I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 25

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Chapter 25: Japan’s Jealousy! What’s Wrong with Them? Translator: Dragon Boat Translation  Editor: Dragon Boat Translation Compared to the shock from before, everyone’s mind was blank.

There were too many surprises from the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

It was impossible to imagine what kind of intelligent creature it was.

At present, they could confirm that the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake was definitely the overlord of the Cretaceous period! Not to mention whether there would be a giant creature like the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake, just its terrifying speed of evolution and mutation was enough to dominate the entire Cretaceous period.

Now, they just didn’t know the age of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

Professor Gus Turner suddenly thought of this and slammed the table.

Rather than investigating the data of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake’s body, it was better to find out the approximate age of this giant creature.

By calculating the specific age of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake, one could determine how long it could survive.




This was a very important intelligence clue! It could not be ignored at all! Professor Gus Turner quickly stood up and looked at the president first, then at all the researchers present.

“I know that everyone is shocked now, and I can guess what everyone is thinking about now.

“But I have to say that we have to change the direction of our research.

“In the past two days, we have been studying the name and size of the giant Tyrannosaurus rex, and even analyzing the speed of its mutation Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM “However, we have neglected one point, and that is to analyze the age of the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex “If the giant Tyrannosaurus rex is not old, it means that it has a long time to continue to evolve and mutate.

If the giant Tyrannosaurus rex is already very old, then we have to do the next step of research as soon as possible.

” After Professor Gus Turner finished speaking, he quickly gained the approval of all the researchers present.

It was indeed necessary to find out the age of the giant Tyrannosaurus rex as soon as possible.

As for how to find out the age of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake, it was another difficult problem that needed to be studied.

Because before this, no one had ever seen a Tyrannosaurus rex.

It was all through the study of fossil bones, or even 3D reconstruction of the appearance of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

No one could confirm what a real Tyrannosaurus rex looked like.

Let alone the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake? A normal Tyrannosaurus rex should not have thick forelimbs and arms.

However, the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake had evolved thick forelimbs overnight.

It was truly ridiculous.

Under such circumstances, it was too difficult to study the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake! At the very least, Professor Gus Turner had not yet thought of how to deduce its age.

But he had to admit that studying the age of the giant Tyrannosaurus rex was a very important task.

He couldn’t afford to be careless.

At this moment, the bodyguard next to the President of the United States picked up a phone call.

After the president listened to the phone call, his face immediately became unhappy.

It was the Japanese that wanted to cause trouble! Because the Japanese didn’t have first-hand information on the Super Tyrannosaurus rex, they were so jealous that they actually decided to send a bomber to travel back to the Cretaceous period and kill the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

As for the reason of Japan, it turned out that the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake would harm the living environment of other tyrannosaurs in the Cretaceous period! To be honest, even if the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake harmed the living environment of other dinosaurs, what would it do to Japan? Compared to Blake, it was the humans who traveled through the folded space-time that affected the Cretaceous period more.

Japan did not want the United States to monopolize the first-hand research on the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

After learning of Japan’s plan, the president of the United States nodded solemnly.

Without concealing any information, the president told Professor Gus Turner about Japan’s plans.

Professor Gerstner’s face immediately turned cold! The Japanese actually wanted to send out bombers to kill the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake? He really didn’t expect the Japanese to make such a plan.

“F * ck them! What are these Japanese higher-ups thinking, actually planning to kill the giant Tyrannosaurus? I truly don’t know what they are thinking, what’s wrong with them?” “What a bunch of lunatics.

I don’t understand what these Japanese people are thinking.

They actually have the intention to kill the U-shaped Tyrannosaurus rex.

” “Mr.

President! This giant Tyrannosaurus rex absolutely can not be killed.

At least not yet.

If the Japanese country wants to kill the giant Tyrannosaurus rex, I suggest that the United States of America also send out bombers to protect the giant Tyrannosaurus rex.

” The scientists and scholars were shouting and expressing their dissatisfaction with the Japanese.

Even though the president of the United States of America was not a professional researcher of ancient creatures, he knew the importance of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake to the development of human civilization.

At least he could not kill it! He really could not understand the Japanese way of doing things.

The president snorted and pondered for a few seconds, he said, “I announce that from now on, we will be carrying out a new mission, codenamed ‘Dragon Protection’! I will send military fighter jets into the folded space to protect the giant Tyrannosaurus rex during the Cretaceous period.

” “This time, I will send out the fighter corps and send aircraft carriers to seal off the Bermuda Triangle area.

“From now on, other than American warships and fighter jets that can enter that area, no other countries are allowed to approach.

”The president quickly got up and strode out of the science lab.

The president would immediately deploy the White House and start dispatching troops.

Professor Gus Turner could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Super Tyrannosaurus Blake beat the dragon to death and dragged it to the shore.

Carol Garcia continued to videotape Super Tyrannosaurus Blake, broadcasting his every move.

Blake didn’t mind Carol Garcia recording him.

Quickly squatting down, Blake cut open the chest of the dragon with his sharp claws, took out the internal organs, and placed them near the sea.

Blake wanted to use the dragon’s internal organs as bait! The dragon’s internal organs had a very strong smell of blood, which could lure more dragons and Neptune.

Moreover, Blake did not eat the viscera of a Tyrannosaurus rex.

Because the viscera of a dinosaur that lived in the sea all year round would have a strong fishy smell.

Even when roasted, it was difficult to swallow.

Once again, the behavior of Super Tyrannosaurus rex Blake shocked the scientists who stayed near the coast.

They could not imagine that a giant Tyrannosaurus rex with such a skilled technique of disemboweling.

In less than an hour, the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake cleaned up a slightly smaller dragon, removed its internal organs and peeled off its outer skin.

The outer skin of the dragon was like the skin of a fish.

It had a very fishy smell.

Blake also did not eat the skin of the dragon.

Carol Garcia continued to hold the recording machine.

Her arms were already sore and Numb, but her heart was getting more and more excited.

To be able to see the various habits of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake, Caro Garcia felt very interesting and very motivated.

At the same time, the members of the research team who were looking for large fruits in the primeval forest were rushing back.

The Sun was hanging in the sky, as it was already noon.