I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 98

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 98

Chapter 98: Chapter 98: Command! Choice! In the commander-in-chief of the No.

5 Miz Miz aircraft carrier.

Ueda Cuozhi really couldn’t help but jump up.

“F * ck! !” “50 knots? What are we defending for?! We can just surrender!!” “Right now, in my eyes, I’m wondering if Yamaguchi Yiruma provoked the prehistoric Behemoth Blake!” “F * ck! !” Ueda Cuozhi cursed.

The crew members at the side became curious without saying a word.

“Lieutenant Colonel Ueda, what prehistoric behemoth? !” Since there was no live broadcast on the aircraft carrier, the crew members did not know what happened in the prehistoric era.

Ueda Cuozhi opened his mouth and sent the encrypted file to the big screen in front of him.




On it was the scene of the prehistoric behemoth Blake in front of the valley.

“This! ! This is! Hiss, my F * ck! !” “So we’re going to deal with such a prehistoric Behemoth?” “Oh my God! Am I hallucinating? How can there be such a creature on earth?!” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM The crew members in the aircraft carrier control hall were all dumbfounded after seeing the encrypted file.

In the Pacific Ocean 800 kilometers away.

Blake was leisurely swimming here.

Although the small sensor source in the distance was moving.

Compared to his own speed, it was no different from not moving at all.

At the moment, Blake’s fighting race was very hungry! After all, when they destroyed the asteroid, they had almost exhausted the energy in their bodies.

After two weeks of recuperation, he had recovered a little.

However, he was still far from it.

At the thought of this, Blake grinned and continued to swim towards the nuclear energy source.

“Reporting to Lieutenant Colonel Ueda, the Behemoth is still 730 kilometers away from us!” “Reporting to Lieutenant Colonel Ueda, the Behemoth is accelerating again! Its current speed has broken through 60 knots!” “Reporting to Lieutenant Colonel Ueda, the Behemoth is still 600 kilometers away from us!” “Reporting…” “Stop reporting!”Ueda Cuozhi’s mouth twitched violently.

After he finished speaking, he quickly connected to Yamaguchi Yiruma.

“Lieutenant Colonel Yamaguchi, just relying on our No.

5 aircraft carrier battle group, there’s no way to stop Blake’s footsteps!” “Just launch an all-out attack.

I’ve already applied for the No.

6, No.

7, and No.

8 aircraft carrier battle groups.

We’re going to the Pacific region with all our strength!” Yamaguchi Yiruma’s voice came over.

Ueda Cuozhi took a deep breath and was ready to give the order to launch.

“Miz Miz No.

5, this is the U.



peace aircraft carrier.

Please stop the attack immediately!” “Miz Miz No.

5, this is the USS Mir.

Please stop attacking immediately!” At this moment, the voice of the United States of America suddenly came from the radio.

“What’s going on?” Ueda Cuozhi looked at his crew hurriedly.

“About 2,000 kilometers behind us, the USS Mir has been found!” The crew immediately replied.

“The Mir is sailing in our direction at a speed of 35 knots!” Ueda Cuozhi nodded and pressed the radio beside his ear.

“This is the No.

5 Miz Miz aircraft carrier.

Why did you stop the attack?”Ueda Cuozhi asked with a frown.

“The prehistoric behemoths will not attack humans.

However, if the humans attack first, Blake will definitely retaliate.

” “For the safety of your fleet, please stop attacking!” The United States aircraft carrier peace gave a response.

“How can we prove that what you said is right?” Ueda Cuozhi’s brows furrowed once again.

“Believe it or not, it’s up to you.

However, when Blake attacks you, you know you have been warned!” “…” Ueda’s eyes twitched.

However, was it really as the United States said? “Lieutenant Colonel Ueda, the Behemoth is still accelerating.

Its current speed is already 70 knots!” Ueda took a deep breath! “F * ck.

How are we going to fight this? !” “This is not something our Miz Miz aircraft carrier can take down!” “Then what should we do?”The crew asked.

“What else can we do? Stop sailing and wait for Blake Here!” Ueda Cuozhi smiled bitterly and said, “Maybe it’s really like what the United States of America said.

If we don’t attack Blake, the giant beast will not attack us!” “Think about it from another perspective.

If we were hit by someone for no reason, do you want to fight back?” “Uh… this…”the crew members were all stunned.

That’s right, if they were hit for no reason, they would definitely retaliate! Thinking about it, then the giant beast should also attack! “If people don’t attack me, I won’t attack them!” Ueda Cuozhi mumbled.

He had always advocated peace.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have chosen to be a normal-level aircraft carrier captain.

Moreover, he was only anticipating an ordinary round-trip mission.

“The data of the Behemoth is out.

Its body length is close to 400 meters, and its width is about 70 to 80 meters!” At this moment, the approximate appearance data of the Behemoth had been obtained.

When Ueda Cuozhi heard this, he was completely stunned.

His Miz Miz aircraft carrier was only 300 meters long and 40 meters wide! Blake was even bigger than the aircraft carrier! He couldn’t fight! How could he! An order to fire will become instant suicide! Moreover, even if the missiles on his ship could hit the Behemoth, he couldn’t guarantee that the Behemoth would be defeated! What if it was like what the American had said.

Would all the people on his aircraft carrier be wiped out? “Alright, stop all the destroyers, cruisers, frigates, and submarines!” Ueda Tsuyoshi gritted his teeth and made the opposite decision! “Yes!” The crew immediately replied.

At the same time.

Blake had already arrived at the sea area about 300 kilometers away from the specific nuclear energy source.

Along the way, all the fish frantically fled when they saw Blake, especially the Sharks and whales.

They were afraid that in the next second, they would become dinner in Blake’s stomach! Blake didn’t really care about these small things.

Even if it was a huge whale, in Blake’s theory, it was just a small fish.

His target was not these, but the distant nuclear power source.

Moreover, Blake had already made a preliminary deduction.

The nuclear power source on the other side was probably a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier! He just did not know which country it belonged to!