I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 93

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 93

Chapter 93: Chapter 93: The Shocking End of Catastrophe “It shattered… it was shattered just like that…” “Apart from causing limited pollution to the air, the shattered asteroids didn’t do any harm at all!” “This is the Cretaceous period! 65 million years ago, an asteroid crashed into Earth!” “This catastrophe ended like that? ! !” “Roar! !” At this moment, Blake’s roar resounded throughout the world.

Only then did everyone slowly come back to their senses! “The asteroid shattered.

F * CK, F * ck!” Will Quake could not hold it in any longer.

He immediately cursed.

This scene was too shocking beyond the scale of anything they’ve ever seen.


Carol Garcia, has everything been recorded? !” “We died and escaped! We’re alive again!” .



Will Quake was overjoyed.

“Amazing, Blake is too amazing!” Carol Garcia’s face was also full of excitement at this time.

“F * ck! F * ck! Oh, my God, oh my God! !” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM “Blake made a move and directly shattered that meteorite.

My granddaughter’s life shouldn’t have ended, her life shouldn’t have ended!” Bruce said excitedly.

As he spoke, his face was already covered in tears.

Meanwhile, Professor Gus Turner.

His heart, which had been hanging in the air, was also heavily relieved.

It was alright now.

The disaster had passed! “Blake is too cool!” “Oh my God, it’s practically making my scalp go numb.

Is this something that a living creature can do? !” “It’s amazing, it’s so great!” .


Similar cheers were heard in the various research headquarters.

Meanwhile, in prehistoric times.

Blake had already exited half-red lotus mode.

Now, the energy in his body was basically empty.

Although this skill was awesome, it consumed too much energy.

It was better to use it sparingly in the future! For now, he should lie down and sleep for a while to recover.

Blake did not return to the valley, he just lay down in front of the valley.

“Blake is down, he is down!” Just as Blake fell asleep.

The American researchers also noticed Blake’s fight and began to exclaim.

“Everyone!!” “All personnel return to their positions, extract ores, and purify crystals!! All of you, move!” Will Quake shouted.

“Yes, Captain!” It took less than half an hour.

All the researchers once again returned to the right track.

Will Quake, on the other hand, was in front of the valley with Carol Garcia and Galgado.

“The radiation value on Blake’s body is much weaker than before!” Will Quake looked at the instrument in his hand with a grave expression.

“What Blake needs now is something with high radiation energy.

” “Now we can only wait for the radium and uranium elements!” However, Blake was still breathing.

This proved that Blake would not die.

Wilquick quickly spread the news that Blake would not die.

After the researchers heard the news, they were immediately relieved.

All the work became more focused.

“Good, good, good!” “As expected, the more than half a year of interaction did not go to waste!” Professor Gus Turner said solemnly to the monitor in front of him.

“We will do our best to calculate the data of the folded space.

As for Blake, I’ll leave it to you!” “Yes, Professor!” Will Quake nodded.

This time, it could be said that Blake was a great help to the United States! Moreover, because of this, professor Gus Turner also realized a serious problem.

Or rather, an unexpected but reasonable problem.

That was, did this folded space really travel back in time to prehistoric times? No matter how you looked at it now, it didn’t make sense! The great extinction event 65 million years ago in prehistoric times had already passed.

But according to the paradox of time, then humans wouldn’t have appeared.

However, that was not the case.

Then, there seemed to be only one answer! “When in doubt, quantum mechanics can not be explained.

Parallel space-time!” Professor Gus Turner muttered.

“Bruce, perhaps this time, it really is like what you said!” Beside him, Bruce’s face also became solemn.

“Sigh, to be honest, I don’t want this kind of theory to become a reality.

” “Why?” Hearing Bruce’s words, Professor Gus Turner could not help but be stunned.

“Bruce, haven’t you spent your whole life studying quantum physics?” “This matter can already be proven that parallel worlds exist.

Isn’t that a good thing?” “This is a conclusion that could make the entire academic community in this room explode!” Bruce laughed bitterly, “If there really is a parallel space-time, can you guarantee that there won’t be any intelligent creatures from other space-time warping to our space-time?” “This…” Professor Gus Turner was stunned on the spot, muttering, “It shouldn’t be, right?” “Then how did we get to the world where Blake is?”Bruce asked.

“UH…” Professor Gus Turner could not answer.

Yes, people from his world could go to the parallel space-time where Blake was.

Then, why would it be impossible for an intelligent creature from the parallel space-time to arrive in this world? “However, it doesn’t have to be so pessimistic.

Perhaps the people from other parallel universes are not as powerful as us!” “Moreover, this conclusion of a parallel universe is temporarily believed to exist.

What if it isn’t!” Bruce patted professor Gus Turner’s shoulder.

“Alright, Gus, no matter what, our people survived this disaster.

Come, let’s drink!” Professor Gus Turner smiled helplessly.


The powder from the asteroid finally landed on the ground.

Everything was on the right track again.

Blake had used his life force to save the humans.

This was deeply rooted in the hearts of the researchers! Recently, Blake had also started to “Recuperate” because humans think he’s “injured”, when it’s really just that his energy’s nearly depleted: he has strong vitality.

Blake leaned against the valley leisurely.

On his left was uranium, and on his right was radium.

His dinosaur underlings would occasionally capture two large Brontosaurus to replenish his body.

Most enjoyable of life, indeed!