I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 29

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Chapter 29: The Fighter Jet and Blake’s Fury Translator: Dragon Boat Translation  Editor: Dragon Boat Translation The same night, in the Japanese research lab.

After a long period of research, Japanese scientists made a decision to hunt down the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

Japanese scientists preferred to study the dead giant Tyrannosaurus Rex.

In a secret room in Tokyo, a senior Japanese official, Yukio Nojima, sat on the top of a long table and looked at the officials on both sides of his left and right hands.

Most of these officials were senior military officials.

The rest were officials in charge of all aspects.

Sitting in the most distinguished position, Nojima looked at the other officials.

“Our research team has been led astray by the Chinese research team and has not yet reached the beach.

If they don’t reach the beach tomorrow, we will be three days behind the United States in research time.

I’ve decided to send fighter jets back to the Cretaceous period to kill the Tyrannosaurus Rex and bring its body back for research.

” Nojima raised his hands and rested them on the table, staring at the crowd.

All the executives knew what was going on.

Japan’s scientific progress was lagging far behind that of the Eagle Nation.




Japan had way too little data on the giant Tyrannosaurus! Except for the data of the ordinary Tyrannosaurus rex and the ordinary Baotaur, the research team of Japan did not have much data on the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

So, as they figured, if we can’t get it, neither can you! Since Japan could not study the data of the giant Tyrannosaurus rex in the first place, other countries must be prevented from continuing to study it.

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COM Other Japanese officials also think the same way.

Although not many people can understand what these Japanese officials really think, anyone with normal thinking can understand that the Japanese officials have serious problems in that.

Yoshihiro Kumiya is a high ranking Japanese official, effectively second only to Yoshihiro.

After hearing Noshima Yougui’s suggestion, not only did Koya Yoshiaki not refute, he actually nodded in agreement! Noshima Yougui and Koya Yoshiaki were Japanese executives respectively.

As long as one sentence was enough to change the direction of Japan’s development, it was not difficult to decide on the research plan for the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

Now that both of them had decided to kill the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake, who else in the Japanese government dared to say otherwise? Nojima looked at the other officials and asked with a straight face, “Such a plan will be decided by all of us.

If anyone wants to question the decision, you can just say it.

If no one questions the decision, then it’s settled.

” The other officials didn’t dare to say anything more and all quickly nodded in agreement.

At this moment, Nojima made the decision and began to ask the military to send bombers to the folded space in the Bermuda Triangle! After waking up, Blake looked at his other arm.

After eating the Azure Dragon and the fruit, Blake gained more evolution points and just grew a new arm.

Two thick arms were perfect.

Blake had already made up for the weakness of the Tyrannosaurus rex.

The weakness of the Tyrannosaurus rex was that its arms were shorter.

Now, Blake had grown a new arm, thus greatly improving his combat ability.

The increase in combat ability brought by having two arms was not just twice as strong as one arm.

This would be a geometric multiple increase.

After leaving the valley, Blake headed to the sea again.

For the next few days, he needed to eat more mosasaurs! Eating mosasaurs could greatly increase his evolution.

Blake needed to finish the evolution that came from eating mosasaurs before eating other sea dinosaurs.

For Blake, he needed to find dinosaurs that could help him evolve quickly.

The research team of the United States had long since woken up.

They had already cut up the leftover Mosasaurus meat for Blake and made it into meat paste.

In addition, Walkley Arnold led the special forces to the nearby mountains to gather materials.

They used boulders to make a simple frying board to prepare for today’s frying steak.

There wasn’t much to do today.

They just had to make american-style hamburgers! Carol Garcia looked at the sky in the distance and then at the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake who was walking toward the beach.

The Super Tyrannosaurus Blake was greeting Carol Garcia! Carol Garcia was already used to the shocking situation brought by the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

Even in Caro Garcia’s opinion, it was reasonable for the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake to greet her, and it was completely understandable for it to be so polite.

Carrying the recording machine, Will Quake couldn’t help but feel that the scientific research task was a little boring.

Originally, Carol Garcia was responsible for carrying the recording machine, recording everything that happened in the scientific research process, as well as recording the survival habits of the dinosaur population.

Now, it was Will Quake who was carrying the recording machine.

Because the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake did not like to communicate with Will Quake, instead preferring to communicate with Carol Garcia, thus giving her a special degree of respect in doing so.

After all, no one wanted to spend all day with a man like Will Quake who always had a straight face.

Blake would definitely prefer to negotiate with Carol Garcia and her perfect figure.

Walkley Arnold looked at the horizon in the distance and saw a few black dots approaching.

Then, he moved closer to Will Quake.

“Those bombers in the distance don’t seem to be the material and Air Force sent by the United States! Should we prepare in advance and attack the Bombers?”Walkley Arnold lowered his voice and asked wilquick.

Even if Will Quake was responsible for recording the video, he was still the leader of the scientific research team.

Will Quake was stunned for a moment, but he immediately raised his vigilance.

If it was a fighter plane that came to deliver supplies, it should have landed early after passing through the folded space-time.

It shouldn’t have flown over directly.

The fighter plane flew directly to the shore.

It was clear that it had the intention to attack! The American fighter planes would definitely not attack the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

This was something that Will Quake could be sure of.

In other words, the fighter planes in the distance were not sent by the United States, but by other countries.


Walkley Arnold, after confirming that they are not our American fighter planes, you’ll immediately launch an attack! I have a feeling that those fighter planes are not coming with good intentions.

They are very likely to attack the giant Tyrannosaurus.

”Will Quake lowered his voice, he said to Walker Arnold.

Walkley Arnold quickly nodded and turned his laser weapon to its maximum power.

The laser fired by the laser gun could not hurt the Super Tyrannosaurus Rex Blake, but it could destroy the fighter jets flying from afar with ease.

Blake’s hearing was very good.

He also heard that there were fighter jets flying behind him in the distance.

Turning around to look, Blake could not understand what was going on.

Could it be that a new research team had arrived? Just as he turned around, Blake’s huge body was directly bombarded by the fighter jets’ long-range missiles, and the scales on his chest were hit.

Blake narrowed his eyes, and suddenly felt a little displeased.

This batch of humans that had rushed over actually dared to launch an attack on him? The first batch of scientific research teams by the coast had already transmitted their two-day-old videos to modern society, and there were even countries that dared to send fighter jets.

How could Blake not be angry? However, these missiles could not hurt Blake at all: they can’t even break Blake’s scales.

To Blake, the attack damage of the missiles was even less than a laser gun!