I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 17

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Chapter 17: Human-like Behavior! Translator: Dragon Boat Translation  Editor: Dragon Boat Translation Blake looked down at Walkley Arnold and raised his hand to signal him.

What Blake meant was to ask Walkley Arnold to help.

He would use the laser gun in his hand to light the wood so that the pile of wood could burn.

As a Super Tyrannosaurus, it was difficult for Blake to successfully light the wood with his own ability.

After all, the arms of a Tyrannosaurus rex were short, and before this, it only had three fingers.

Blake could not use his own ability to drill wood to make fire.

He could only ask these humans from the future to help.

Now that each claw had grown two fingers, Blake’s two hands had also become five claws.

He could grab a larger tree trunk, wear a vegetarian dinosaur, and grill it to eat.

Walkley Arnold was amazed.

He really didn’t understand Blake’s situation.

He didn’t think that this giant Tyrannosaurus rex was so intelligent.

Raising the laser gun, Walkley Arnold aimed at the piled tree trunk.




After the other ordinary tyrannosaurs retreated to a safe range, Walkley Arnold quickly pulled the trigger and used the laser gun to ignite the pile of trees.

The flames burned fiercely, approaching half the height of Blake.

The oxygen concentration in the Cretaceous period was relatively high, and the flames burned even more intensely.

Blake picked up a thinner tree trunk and easily removed the branches on it.

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COM He picked up a baotaur that was relatively close to him.

Blake used his sharp claws to cut open its belly.

He walked to the river and washed it briefly before putting it on the tree branches.

Several Baotaur were put on and made into meat skewers by Blake.

The American scientists were shocked by Blake’s actions.

They did not expect Blake to be so smart to be able to make vegetarian dinosaur meat skewers.

Carol Garcia opened her eyes wide and could not help but sigh, “This is really amazing! A giant Tyrannosaurus can actually barbecue dinosaur meat skewers.

Its IQ is comparable to that of a human.

” “I also didn’t expect that this giant Tyrannosaurus would be so smart.

It’s really shocking that I don’t know what to say.

”Walkley Arnold walked to Carol Garcia’s side and kept nodding and taking deep breaths.

Will Quake also hurried over and reminded Carol Garcia not to miss such a good research scene.

They had to completely record the situation of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake barbecuing a vegetarian dinosaur with a tree branch.

Carol Garcia came back to her senses and quickly lifted the recording machine.

The recording machine aimed at the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake and recorded the entire process of its subsequent roasting without the slightest bit of carelessness.

The fact that a giant Tyrannosaurus could roast was truly shocking! If that wasn’t shocking, what was so shocking about it? This wasn’t a human roasting.

This was a T-rex eating a barbecue, and it was a giant T-rex.

Carol Garcia could already guess that if such a video were to be released, she would be shocked by the global audience and marvel at the superiority of the giant T-rex.

Blake continued to eat the barbecue, and even cleaned the internal organs of the vegetarian dinosaurs first.

Such behavior was no different from that of humans! “In the past, I thought that I was already proficient in the field of biology.

Even if I couldn’t reach the level of those world-class biologists, I would at least be at the peak of the scientific world in the United States.

But now, I realize that my knowledge is short-sighted.

”Will Quake shook his head and sighed, he did not hesitate to express his shock.

It was hard to imagine what was going on.

How could a T.

Rex know how to barbecue, according to the normal human understanding? The consensus was that T.

Rex was just a dinosaur and couldn’t possibly know what barbecue was.

Even if it knew how to barbecue, it shouldn’t have been so adept at removing the innards of vegetarian dinosaurs.

Now, Blake’s actions were truly amazing.

Walkley Arnold was sure that he wasn’t the only one who was shocked.

Presumably, the people of the modern world were also shocked.

In Times Square in the United States, people were discussing the situation of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

A giant Tyrannosaurus rex that knew how to roast meat was living such a comfortable life that the audience could not stop discussing and could not help but sigh.

“What kind of Tyrannosaurus is this? It’s really shocking.

” “This way of life is simply luxurious.

In the Cretaceous period, it can actually eat roast meat!” “I really didn’t expect it! I originally thought that Tyrannosaurus rex was just an animal, but this giant Tyrannosaurus rex completely dismissed my thoughts.

” “This giant Tyrannosaurus rex really is as intelligent as a human!” In Times Square in the United States, there were people watching the live broadcast all the time and discussing the amazing aspects of the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex.

People highly approve of the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Some people even thought that the giant Tyrannosaurus rex was not much different from a human.

Other than its size and the way it communicated, the American people thought that the giant Tyrannosaurus rex was actually a human.

They could even imagine that it was a primate.

In the office of the American scientific research team, all the scientists and doctors who were studying more data were stunned.

They had never imagined that the Super Tyrannosaurus rex, Blake, could roast meat.

Gus Turner immediately widened his eyes and raised his hand to signal all the scientists who were calculating the data to stop their work and come over to watch Blake’s behavior.

“If I’m not wrong, this giant Tyrannosaurus rex will overturn all the knowledge of biologists of the current era.

” “The behavior of the giant Tyrannosaurus rex is almost the same as that of humans.

It can be described as the ancestor of humans.

” The scientists voiced out their thoughts one after another, their eyes filled with shock.

Gus Turner coughed twice and turned to look at President Stephen.

President Stephen was also full of surprise.

Although president Stephen was not a real scientist, he had some biological knowledge and knew that it was NOT usual for a T.

Rex to know how to barbecue.

But this was what the Super T.

Rex Blake did! No matter how unusual it was, the truth was right in front of him.

How could others not believe it? President Stephen suppressed his surprise and tried his best to appear calm.

After all, Stephen was the president of the United States.

He had to remain absolutely calm and not be too shocked when something happened.

On the other hand, Stephen’s performance represented the face of the United States.

President Stephen would only show his shock when something that shocked the entire United States happened.

Gus Turner left and raised his hand, signaling for all the scientists to shut up.


Gus Turner was about to get down to business.

“As you can see, this giant Tyrannosaurus rex is not simple.

We’ve always called it a ‘giant Tyrannosaurus rex’, but it should still have a name.

” “What do you think this giant Tyrannosaurus rex should be called?” Squinting his eyes slightly, Dr.

Gus Turner asked the other researchers present.

At the same time, Gus Turner was also consulting president Stephen’s opinion.

If president Stephen spoke, then whatever he said the giant Tyrannosaurus rex should be named must be named.