I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 28

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Chapter 28: The Less-Than-Favorable Sashimi Translator: Dragon Boat Translation  Editor: Dragon Boat Translation Actually, Walkley Arnold could not imagine that Blake could not understand sign language, but could understand Walkley Arnold’s words.

It was not easy to read sign language.

After all, Blake had to guess Carol Garcia’s meaning.

It’ll be much easier for him to listen to Carol Garcia’s English.

Blake lowered his head and looked at Carol Garcia.

He followed her movements and tried to make the sea king dragon meat sashimi.

The Sea King dragon meat sashimi was not difficult to make: in fact, it’s pretty easy.

After a simple process, Blake tore off a piece of Sea King Dragon Meat.

Blake put the Sea King Dragon meat into his mouth and chewed it carefully.

He could not help but shake his head.

The feeling of sashimi was not much different from eating raw meat.

It was not as delicious as he had imagined.

Blake could not understand why the people from Japan loved eating sashimi so much.




Sashimi was obviously not much different from raw meat! If it was for the taste, there was actually no need to eat sashimi just for the sake of eating sashimi.

Blake shook his head and continued to barbecue the meat skewers.

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COM [ Ding! Detected that the host has made a delicacy called ‘Japanese sashimi’.

Evolution 0.

01% ] Although the Japanese sashimi wasn’t very delicious, it was good that it allowed Blake to evolve.

Blake was still very happy.

Will Quake recorded the entire scene and transmitted it back to modern society.

Without a doubt, the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake eating sashimi would definitely cause a huge uproar in the international community and shock all the viewers.

A few minutes later, in modern society.

When the video of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake eating sashimi was transmitted to the live streaming website, it did cause a huge shock in the hearts of the entire audience.

The comments on Facebook exploded again.

“Oh my God! Oh My God! I actually don’t know what to comment on!”– comments from an American audience “It’s hard to imagine how intelligent a Japanese sashimi can be just by looking at Ms.

Caro Garcia’s hand gestures.

”– comment from an Indian audience “I don’t care how intelligent this giant Tyrannosaurus rex is.

I just want to see if this Tyrannosaurus rex can make our Chinese food.

”– comment from a Chinese audience “There are too many delicacies in China, and there are too many varieties.

There are too many ingredients needed.

Instead of making Chinese food, why not let the giant Tyrannosaurus rex make a hamburger first?”– a Japanese viewer “That’s right, we should try to make a hamburger first! Maybe this giant Tyrannosaurus rex can make a hamburger.

”– a Russian viewer “It’s not easy to make hamburgers, but you have to have flour.

In the Cretaceous period, where can we find flour?”– An American viewer “Flour is easy to make.

Can’t we just find some starch plants in the Cretaceous period? I’ve seen it on the live broadcast before.

There are large plants similar to peas.

”– an Italian viewer “That’s great! Let the giant Tyrannosaurus make hamburgers.

I want to see the giant Tyrannosaurus eat hamburgers!”– comment from an Ethiopian audience Following the comments from the audience, Professor Gus Turner, who was in the science lab, made a decision.

He asked Carol Garcia to guide the giant Tyrannosaurus to make hamburgers.

The process of making hamburgers was relatively troublesome because the flour was relatively difficult to make.

But this was not a problem for Professor Gus Turner! It just so happened that a new batch of supplies had to be transported through folded space-time, so it was fine to bring more flour.

In the Cretaceous period, it could quickly ferment into giant bread.

As for the process of baking bread, it was very simple for the current human technology: laser guns at reduced fire rate can do the trick.

After careful consideration, professor Gus Turner quickly called the military.

The military did not refuse to send flour to make bread.

It’s not hard, anyway.

It was basically a matter of sending an additional freighter.

Professor Gus Turner sat behind the high-tech computer desk in the laboratory and looked at the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake displayed on the big screen in front of him.

His heart was full of excitement.

As the situation progressed, the research on Super Tyrannosaurus Blake would become more and more detailed! “From the beginning, I never thought that this giant Tyrannosaurus would have such a high IQ.

If possible, the next step could even try to teach the giant Tyrannosaurus to learn English words.

As long as the giant Tyrannosaurus could learn English words, we could immediately develop the corresponding brainwave translation device.

This way, it will be more convenient to communicate with the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex!” Professor Gus Turner explained his plan so that the surrounding researchers could hear it.

The president of the United States had already returned to the White House and was watching the live broadcast.

The fact that the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake was eating sashimi shocked the president of the United States.

“According to the habits of the giant Tyrannosaurus rex yesterday, it will find a place to sleep in the afternoon.

After the giant Tyrannosaurus rex wakes up, it will finish eating and return to the valley to rest.

“The United States of America has to hurry up and deliver the flour to the Cretaceous period.

We have to deliver it tonight.

After a night of fermentation, the giant Tyrannosaurus rex will be able to eat a hamburger tomorrow morning!” “Oh, and bring more seasonings.

We have to let the giant Tyrannosaurus rex taste the delicacies of the modern world!” The president of the United States said to his aides, his eyes fixed on the big screen in front of him at all times.

Right now, all the channels around the world were broadcasting the delicious food of the Super Tyrannosaurus Rex Blake.

Half an hour later, in the Cretaceous era.

Blake had eaten and drunk his fill, and decided to temporarily return to the valley to rest.

There was no hurry for dinner, and rest was more important.

After eating half of the dragon meat, Blake estimated that the system announcement would come again.

[ Ding! System detected the host eating a large amount of dragon meat.

Evolution 0.

01% obtained ] The system notification sounded again.

After eating and drinking his fill, Blake narrowed his eyes and got up to head towards the valley.

It was time for lunch break! To Blake, rest was very important.

He had to rest well every day.

Looking at Carol Garcia, Blake raised his hand to signal goodbye.

After interacting with Carol Garcia for two days, Blake felt that he was already very familiar with her.

He just didn’t know what Carol Garcia was thinking.

Carol Garcia saw Blake waving goodbye to her and instinctively raised her hand to bid him farewell.

However, she couldn’t help but be slightly stunned and stared at Blake’s back in confusion.

Blake gave Carol Garcia a very strange feeling! Carol Garcia could only let out a long sigh of relief as she was a little confused about Blake’s situation.

Will Quake carried the recording machine over and aimed at the back of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

He did not even miss the image of Blake leaving.

After the ordinary Tyrannosaurus ate the Neptune’s internal organs, there was still a lot of internal meat left.

Walkley Arnold narrowed his eyes slightly and watched the ordinary Tyrannosaurus take away the leftover parts of the blue dragon’s internal organs.

Walkley Arnold then raised his laser gun and cleaned up the blood on the beach.

As for the blue whale, Blake had forgotten about it.

After all, the meat of the dragon was more delicious.

The blue whale could be used as a reserve food.