I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 94

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Chapter 94: An Island from Thin Air Blake was also happy to replenish the energy in his body and rejuvenate his stigma.

He could also increase his evolution points to unlock the king of monsters template.

In summary, why not? Moreover, in these few days, Blake had also communicated with the system to let his underlings evolve together.

The system told him that as long as the king of monsters’ template was unlocked to 55% , he could bring his underlings to evolve together! And now, Blake’s King of monsters template has been unlocked to 50% .

He was not far from bringing his underlings to evolve together! Blake was already looking forward to it.

When the time came, he would have his underlinings evolve with him.

How would these humans react? When Blake thought of this, he could not help but make a few strange grunting sounds.

It was a little funny.

“Eh? What was Blake shouting just now? Look at the expression on its face.

Why do I feel Like It’s a little funny?” “No Way, you can tell that? Do you think Blake is like a human?” .



“I always feel that in this place, because Blake saved us, he has already lost weight due to hunger.

” “Good man, brother, how did you see that Blake had lost weight due to hunger?” “I feel that Blake is even bigger than before!” “You have the same feeling? Me Too!” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM “Alright, stop spouting nonsense.

Hurry up and urge the purification team to send the uranium and radium crystals over!” “Yes!” Blake heard everything the people around him said.

That’s right.

After absorbing such a powerful heat energy beam a few days ago, Blake had no idea how powerful he was now.

“Check my stats.

” Blake said in his mind.

[ system host: Blake ] [ gender: Male ] [ unlocked template: Super Tyrannosaurus Rex (100%)] [ current body stats: 350 meters tall, 700,000 tons, 500 meters long, average running speed 12,000 kilometers per hour, bite force 3,000,000 Newtons, Hammer Force 500,000 Newtons ] [ characteristics: absorbs energy from food, absorbs energy from radiation, absorbs nuclear energy, absorbs laser energy, absorbs explosive energy ] [ skills: atomic breath, spiral radiation, dorsal fin energy ray, super uranium energy hotline, electromagnetic interference, half Red Lotus mode, Red Lotus Spiral Hotline ] Damn, I’m almost 400 meters now! Blake was very satisfied.

“Check the progress of the king of monsters template unlock.

” [ Ding! King of Monsters Template Unlock Progress: 50.

1% ! ] [ Ding! Upon reaching 55% , you can obtain skills: develop biological evolution ] [ develop biological evolution: when the host unlock to 55% , you can activate the function of biological attribute points, and through any creature to obtain attribute energy points, and then give the attribute energy points to the host to evolve the creature, then you can complete the evolution.

] Blake squinted his eyes and looked at the introduction of this skill.

I am also considered a creature! Can I give some attribute points to myself? “System, can I use these attribute energy points for myself?”Blake asked in his mind.

[ Ding! Yes, according to the corresponding ratio, the required unlock progress points will be exchanged for the host! ] After receiving the system’s reply, Blake asked again.

“Then what is the meaning of obtaining attribute energy points through any creature?” “You want me to eat these creatures?!” [ Ding! There are two ways to obtain them ] [ first: If you can enter the host’s abdomen, you can convert it into attribute energy points ] [ second: through the emotions of these creatures, you can obtain the corresponding attribute energy points ] Blake could not help but narrow his eyes slightly.

The first type was simple, eating was enough.

As for the second type, the emotions of creatures, joy, anger, fear, shock, and so on.

Humans were also creatures! Alright then, there was something to do next.

However, before that, it was better to honestly replenish the energy in his body.

Two months later, the gravitational influence brought by the asteroid finally disappeared.

At the American National Science Laboratory.

“Huo Li, have you calculated the time that the folded space can pass through?” “Ahem, professor, I haven’t calculated it yet.

” A middle-aged man wearing glasses coughed and said.

He was the leader of the folded space calculation team and had a pivotal position in the research headquarters.

He frowned.

“What’s going on?” Professor Gus Turner looked at Huo Li and asked.

“The position of these folded spaces has changed! It’s completely different from before.

” Huo Li said slowly, “On this day alone, I led our team to calculate no less than ten times.

” “But the result of the calculation is…” “The next folded space is in the eastern Pacific Ocean!” “After the satellite image was activated, the place that opened happened to be on a huge uninhabited island in the eastern Pacific Ocean.

” “But…” Speaking up to this point, Huo Li nodded to the researchers behind him.

The next second, two satellite images appeared on the big screen in front of them.

The date on the left was from a week ago, and the one on the right was taken today.

Professor Gus Turner looked at the big screen in front of him and his pupils suddenly constricted.

He exclaimed, “How is this possible? !” “Professor, our reaction at that time was the same as yours.

” Huo Li took a deep breath.

“But, that huge uninhabited island just appeared out of thin air!” Yes! On the satellite map on the left, in the eastern Pacific Ocean, there was a vast ocean.

There was no island.

But on the satellite map on the right, a giant island appeared there alive! “Have you calculated the area? !” Professor Gus Turner gulped and asked.

“I’ve calculated it.

It’s about 500,000 square kilometers,a bit bigger than Japan.

” Huo Li replied.

At this time, Bruce Holmes also came to the folding space computing lab.

“Gus, you’re here too?”After seeing Professor Gus Turner.

Bruce Holmes didn’t waste any time and went straight to the topic.

“Huo Li, we have already calculated.

The time that you have predicted is the same as ours.

” Bruce Holmes handed the data sheet to Huo Li.

“The next time the folded space can be accessed will be in two weeks.

” “And this time, the time that can be accessed is unknown.

” “Preliminary estimates say that it is two to three thousand meters wide!” “And the place where the folded space opened is in that mysterious building that suddenly appeared.