I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 27

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Chapter 27: Can Blake Understand Sign Language? Translator: Dragon Boat Translation  Editor: Dragon Boat Translation First order of business: test the IQ of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake and see if it can follow Carol Garcia’s instructions to make worldwide delicacies.

It was more convenient to test the IQ of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake than using other methods.

“Quickly connect to Ms.

Carol Garcia.

I have something important to tell her.

”Professor Gus Turner raised his hand and let the scientists in the laboratory communicate.

The researchers quickly got busy and connected the communication to Carol Garcia in less than ten minutes.

After receiving the communication, Carol Garcia listened to the instructions from modern society.

Due to the relatively simple equipment, Carol Garcia could not transmit her words to the modern society’s scientific laboratory, but she could hear the instructions from the modern society’s scientific laboratory.

Professor Gus Turner stood in the middle of the screen and looked at Carol Garcia.

“Dear Ms.

Carol Garcia, after the research of our scholars, we will now assign you two tasks.

Try your best to communicate with the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex.

”Professor Gus Turner looked at Carol Garcia, speaking in an exceptionally polite tone.

As a professor of paleontology, Gus Turner had long seen that the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake was friendly to Carol Garcia.

At least, he had a good impression of her.

Carol Garcia was able to communicate with the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake! .



After hearing his words, Carol Garcia immediately became serious: “Professor Gus Turner has worked hard for the country.

If you have anything to arrange, just say it.

As long as I can do it here, I will do my best to do it.

” As Carol Garcia spoke, she realized that the other party could not hear her.

Fortunately, Professor Gus Turner had a lip translator by his side, who could help guess what Ms.

Carol Garcia meant.

After Professor Gus Turner roughly understood Carol Garcia’s words, he took the menu from his assistant’s hand.

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COM With the menu and the relevant cooking method, professor Gus Turner continued, “You need to try to communicate with the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex and let it try to cook the food on the menu.

In this way, you can preliminarily test the IQ of the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex.

” After understanding what Professor Gus Turner meant, Carol Garcia could not help but be stunned.

She did not expect to test the IQ of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake in this way.

Why did it feel a little ridiculous? Slightly narrowing her eyes, Carol Garcia let out a long sigh and then began to think about how to do it.

Will Quake also strode over and understood what Professor Gus Turner meant.

After seeing Will Quake, Professor Gus Turner became even more serious.

He said in a deep voice, “From now on, Will Quake will be responsible for taking over Carol Garcia’s work and recording the behavior of the giant Tyrannosaurus.

Carol Garcia will be responsible for communicating with the giant Tyrannosaurus and keeping an eye on our arrangements.

” As professor Gus Turner’s student, he immediately nodded and accepted the order.

For him, it was the same no matter what kind of research he did.

He even wanted to be responsible for recording the video, but was unwilling to negotiate with the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Who could ensure absolute safety when communicating with the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake? If the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake got angry and suddenly attacked, the person who communicated with it would be doomed.

Turns out, he’s overthinking.

It’s beyond his imagination that the giant Tyrannosaurus Blake was actually a human.

It wouldn’t attack humans for no reason at all.

In Blake’s eyes, humans were his own kind.

Although Blake was now a Super Tyrannosaurus rex, his thoughts were still the thoughts of humans.

After temporarily turning off the communication video, Carol Garcia stood up and began to think about how to guide the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

It was extremely difficult for the giant Tyrannosaurus rex to make delicious food according to the requirements.

After all, it was relatively difficult to communicate with the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

Or at least so Carol Garcia presumed.

With a long sigh, Carol Garcia walked forward and went straight to the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

Blake was cutting up the flesh of the Neptune and preparing to grill it in batches.

There were fruits right now, so the roasted Neptune meat would be even more delicious.

Holding the sharp end of the thick tree trunk, Blake roasted the Neptune meat and began to eat it happily.

With fruit on the skewers, the taste would be even more delicious! Blake looked at the ground as he ate and found Carol Garcia running toward him.

Carol Garcia’s figure was really good! While eating, Blake noticed Carol Garcia running over and couldn’t help but be stunned by her figure.

Carol Garcia stood a hundred meters away from Blake and raised her arm to shout.

This time, Carol Garcia didn’t speak English.

Instead, she shouted like a primitive man.

Carol Garcia thought Blake couldn’t understand English, so she shouted to make Blake understand more clearly.

If Carol Garcia spoke English, Blake would understand.

After all, Blake was a human before.

But now, Carol Garcia did not speak English.

It was difficult for Blake to understand what this beautiful woman was trying to say.

Sighing helplessly, Blake carefully observed Carol Garcia.

As Carol Garcia continued to make gestures, signaling Blake to try the japanese-style sashimi sea king dragon meat, Walkley Arnold, who was watching from a distance, could not help but smile sarcastically.

Walkley Arnold found it very funny, but it was also difficult for him to understand Carol Garcia.

“Hey! If you want the giant Tyrannosaurus to try the sea dragon meat sashimi first, I advise you not to go through the trouble.

The giant Tyrannosaurus already knows that the roasted meat will taste better, so how can it try the sashimi again?”Walkley Arnold raised his hand, reminding Carol Garcia.

From his tone, one could tell that he did not think much of the intelligence of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

In fact, he even thought that the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake had a very low IQ.

It would not be a problem to say it directly.

After all, no one would think that the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake could understand English.

But it just so happened that Blake could understand it! When he realized that Walkley Arnold seemed to despise him, he immediately felt a little unhappy.

At the same time, Blake was also speechless.

He didn’t expect Carol Garcia to mean that she wanted him to try making Japanese style sea king dragon sashimi.

Making sashimi wasn’t difficult, but Blake didn’t know how to make it.

Fortunately, Carol Garcia had been gesturing and guiding Blake to make sashimi.

“HMPH! Since I was looked down upon by that strong man, then I’ll use my actions to prove that making sashimi food is just a piece of cake.

”Blake narrowed his eyes and thought to himself.

Then, Blake began to imitate Carol Garcia’s actions.

He used his sharp claws to cut the flesh of the Sea King Dragon to make the sea king dragon meat sashimi.

All the researchers, including Will Quake, were amazed! No one had expected Carol Garcia to actually be able to make the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake try to make sashimi.

This showed that Blake’s IQ was extremely high, and he could understand the general sign language! Even Walkley Arnold immediately shut up, and his cheeks couldn’t help but turn red and hot.

A most embarrassing moment.

Just a moment ago, he was still ridiculing Super Tyrannosaurus Blake’s IQ, but now that he was slapped in the face by Super Tyrannosaurus Blake, Walkley Arnold was already too embarrassed to speak anymore.

Walkley Arnold really didn’t expect that the giant Tyrannosaurus could actually understand Carol Garcia’s sign language.