I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 92

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 92

Chapter 92: Chapter 92: The Red Lotus Helix All the dinosaurs closed their eyes at this moment.

There was a protective film in their eyes, so for as dazzling as the light beam was, it wasn’t enough to be blinding.

At this moment, Blake felt an extremely hot energy, which was much more exciting than soaking in a volcano, which it considers a warm bath.

This laser beam weapon could barely be considered a hot bath.

[ Ding! Super Hot Energy detected.

Beginning absorption… ] [ Ding! Super Hot Energy detected.

Beginning absorption… ] The heat energy was continuously being absorbed by Blake.

At this moment, he also raised his head.

His pair of cold eyes were staring straight at the asteroid in the sky.

“Wait until I crush you!” Blake thought to himself.

Then, he continued to absorb the heat energy! [ Ding! Congratulations, the host’s evolution level has increased by 1% ! ] .



[ Ding! Monster King Template Progress 41% ! ] [ Ding! Super heat energy detected, beginning to absorb… ] [ ding… ] The system notification kept ringing in his ears.

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COM Meanwhile, Blake could feel the violent energy in his body continuously.

Very good! Very good! This scene was completely recorded in the American base.

After all, this might be the last video of them studying Blake! Because until now, Blake’s body was still so mysterious! There were still many mysteries that had not been solved.

Prehistoric! At that moment in the sky, the asteroids were constantly falling.

And at the edge of the valley, Will Quake and the others were all silently watching everything.

Far away.

On the No.

1 uranium deposit.

The Japanese scientists had also discovered that there were meteorites in the sky.

Everyone threw away the mining tools in their hands.

“It’s over, it’s over!” “Oh, my God! We shouldn’t have come here!” “I want to go home!” “With such a huge meteorite falling, we’re all going to die, all of us!” “God! God! I’m your loyal believer, please save us!” Some people immediately knelt on the ground and began to pray piously.

Masanori Ohashi was also looking at the sky with lifeless eyes.



Prehistoric Valley.

[ Ding! Congratulations, the host’s evolution has increased by 1% ! ] [ Ding! Congratulations, the host’s evolution has increased by 1% ! ] [ Ding! Congratulations, the host’s evolution has increased by 1% ! ] [ Ding! Monster King template progress 50% ! ] Boom! ! All of a sudden, the entire basin shook! Those particle weapons were all used up, turning into scrap metal.

“Roar! ! !” Blake took a deep breath, then raised his head and roared! His voice shook the entire history, and it showed his status as a beast overlord! [ Ding! Beast King template unlocked to 50% ! ] [ Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining skills: half-red Lotus mode, Red Lotus Spiral Hotline! ] [ Red Lotus Spiral Hotline: after the host enters Red Lotus mode, through the energy in his body, he can obtain hundreds of times the energy of the Red Lotus Spiral Hotline, and then shoot out a powerful red lotus spiral hotline from his mouth! ] After listening to the series of notifications, the corners of Blake’s mouth could not help but widen.


He suddenly raised his head and looked at the small meteorite that was getting closer and closer in the sky.



He could not joke around.

It was much bigger than him anyway.

“Roar! !” Blake raised his head and roared! Half-red Lotus mode, activated! Then, an intense red glow suddenly burst out from Blake’s dorsal fin! All the scales on his body began to turn red! In the distance.

In the American research team.

Will Quake and the others also discovered the abnormality of the Super Tyrannosaurus rex Blake.

“Ahem, is Blake planning to use his light beam to destroy the asteroid?” Galgado coughed lightly and asked.

“We’ve already calculated Blake’s light beam.

It Can’t destroy the asteroid at all.

” “That’s an asteroid with a diameter of 30 kilometers!” “And Blake’s body size is less than a kilometer!” Will Quake laughed bitterly and said.

Galgado also smiled helplessly.

But in the next moment, they felt that the air around them was starting to become dry and hot.

Many scarlet red patterns began to appear on Blake’s body.

They had no choice but to retreat with all their strength! At this moment.

Blake raised his head as he looked at the approaching meteorite.

He opened his mouth wide.

Red Lotus Helix Hotline! “Roar –” He directly used up all the energy in his body.

Together with the double amplification ability of the half-red lotus mode.

The super version of the Red Lotus Helix was like a huge red energy ball! It spread out and charged toward the asteroid that was 30 kilometers in diameter in the sky! “F * ck! F * ck!” “Does Blake have such a powerful beam attack? How come we didn’t know about it before?” “I don’t know either.

Although I know how many attacks Blake has, this is the first time I’ve seen this skill.

” “That’s not right.

Take a closer look.

The red light on Blake’s surface is dimming!” “I know.

Could it be that this is Blake’s ultimate move?” “It’s very likely! Otherwise, why did Blake not release it until the end of the world? !” “This is most likely a beam that Blake used up his life force to release!” “Captain, the temperature on Blake’s body is starting to drop, and the radiation value is also dropping!” The researchers quickly came to Will Quake’s side and hurriedly said.

“…” Will Quake’s throat squirmed twice, and his eyes were already filled with hot tears.

These numbers represented Blake’s life force! When it was hot, they naturally didn’t know that these numbers were actually emitted by Blake’s energy.

“Bang! !” Bang! ! ! In the next second, a shocking loud sound rang out in the sky above everyone.

The Scarlet Light was incomparably dazzling! Then! ! ! In the next moment.

The world fell silent! Following closely behind was the dazzling light in the sky, which was also slowly disappearing.

Along with the disappearance of the red light, the asteroid with a diameter of 30 kilometers was able to destroy the entire Cretaceous period asteroid.

It exploded in the air and shattered! It turned into powder and slowly drifted down from the sky.

This extremely shocking scene was witnessed by all the people left in prehistoric times.

It wasn’t just them.

Everyone from the National Science Laboratory of the United States! As well as the people from the top research headquarters of quantum physics, etc.


“Asteroids, shattered? ?” In prehistoric times, the researchers kept swallowing their saliva!