I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 41

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Chapter 41: So your name is Blair! Chapter 41: name successful, Blair! “Morgan Adonis!” On the other side, Caro Garcia’s one-sided communication with Blair continued.

Seeing that Blair’s eyes suggested tiredness, Carol Garcia hurriedly read out the first English name she had prepared on the paper.

At this moment, Blair was helpless.

After all, he had his own name, so he naturally could not accept other names.

However, now he had no way to tell Carol Garcia his name.

Therefore, he could only listen to her read out name after name in boredom.

Were it not for Carol Garcia’s good figure, he would have fallen asleep long ago.

After all, learning a language was a boring, boring thing.

Even so, his huge eyes were already half-closed.




The only thing left was to look at Carol Garcia’s figure.

One had to say, this woman’s figure was perfect.

Looking at her really made one feel happy.


Oh dear, isn’t it a pleasure for the dinosaur? While admiring Carol Garcia’s figure, his mind was wondering: how could he tell Carol Garcia his name? Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM After all, on the surface, they were two different species.

And they were separated by tens of millions of years.

Blair could give orders to the dinosaurs so that they could quickly know what he meant.

However, it didn’t allow Carol Garcia to quickly understand what he meant.

After all, the two of them were completely different species.

But under such circumstances, how could he pass his name to Carol Garcia? “Ivan Adam!” At this time, Carol Garcia read out a third name.

She read out the name while observing Blair’s reaction.

When she read the name, Blair did not react too much; that means it must be dissatisfied with the name.

After all, with Blair’s IQ, while not necessarily comparable to a normal adult, it can surely react to names it liked.

So, she kept reading.

Time passed slowly.

Until she was almost done reading all the names that she had prepared.

Blair did not have much of a reaction.

There seemed to be some luster in his half-closed huge eyes.

“HMM?” This made Carol Garcia, who was reading the name, suddenly pause.

Because at this moment, she realized that the Super Tyrannosaurus in front of her did not seem to be interested in the name that she was saying.

Moreover, the way the Super Tyrannosaurus rex looked at her felt a little strange.

She didn’t understand what was going on.

The way the Super Tyrannosaurus rex was looking at her now made her feel like she was being stared at by a man in the human world.

What was going on? “What’s wrong, Ms.

Carlo Garcia? Isn’t it interested in the name you prepared?” Beside her, Will Quake noticed that Caro Garcia’s voice had suddenly stopped, and he couldn’t help but ask curiously.

Actually, it was within his expectations.

After all, no matter what, this Super Tyrannosaurus rex was only an animal.

And it wasn’t a primate.

Whether or not it really had intelligence was still a question mark.

So now, it might not have too big of a reaction when humans gave it a name.

“From the current situation, yes.

” Carol Garcia felt a little hopeless.

After all, there were countless names.

Trying one by one was not a solution.

She had to think of a way.

To make this Tyrannosaurus accept a name.

But what should she think of? She did not have any thoughts.

Moreover, she suddenly realized a problem.

She suddenly felt that the Super Tyrannosaurus was already rather impatient.

If she slowly passed through these names, it would wear out its last bit of patience.

The situation could go very wrong.

Although the current character of the Super Tyrannosaurus rex was willing to be close to her, and had no intention of hurting her, this was still a Super Tyrannosaurus rex after all, a prehistoric behemoth! The absolute ruler of this region! She did not dare to say that she had completely grasped the personality of this super behemoth.

Otherwise, if she waited until its patience was worn out and it went crazy, she would be in serious trouble.

However, she could not not carry out the mission of the scientific research room.

Then, what should she do next? Carol Garcia was in a dilemma.

“Blair!” At this moment, Carol Garcia read out the last name she prepared.

Originally, she had already given up on this batch of names.

She thought that after reading out this batch of names.

She would think of a way to give the Super Tyrannosaurus a name that it could accept.

But unexpectedly, when she read out this name,.

Blair’s huge eyes widened.

This sudden reaction… Caused Carol Garcia to panic.

She thought that the Super Tyrannosaurus had finally lost its patience.

Meanwhile, the few people beside her also became nervous.

Giving the Super Tyrannosaurus a name was a mission for the scientific research lab.

However, if she angered the Super Tyrannosaurus because of this, it would be a loss.

Unexpectedly, after the Super Tyrannosaurus rex hit its eyes, it let out a low roar.

Then, its huge head nodded.

Seeing this, Carol Garcia was completely shocked.

“This is… It seems to have accepted this name?” Carol Garcia’s pleasantly surprised?.

“Accepted this name? Lady Carol Garcia?” Beside her, Will Quake gulped and could not help but ask.

“I think so.

” Carol Garcia nodded, then looked at the Super Tyrannosaurus and said the name again, “Blair?” This time, Blair still nodded his huge forehead.

Previously, he had been thinking about how to tell Carol Garcia his name.

Therefore, he did not pay attention to the paper that Carol Garcia had.

He did not expect the dozens of names that Carol Garcia randomly listed to contain its actual name.

This was too much of a coincidence! He did not expect that among so many names, Carol Garcia actually just happened to be prepared for this one.

However, this was also good, so that he would not have to think of a way to let them know his name.

After all, the two were different species on the surface, and he… was only a Super Tyrannosaurus rex now.

If he really wrote his name on the ground, it would probably attract some unnecessary trouble.

He didn’t want this kind of trouble.

“It agreed.

Oh My God, it agreed to be named Blair!” Seeing Blair nod, Carol Garcia’s expression instantly became extremely excited.