I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 26

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Chapter 26: The Super Tyrannosaurus rex’s Weird Behavior! Translator: Dragon Boat Translation  Editor: Dragon Boat Translation Will Quake led his team out to look for fruit and spent the whole morning.

Fortunately, with the help of the ordinary Tyrannosaurus rex, he and Walkley Arnold led the team to find the fruit and were only responsible for picking the fruit.

The work of transporting the fruit was done by the ordinary Tyrannosaurus Rex.

In this way, Will Quake’s speed can search for the fruit much faster.

When he returned, Will Quake’s team of researchers happened to see the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake processing the canglong meat, and were once again a little shocked.

Because of the shock time after time, Will Quake and the others were already very mentally prepared.

It was a pity that Will Quake, Walkley Arnold and the other researchers were unable to see the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake’s shoulder throw against the Mosasaurus.

Otherwise, Will Quake would have been even more shocked.

Watching the ordinary tyrannosaurs bring back the fruits, Blake nodded with satisfaction.

Not stingy, Blake shouted at the ordinary tyrannosaurs.

Blake was telling the ordinary tyrannosaurs that they could eat the mosasaurus’ organs that he had placed by the sea! .



From the time when humans crossed the Cretaceous period to become super tyrannosaurs, Blake still maintained the habits of humans and would not eat the dinosaur’s organs.

After all, Blake did not lack food, so there was no need to eat the organs of animals.

It could even be said that Blake did not hunt for food, but mainly for the sake of evolution.

With the permission of Super Tyrannosaurus Blake, the ordinary Tyrannosaurus rex was overjoyed and quickly ran to the shore.

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COM For ordinary Tyrannosaurus rex, the organs of the Azure Dragon were a good thing to fill their stomachs.

If he wanted to completely control an ordinary Tyrannosaurus rex, Blake had to give him a favor.

If it was just a forceful order, it would be impossible for a Tyrannosaurus rex to obey him.

Only when they were given favors, would ordinary Tyrannosaurus rexes be willing to be “Hired thugs”.

However, for Blake, the favor given to an ordinary Tyrannosaurus rex was something he did not need.

For him, it’s like trash.

For example, the organs of the mosasaurs.

Blake looked at the fruits that the ordinary tyrannosaurs sent over and was very satisfied.

He quickly lowered his head and started eating the fruits.

These fruits were equivalent to desserts for the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

[ Ding! Detected that the host is eating a large amount of fruits.

Obtained evolution 0.

02% ] When Blake heard the system notification sound, he felt very happy.

When he saw Blake happily eating the fruit, Will Quake sighed to himself.

This giant Tyrannosaurus Rex’s lifestyle was really similar to that of a human! It actually served itself dessert before eating food.

It felt strange, but it was actually understandable.

However, no one knew why this giant Tyrannosaurus Rex’s habits were almost the same as that of a human.

Could it really be because of its high IQ and talent? Will Quake lowered his head slightly and began to ponder.

Even as one of the top paleontologists in the country, he could not understand the situation of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

Carol Garcia kept recording the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake, preparing to record everything that it might do next.

She felt that the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake was extraordinary! Carol Garcia even thought that Blake the Super Tyrannosaurus rex couldn’t simply eat fruit.

There must be something even more astonishing.

A few seconds later, Blake did something that puzzled the researchers.

Blake picked up the leg bone of the Mosasaurus and put the large piece of raw meat together with the giant fruit.

He actually made a simple kebab.

“I know! This is a kind of food in China, it’s called kebabs! The giant Tyrannosaurus used fruit as an ingredient to make the meat skewer more delicious,”Walkley Arnold shouted and immediately expressed his opinion.

Blake wanted to eat kebabs! Before he transmigrated, Blake had watched many TV programs and knew that Chinese people often ate street-side kebabs, so he learned the method of eating kebabs.

Now there were fruits and Mosasaurus meat, how could he not give kebab a shot? Walkley Arnold was very perceptive, so he quickly lit a bonfire for the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake and used it to make a fruit kebab.

The fire burned fiercely, and Blake squatted down in a very human-like manner.

It squatted next to the fire and began to hold a tree branch to barbecue the fruit kebabs.

Not long after, a loud noise filled the air! Carol Garcia stared at Blake seriously and recorded his every move.

Especially the extremely human-like movement of the skewers, which was recorded in the entire notebook.

In the modern world, the viewers who saw the live broadcast were amazed again.

Some people even began to laugh at themselves, feeling that they couldn’t even compare to the giant Tyrannosaurus rex in terms of enjoying life! On the Facebook site, comments began to flood the screen one after another.

“As a food blogger, I have to admit that I have to learn from the giant Tyrannosaurus rex.

It actually knows how to make simple fruit barbecue, but I only know how to eat common cured meat steaks.

”– An American viewer comment “I am a viewer from China, and because our country has online comment restrictions, I cross-server to comment.

Born in the country with the most gourmet food, even a Chinese person like me is starting to admire the giant Tyrannosaurus rex.

”– a Chinese viewer comment “Both I and the person above are Chinese.

I feel that the giant Tyrannosaurus rex is not a Tyrannosaurus rex at all, but a gourmet! I even think that if this Tyrannosaurus rex is equipped with kitchen utensils, it can even make a Manchu-han banquet.

”– a Chinese viewer comment “If only this giant Tyrannosaurus rex knew how to eat sashimi-type food.

I wonder if Miss Caro Garcia can tell the giant Tyrannosaurus rex how to eat sashimi-type food.

”– a Japanese viewer commented “I am an English viewer.

I hope the giant Tyrannosaurus rex can taste the food of our country.

”– an English viewer commented “I’m from France.

If possible, let the giant Tyrannosaurus rex taste the food of our country!”– comment from France “I want to see the giant Tyrannosaurus rex eat hamburgers!”– comment from America Now, the whole Internet audience has gradually changed from being shocked by the uniqueness of Blake to wanting to see Blake eat the classic food of various countries.

But the audience was nonetheless shocked! After all, who would have thought that a T.

Rex’s behavior and habits were almost the same as that of a human.

As the comments on the Facebook site increased, the administrators of the website had to report the opinions of the people to the president.

The President could only act as a channel to relay the relevant information to the science lab.

After hearing the audience’s thoughts, Professor Gus Turner decided to try after a few minutes of hesitation.

The behavior of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake was too weird! If he didn’t study it carefully, it would be difficult to figure out what was going on with the Tyrannosaurus, and it would also be difficult to understand the behavior of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

Sitting behind the Round Table, Professor Gus Turner frowned and closed his eyes, then quickly stood up.

He is to try what everybody is thinking of trying!