, nothing much had changed from the current practice.

However, it was still completely different when rules were introduced.

Wang Hu gave it some thought and did not have opposing opinions.

Tiger King’s Cave lacked resources now and did not have much additional wealth, so this plan would work out quite well.

On that same day, Wang Hu gathered all the beasts and announced this rules framework about their salaries.

The beasts did not oppose, and so the matter was set.

Afterward, Wang Hu continued to follow up with the happenings around the world, as well as the relocation of North Korea to China.

The third of the land that Wang Hu asked for was in the north, which covered the Gyeongmyeong city.

The east bordered the ocean, and the north bordered Russia.

Moreover, it was connected to his current territory.

All the people living on this third must move away.

This was undoubtedly a massive undertaking.

However, China was willing to help, and North Korea was also cooperative in moving.

The speed was still quite fast, and everyone worked together to move towards the south to be closer to China.

On the other hand, the various small countries were completely dead set in demanding a solution that could be satisfied with after this ordeal.

They would not give it up if they did not get what they wanted.

After all the heated debates and discussions, the major countries—with China and India in the lead—finally came up with a solution.

This was to form an alliance similar to that of the China Alliance.

However, most small and medium countries refused, and the arguments and debates carried on.

Wang Hu, who had been looking at the events that took place over the month, lost interest in keeping up with the events by this point.

“The die was cast.

The China Alliance system will surely be the way that the human countries will adopt in the future.

These small and medium countries won’t be able to overturn the decisions.

“At most, they will just drag out the process,” Wang Hu said with certainty.

Di Baijun, who was by his side, also nodded in agreement and immediately grew uninterested.

Her attention turned towards the fascinating videos on her phone.

At this point, Wang Hu’s phone rang.

It was Li Aimin calling.

Wang Hu smirked and picked up the phone.

“Your Excellency, we have completed the relocation now.

We apologize for keeping you waiting for two months.

” Li Aimin directly pointed out the purpose of this call.

Wang Hu was satisfied.

After receiving a lesson from him for so long, this man finally learned to be straightforward.

He said coolly, “Never mind.

” Di Baijun—who was beside him—looked away from her videos, and her attention shifted to the call.

“Thank you for understanding.

Your Excellency may come and take over the land anytime.

The spiritual energy density over here has also increased to similar levels as in China.

“We may also commence with the Entrapment Plan anytime,” Li Aimin said with a smile.


I also have one more thing to ask,” Wang Hu said peacefully.

“Your Excellency, please tell,” Li Aimin said expectantly and did not appear to be surprised.

“I want to ask China to sow seeds of grass and trees in the land.

” Wang Hu voiced his request directly since it was nothing for China in the first place, and it was also time for China to repay his favor.

“No problem,” Li Aimin agreed readily.

This was just a small matter.

“I shall be heading over there tomorrow to commence the Entrapment Plan.

” Afterward, Wang Hu indicated to Li Aimin and ended the call.

“Entrapment Plan?” Di Baijun was puzzled; she did not know about this.

“It was decided a month ago.

You were cultivating at that time, and it was just a small matter, so I didn’t let you know.

” Wang Hu smiled and explained, “As you also know, after North Korea joined the China Alliance, the spiritual energy density level started to increase in North Korean territory as well.

“At that time, China thought that if the Gui species found out about this, those things may invade again, so they came up with this Entrapment Plan.

“It’s simple.

After all the people in Gyeongmyeong city have moved away and when the spiritual energy density level has reached its peak, we will lure the Gui into launching another invasion again and cause destruction to them on a large scale.

“I can’t be stationed there for a long time, so we want to make them afraid of coming back for the time being.

Afterward, the place will mainly rely on China’s surveillance and bombs other than nuclear weapons.

“This was what China promised me.

“They will help me to deal with all the other beings that are not Third Realms.

” “Will they be so kind?” Di Baijun asked instinctively.

“Of course, they are willing to be so kind.

They are very eager to help, but I also insisted on giving them half of the Guis’ bodies as compensation,” Wang Hu smiled and said.

Actually, the situation now was that China wanted to help for free, but Wang Hu refused.

As the saying went, ‘freeloading food was the worst type of food’.

He was not interested in eating those.

What he needed now was to offer something of equal value in exchange.

Moreover, if he agreed to freeload, he would lose dignity—which went against his plans to raise a ‘Tiger Slave’.

Di Baijun also managed to react now.

She already knew this, but she just opened her mouth to ask out of habit.

Soon, it was the next day, and Wang Hu traveled to Gyeongmyeong city by himself.

In his second time here, the place was now completely silent and was void of life; it was like a ghost city.

Except for the tall buildings and houses, there was nothing left.

Wang Hu scanned with his divine senses as he arrived at the empty plot of land not far away from the world passage.