I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 99

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 99

Chapter 99: Chapter 99: Black’s Deterrence At this moment.


The two combat submarines had already received the order from the aircraft carrier and had already stopped.

In this deep sea area, all the submarine personnel felt an inexplicable fear.

Especially the gurgling sound that came from time to time.

This kind of dull and heavy sound was something that they had never heard before.

This kind of sound was not something that could be produced by the creatures in this world.

Therefore, the people in the two submarines had made a preliminary deduction.

The sound was most likely emitted by the prehistoric behemoth Blake.

“The Behemoth is only 300 kilometers away from us!” “Are we… sure we don’t want to fire torpedoes?” The submarine in the deep sea sent a request to the aircraft carrier.

“No!”Ueda Cuozhi thought for a moment and said.




In the end, he decided to trust the American ship of peace.

“Beep! Unknown creature is 200 kilometers away from the aircraft carrier!” “Beep! Unknown creature is 100 kilometers away from the aircraft carrier!” “Beep! Unknown creature is 10 kilometers away from the aircraft carrier!” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM At this point, the detector no longer sent out sound notifications.

Because Blake was already in front of them! Blake slowly swam to the front of the nuclear power source.

When he looked closely, he was amazed.

It was indeed an aircraft carrier! And it was nuclear-powered! However, there seemed to be two small submarines in front of him.

Blake opened his eyes and stared at the two small submarines in front of him.

At this moment, inside the submarine.

“Oh my God! Is this the prehistoric behemoth?!” “This is too illogical.

How can its body be so big!?” “This! ! Fortunately, I didn’t attack it for five years.

Otherwise, with such a big body, would the torpedo be effective?” “If it isn’t effective, the behemoth can easily destroy the two submarines and bury us all at the bottom of the sea!” “We didn’t take the initiative to attack the giant beast.

I wonder if it will attack us?” “Let’s Hope not.

God bless us!” All the people on the submarines were dumbfounded at this moment.

F * ck.

Just the eyes of the giant beast were comparable to the biggest torpedo! Through the anti-high-pressure glass observation cabin, all the people held their breath.

In the eyes of the other party, this submarine was not even enough to fill the gaps between their teeth! At this time, they finally understood why Ueda prevented them from launching an attack! Who the F * ck would dare to do that! At this time.

In the vast Pacific Ocean, a row of Misz Miz aircraft carrier battle groups stopped on the surface of the sea.

At this moment, in the deep sea hundreds of meters away, the images of the giant beasts captured by the two submarines were being transmitted to the main command room of the aircraft carrier in real time.

Everyone was shocked.

In the images, the cold eyes of the prehistoric giant beasts were staring at them.

The extremely cold armor on its body truly displayed its impenetrable defense.

It brought an extremely intense sense of oppression and also gave them a deep sense of powerlessness.

Perhaps, even a joint attack might not be able to break through Blake’s armor! At this moment, Blake looked at the two interfering submarines and could not help but grin.

He thought to himself, what’s wrong with humans now? Aren’t they afraid of seeing him? Even if you don’t use torpedoes to attack, you should at least run, right? As the corners of Blake’s mouth opened.

From the two submarines, there were sounds of wailing.

“Ahhhhh! ! The giant beast suddenly opened its mouth.

What is it trying to do? It can’t be eating us, right?” “It’s over, it’s over, we’re all going to be programming the giant Beast’s stomach for dinner!” “God, God, God! I’m your loyal believer, please come and save me! !” “Alright, stop F * cking screaming.

Start the submarine, let’s run!!” “Start the submarine? What submarine is there to start?! Those people were so scared that more than ten of them fainted!” “It’s over, it’s over, wait for Death!” After some people found out that the person who started the submarine had fainted from the shock.

Kansui had no choice but to give up.

Blake waited for about three minutes, and then he became curious.

He couldn’t help but start to suspect.

Could it be that his deterrence wasn’t working? These humans were actually so calm? F * ck! This wasn’t possible! However, at the moment, Blake was really a little hungry.

These humans could only be considered lucky.

Blake stretched out his two hands.

He directly aimed at the two submarines that were about the size of his palms.

Black swore that he just wanted to gently push the two submarines aside.

He didn’t use any force at all.

However, under tremendous force, the two submarines rolled over a dozen times in the deep sea hundreds of meters below.

Only then did they manage to stabilize the submarines.

The submarine operators inside were made dizzy.

Blake continued to swim toward the nuclear energy source.

At this moment.

In the submarine.

“We survived? Oh My God, I can’t believe it.

We really survived? ?” “Yeah, we survived the attack of the Behemoth! !” “Attack? Brother, I’m afraid your eyesight isn’t good.

What the F*ck is this an attack? ? It basially just gently touched the submarines!” “With the power of the giant beast to move the submarine, it’s as if it’s playing with us!” “But no matter what, we survived in the end.

Thank God, thank God!” “You should F * cking thank the giant beast.

Thank it for not attacking us.

Otherwise, we would all be dead by now!” Inside the submarine cabin.

The crew members were making a racket.

They wanted to use this method to calm down their earlier fear! In the Aircraft Carrier Command Center.

After Ueda Cuozhi received the news that there were no casualties.

He immediately let out a sigh of relief.

However, the following news once again made their hearts beat faster.

Blake had already swam towards Miz Miz aircraft carrier No.


“Lieutenant Colonel Ueda, what should we do now?” A crew member came to Ueda Cuozhi’s side and asked.

“What should we do? ?” Ueda Cuozhi took a deep breath.

How would he know what to do? “We can only wait quietly.

However, I’m very curious why the Giant Beast has been heading towards us.

” He had a feeling that Yamaguchi Yiruma had not told him a lot of information about black.

However, he was too lazy to ask.

If Yamaguchi Yiruma wanted to tell him, he would have done so long ago.

Then, he narrowed his eyes slightly and said, “Connect me to the American aircraft carrier, the MIR.

” “Yes!” Thirty seconds later.

Ueda Cuozhi connected to the American aircraft carrier, the MIR.

“Mir, why did the behemoth come to us?” “Theoretically speaking, we did not attack the Behemoth before, right?!” Ueda Cuozhi took a deep breath and asked.