I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 96

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 96

Chapter 96: Chapter 96: Welcome to Behemoth Island! Two weeks later.


A week ago, Blake had also received the news from Will Quake that the folded space would open in a week’s time.

It instantly surprised Blake.

The passage between the prehistoric and the future! He had to bring his underlings to play with it.

Moreover, he heard that the folded space might not be able to be closed.

If that was the case, didn’t he want to be in prehistoric times, in prehistoric times, in the future, in the future? “The location of the folded space has been determined!” Galgado came to Will Quake’s side and said quickly.

“Where is it?” Will Quake asked quickly.

“It’s in the pterosaur valley of the Wind God.

What a coincidence!” .



Galgado replied.

Will Quake was slightly stunned when he heard that.

It was indeed a coincidence.

Then, he brought all the researchers and began to wait.

As for the eastern Pacific Ocean in the original space-time, undercurrents were surging here.

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COM Ordinary small ships or even cargo ships wouldn’t dare to come here easily.

Moreover, after the appearance of this island, the global sea level rose by two meters.

However, for this sudden rise, the coastal defense of the United States successfully withstood it.

The Japanese were doing less well than that.

After all, their geographical location wasn’t very good! Prehistoric! God of wind, Pterosaur Valley.

“The super folded space is about to open!” Will Quake stared intently at the empty space in front of him.

According to the calculation of time, there were still a few seconds left.

Just as he finished his sentence, an incomparably huge folded space suddenly appeared in front of all the researchers.

Blake was also staring at the folded space this time.

When the folded space opened and stabilized, it gave Blake the feeling that there was only one word.

Huge! It was indeed a super folded space! If he went through it himself, it would be a piece of cake.

“Quantum communication can already be penetrated.

The folded space has stabilized.

” Galgado came in front of Will Quake and spoke quickly.

“Okay, let’s go over first and scout for Blake!” Will Quake nodded and said.

Then, he led more than 20 researchers, Galgado, and Carol Garcia.

They directly walked toward the folded space After a feeling of weightlessness, Will Quake and the others had already returned to the modern society’s Island.


Carol Garcia, please contact the headquarters immediately.

” Will Quake said as soon as he arrived.


”Carol Garcia nodded and began to contact the American science laboratory.

At this moment.

Will Quake and Galgado explored the surroundings of the Super Island.

“There’s not a single creature?” Will Quake looked at the heat sensor in his hand and muttered to himself.

“It’s like an island that suddenly appeared to welcome Blake.

” Professor Gus Turner had told Will Quake and the others about the sudden appearance of the island a week ago.

Looking at these islands, the researchers would have presumed that they were in another prehistoric world if they hadn’t known that this island connected to the prehistoric times.

“Beep! Satellite communications established!” “Beep! Current communication key: 123456789…” Then.

American National Science Laboratory.

On the huge monitor in the main control room, Carol Garcia’s figure finally appeared.

“Headquarters, headquarters, this is explorer No.


If you hear me, please reply.

If you hear me, please reply.

” Carol Garcia said to the radio communicator beside her ear.

“Roger! This is the American National Science Laboratory! We have received your communication signal!” Professor Gus Turner’s voice was soon heard.

“Professor Gus Turner.

” When Carol Garcia heard this voice, a smile appeared on her face.

Not long after, the picture communication between the two sides was completed.

Meanwhile, Will Quake and the others were finally relieved.

A long-lost feeling finally surged in their hearts.

They had returned home! They had returned to their original time and space! They had never thought that the earth they relied on to survive on would actually be so cordial.

“Roar!” Just as everyone was still unable to react, a beastly roar sounded, as if it had resounded from prehistoric times to the future.

Everyone turned around and looked towards the folded space behind them.

Blake was coming over! Everyone’s gaze landed on the folded space.

Carol Garcia also adjusted the image to an optimal viewing position.

At this moment, everyone held their breaths as one of Blake’s feet slowly stepped out.

Following that, his entire body appeared in the original space-time.

Was this the space-time of the future? Blake lowered his head and looked at Will Quake and the others who had transmigrated here earlier.

He immediately nodded.

There was no mistake.

This was Earth.

Of course, it wasn’t the earth from his previous life.

It was a civilized world that was extremely similar to his previous life! “Roar!!” Blake looked around and roared toward the sky, his voice reverberating throughout the entire island.

It felt great.

Meanwhile, at the American National Science Laboratory.

Professor Gus Turner, Bruce Holmes, and a group of researchers were all staring at the scene in front of them.

Blake had really transcended into the prehistoric era and came to the future! ! It was too unbelievable! Before this, no one would have thought that this scene would succeed, but it had indeed succeeded.

“Blake is too cool! I want to follow behind Blake and see him up close!” The researchers began to talk excitedly.

The previous images of Blake were all sent back from prehistoric times.

But now, it was different.

They were on the same earth.

Blake was in the eastern Pacific Ocean! This island has been named Monster Island! Monster Island.

Blake took a deep breath.

It was okay.

His body could adapt to any environment.

Even if the oxygen content in the future was not high, he did not need these things now.

As long as it was radioactive, he could absorb it.