I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 97

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 97

Chapter 97: Chapter 97: Highest Combat State “Roar! !” At this moment, an extremely sturdy Tyrannosaurus rex passed through the super folded space and landed on the Behemoth Island.

Blake lowered his head and looked at the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

It was barely able to reach his calves.

This Tyrannosaurus Rex had followed him for the longest time, and it was also the sturdiest one.

It had already reached a height of more than ten meters and a length of more than forty meters.

It could be said that he was a Super Tyrannosaurus rex.

In any case, it was enough to instantly kill the data calculated by future humans.

“Roar!” This Tyrannosaurus rex raised its head and called out to Blake twice to send a message.

Seeing this, Blake responded and signaled for it to return.

This Tyrannosaurus rex immediately understood and once again passed through the super folded space, returning to prehistoric times.




As expected, the oxygen content in the future was a little low, but it wasn’t a big deal to him: he’s now extremely flexible.

But, this is posing a problem for his underlinings.

Blake also knew that the oxygen content in the Cretaceous period was around 29% .

In the modern world, it would at most be 21%! It seemed that before giving his little brother an evolution, these little guys wouldn’t be able to adapt to the Earth’s environment in the future! Blake sighed helplessly.

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COM After that, Blake rubbed his hands and walked towards the sea.

“Blake has moved.

What is it going to do? ?” “I don’t know, but it looks like it’s going to enter the sea.

Could it be that it wants to see this new space-time?” “It’s very possible.

” After seeing Blake’s action, Will Quake said.

“Okay, you guys start deploying the detection stations on the spot.

Leave the rest to us!” At the American National Science Laboratory, Professor Gus Turner said in a deep voice.

“Okay, Professor!” At this time.

Blake had already arrived at the shore.

“Huh??” Blake suddenly narrowed his eyes.

With his nuclear energy sensing, he actually found a direction with a very strong nuclear energy source.

Moreover, this nuclear energy source was constantly changing its position.

Thinking of this, Blake did not waste any time.

The energy in his body was really low.

He had to replenish a large amount of energy.

In the western Pacific Ocean.

A miz-class carrier battle group, under control of Lieutenant Colonel Ueda, was slowly sailing on the ocean.

On this day, everything was calm.

He was leading his carrier battle group on a routine tour of the Pacific Ocean.

“Lieutenant Colonel Ueda, it’s a call from Colonel Yamaguchi!” In the main control room of the carrier, Ueda Cuozhi was slacking off.

The carrier staff next to him immediately found him and said.

“Colonel Yamaguchi?” Ueda Cuozhi was a little stunned.

Yamaguchi Yiruma advocated a hawkish style, while he advocated peace.

Therefore, the two of them usually didn’t get along.

However, after all, Yamaguchi Yimura was a level higher than him, so Ueda Cuozhi could only pick up the phone.

“Hello, Colonel Yamaguchi.

” “Ueda, I order you to immediately prepare the No.

5 Miz Miz aircraft carrier for an impending battle.

Then, take all the kamikaze fighter jets off and put everyone in the highest combat state!” Yamaguchi Yiruma’s voice was heard immediately.

“Use all your might to activate the aircraft carrier? and put everyone in battle mode? And even let all the kamikaze fighter jets take off? !” Ueda Cuozhi was stunned for a moment before he continued, “Colonel Yamaguchi, you’re not talking nonsense, right?” “What nonsense? I’m not joking with you!” In the main control room of Japan’s Southern Military Region, Yamaguchi Shimura was staring at the satellite image in front of him.

Just ten minutes ago, the image had already captured Blake on the Super Island.

They already preliminarily calculated Blake’s location.

The target was very likely to be the No.

5 Miz Miz Aircraft Carrier Battle Group.

So, he quickly connected to the No.

5 aircraft carrier battle group that was currently in the Pacific Ocean, carrying out its daily mission.

“Then you have to give me a reason!” Ueda Cuozhi said.

“What is our mission? What is our purpose? Also, activating all the kamikazes takes time.

Just the preparation alone will take three hours.

” “Don’t ask about these for now.

Just do as I say.

Later, I will give you an encrypted file.

You will know after you read it.

” After Yamaguchi Ichiro finished speaking, he quickly sent his men to send information about Blake.

He also sent information about the giant island to Ueda Cuozhi.

Ueda Cuozhi looked at the screen and couldn’t help but gasp.

“Colonel Yamaguchi, are you sure this isn’t a movie?” He was somewhat convinced of what he saw.

“What do you think!”Yimura Yamaguchi said.

Ueda Cuozhi took another deep breath.

He still knew some information about the folded space.

But he didn’t know that this prehistoric behemoth could actually descend into the future! This was too f * cking sci-fi! Even Hollywood movies didn’t dare to shoot like this! “Inform all cruisers, destroyers, frigates, and submarines to enter the highest level of combat status!” “As many kamikazes as you can fly, fly as many as you can!” Ueda Cuozhi also realized the seriousness of the matter.

Without any hesitation, he quickly gave the order.

Three cruisers, one frigate, six destroyers, two submarines, and three supply ships! This was the standard configuration of The Miz 5th Japanese aircraft carrier battle group.

All the personnel belonging to this group of aircraft carriers were also in combat mode.

Although they didn’t know what the danger was, they just had to obey the order.

“Beep! Thermal energy detected in the sea ahead!” “Beep! Thermal energy detected in the sea ahead!” At this moment.

Ueda Cuozhi had already arrived at the main command hall.

Just as he stepped into the Combat Command Hall, he heard the sound of an alarm.

“What’s wrong? ?” Ueda Cuozhi quickly asked.

“Reporting, Lieutenant Colonel Ueda! The special sensors have detected a giant creature in the sea ahead!” A crew member immediately replied! “Giant Creature, prehistoric giant beast, Blake! ! !” The corner of Ueda Cuozhi’s mouth twitched violently! Such an important matter, yet the higher-ups did not inform him! This made him want to jump up and curse! “Do you know the distance between the unknown creature and us?” Ueda Cuozhi asked.

“Activating the Echo Detection Device.

” The crew member replied.

After 10 seconds, the data in front of the crew member, Wang Hongze, was stunned! “What’s wrong? !” Ueda Cuozhi frowned and asked.

“The unknown creature is about 1,100 km away from us, and its speed is estimated to be 30 knots!” “What? !” Ueda Cuozhi’s pupils contracted.

Blake’s speed was actually the same as The Miz Miz aircraft carrier.

“Report! The unknown creature has suddenly accelerated, and its speed has increased to 40 knots!” “Report! Unknown creature is still accelerating at 50 knots!”