I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 42

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Chapter 42: A Super Tyrannosaurus rex that can fly   “Yes, it agreed!” When Will Quake saw this scene, he was excited.

The researchers from other countries were also extremely excited at this moment.

They all thought that naming a Super Tyrannosaurus rex was a waste of time.

After all, the two were completely different species.

It would take a long time to give the Tyrannosaurus rex a name that it was satisfied with.

They did not expect how little time it took for the Super Tyrannosaurus rex to decide on a name.

“Blair, your name will be Blair from now on.

” Carol Garcia looked at Blair and said with a smile.

Regarding Blair’s name, she naturally thought that it was her own choice and not his original name.




Therefore, to be able to name such a prehistoric giant beast successfully, at this moment, her heart was filled with a sense of achievement.


Gus Turner, I’ve completed the task of naming the Super Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Its name is Blair!” Then, Caro Garcia quickly contacted Gus Turner to report the matter.

Actually, Gus Turner already knew without the report.

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COM After all, he had already seen the situation of the Cretaceous period through the live broadcast.

He was watching the moment the name was successfully named.

“You did well, Carol Garcia,”Gus Turner slowly replied, as a form of affirmation for Carol Garcia.

The linguist hadn’t arrived yet.

But now, the linguist was no longer needed.

Because the name of the Super Tyrannosaurus rex was already successful.

At first, even he thought that naming the Super Tyrannosaurus rex was a very difficult thing to do.

After all, the Tyrannosaurus Rex and humans were two completely different species.

Even if the linguist was called over, they hadn’t understood dinosaurs before.

It was impossible to communicate with a T.

Rex in such a short period of time.

So, he thought the plan would be difficult and long.

But, he didn’t expect it to be so coincidental.

Carol Garcia wrote the name.

It just so happened that the T.

Rex accepted the name.

Nonetheless, the task is completed.

After naming the Super Tyrannosaurus Rex, the next step was to thoroughly study it.

[At the same time] [In the broadcast room] Because crossing the folded space was a global event, it wasn’t only broadcast in Times Square in the United States.

There was a broadcast room dedicated to the Cretaceous period.

Anyone in the world could see the situation of the Cretaceous period through this live broadcast room.

Of course, only when the broadcast is live over there.

“The naming is successful.

Haha, the naming is successful.

Oh My God, it’s unbelievable.

” “Yeah, giving a Super Tyrannosaurus a human name.

No matter how I look at it, it doesn’t seem right.

” “Exactly.

I have a friend named Blair.

I Can’t use that name anymore.

Haha, when I heard Blair’s name, I didn’t know whether my first impression should be of my friend or this Super Tyrannosaurus.

” “I saw the intention of gloating from the words of my brother upstairs.

” “No, I can guarantee that it’s absolutely not.

After my friend found out that his name was the same as the Super Tyrannosaurus, he was still a little depressed.

Why would I gloat over his misfortune? Haha.

” “My God, if I didn’t see your last laugh, I would have really believed your words.

” “But this Super Tyrannosaurus rex is very intelligent.

Carol Garcia had said so many names, but it did not react.

I saw it clearly when she said Blair’s name.

At that time, his eyes suddenly opened.

” “Yeah, I also saw his reaction at that moment.

Do you guys think he really has powerful intelligence?” “I think so.

Otherwise, it would be hard to understand why he would have such a big reaction when he heard Blair’s name.

” “But, why didn’t the Super Tyrannosaurus rex have a big reaction when Carol Garcia said other names?” “Because it wasn’t satisfied with the previous name.

” “If that’s the case, does that mean that this super Tyrannosaurus understood human speech?” “It’s hard to say.

We can’t assume that the Super Tyrannosaurus could understand human speech just by naming it once.

What if it just felt that the pronunciation was in line with its meaning?” “Yes, the person above is right.

It’s not like there wasn’t such a situation.

” “No matter what, the task of naming the Super Tyrannosaurus rex has finally been completed.

From now on, this Tyrannosaurus Rex’s name is… Blair!” “Blair…” Cretaceous period.

After a few hours of naming process.

The current Blair was already hungry.

His stomach was extremely hungry.

Just as Blair was thinking about what to eat for this meal, dozens of pterosaurs flew past in the sky.

“Pterosaurs again?” Blair raised his head to look at the sky.

Dozens of pterosaurs were flying while letting out cries.

“What is Blair doing?” Not far away, everyone looked at Blair who was looking up at the sky, and they all had puzzled expressions.

“Could it be that it’s hungry and wants to hunt these pterosaurs?” Will Quake guessed.

“It’s very likely that it wants to hunt these pterosaurs.

Does this mean that Blair is going to use atomic breath again?” Carol Garcia’s expression was a little excited.

He had only seen atomic breath in monster movies.

This was a very sci-fi move.

He did not expect to enter the Cretaceous period through the folded space.

After entering the Cretaceous period through folded space.

So, she was very excited.

Not only him, but all the humans present were also very excited.

At the same time.

In the modern world, in the live broadcast room around the world, some of the viewers who were watching the live broadcast.

Also looked at this scene with excitement.

Was he going to use atomic breath? However, to their disappointment, Blair didn’t use atomic breath.

It was too exhausting to use atomic breath.

It was a waste of energy to deal with these pterosaurs.

It finally gained control of the magnetic field organ.

Naturally, he needed to use it now.

While he was thinking, Blair controlled the magnetic field organ.

His huge body slowly floated into the air!