I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 43

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Chapter 43: Perfect Evolution, Unheard of Flying Style!   Because the atomic breath consumed too much energy, Blair would not use the atomic breath to kill the pterosaurs in the sky.

Instead, he used the organs hidden under the skin to emit a magnetic field that interacted with the magnetic field on earth, moving him into the air.

Although it also consumes physical strength, it’s negligible compared to the atomic breath.

So, Blair naturally used the most energy-saving way for hunting.

But, controlling its internal organs to maintain balance takes practice.

Therefore, under the current situation, despite several tests, Blair was still not very familiar with it.

Nonetheless, it has made major improvements.

Now, he had controlled the magnetic field and was more than 100 meters above the ground, the highest he can do for now.

After all, his jumping ability was only close to 100 meters.

And now, his stomach was very hungry.

After all, it had taken Carol Garcia several hours to let him hear the name.

During this time, it was enough for him to finish digesting the food in his stomach.

His body was huge, and he ate a lot of food, so his digestion was also fast.




As his body came to a height of more than 100 meters, his field of vision suddenly widened.

He stepped on the towering ancient trees below his feet.

In the distance, the mountains rose and fell.

The Green Mountains were lush.

It was a prehistoric scene.

He did not know which part of the 21st century park this place was in.

At the same time, under his skin, there was a blue ray, blinking.

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COM This meant that Blair was using up his energy, and the organs under his skin were reacting to the earth’s magnetic field.

Soon ,the parts under his skin flashing with blue light started to heat up.

After all, using a magnetic field to fly was not as exhausting as atomic breath.

However, to drag such a huge body into the air was still an energy-consuming thing.

Moreover, he had not yet mastered his ability to control the magnetic field.

If he could master the quantity, he can be a lot more efficient.

In his current state, he could stay in the air for about three minutes.

After that, his physical strength would drop to a very weak level.

He would fall from the sky.

So, he must kill all these pterosaurs in an extremely short time.

Thinking of this, Blair’s eyes became ferocious.

He swung his huge head.

It knocked down a pterosaur that was flying in the air.

Then, it opened its terrifying mouth and bit another pterosaur to death.

“Oh my God, what did I see?” “Oh my God, Blair is actually crippled.

He can really fly.

He can float in the air and not jump into the air!” “But he clearly doesn’t have wings.

How did he fly?” “This is too unbelievable.

This is simply too unbelievable.

Can a creature without wings fly? This has completely overturned my worldview!” The group of people below looked at Blair in the sky in a daze.

They felt their livers trembling violently.

This was really… This scene was too shocking.

Because, Blair did not use his wings to fly! They had lived for so long and had never seen such a scene.

Even in modern society, flights not based on aerodynamic surfaces are reserved for fictions only.

In all the years of human archaeology.

From the birth of the Earth to the park in the 20th century, all the creatures that humans could know.

Could they fly without wings? No! None! But… This Super Tyrannosaurus rex flew.

It flew right in front of their eyes.

It overturned all their knowledge.

This wasn’t a jump.

This was flying.

It didn’t use any run-up.

It was in the air.

And it could fight in the air.

It was truly flying! “I understand, I understand.

When I saw it this morning, it was trying to fly up into the sky with its body.

” “At that time, I thought it was doing a flying jump, but I didn’t expect it to be trying to fly.

” Carol Garcia came back to her senses.

She couldn’t help but mutter.

“This has completely broken our understanding.

I really can’t imagine how a creature can fly without wings.

” Beside her was Will Quake.

At this moment, Will Quake had an incredulous look on his face.

“Why is this?” Will Quake asked in confusion, but no one could answer him.

Everyone looked up at the sky.

They looked at Blair who was fighting the pterosaurs in the sky.

Actually, it was more of a one-sided massacre than a battle.

That was because, in front of the huge Blair, the pterosaurs could only be slaughtered.

And after being killed by Blair in the air, their corpses directly fell down, smashing down pieces of trees.

“Eh? Oh My God, what do I See? Blair’s body is glowing?” “Mr.

Will Quake, quickly increase the power of the recording machine and zoom in to capture Blair’s current state.

” At this moment, Carol Garcia keenly sensed that something had happened to Blair’s body.

She saw that some parts of Blair’s body were flashing with blue light.

But as for the specifics, she was too far away from Blair, more than a hundred meters away.

There was no way to use the naked eye to observe carefully.

So, she asked Will Quake to capture Blair’s current state.

Actually… This was also because Blair had been floating in the air for a long time.

Moreover, he was still hunting pterosaurs in the air.

As time passed, the amount of physical energy consumed was a little too much.

Once the amount of physical energy consumed was too much, the organs under his skin would emit an even brighter light.

“Okay, Ms.

Carol Garcia.

” Upon hearing this, Will Quake immediately turned the recording machine to its maximum power.


A hundred meters in the air, Blair was zoomed in front of the camera.

Because this was a high-tech recording machine, enabling unblurred enlargement of images, many people can now carefully observe Blair.