I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 16

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Chapter 16: Blake’s Stunning Move! Translator: Dragon Boat Translation  Editor: Dragon Boat Translation “The giant Tyrannosaurus rex is moving! First, measure the size of its head.

” “The giant Tyrannosaurus rex is moving!” “The giant Tyrannosaurus rex is about to flip over.

Everyone, quickly dodge! Hurry up and measure the length of its back.

” “The giant Tyrannosaurus rex has flipped over.

Now, start measuring the length of its legs.

” Will Quake organized a group of researchers to study and probe the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

They would change the location of the measurement according to Blake’s movements at any time.

Carol Garcia had been recording in front of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake the whole time.

She tried her best to communicate with it through hand gestures.

A simple communication was at most an interaction.




Carol Garcia couldn’t really understand Blake’s thoughts; Blake could understand what Carol Garcia meant.

The data was synchronized to the modern world in real time, so the audience could see the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake more clearly.

Carol Garcia recorded Blake’s face directly, and it was especially clear.

If you wore 3D glasses to watch it, it would be like you were there.

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COM The audience watching the live broadcast did not know what to say.

They had long been shocked speechless by the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake, and their hearts were filled with shock.

Laboratories in various countries began to carry out data research.

China and Japan carried out research on ordinary tyrannosaurus and Baotaur in an attempt to understand the data of these two ordinary dragon species in a short period of time.

Only after the two common species of dinosaurs have been thoroughly studied can they be in a hurry to find the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex and start the second batch of research.

Scientists from the United States have already started the Round Table meeting.

At the Round Table meeting, apart from Gus Turner, all the other scientists are present.

Even the top officials have come to the scientific research office.

After all, what was to be studied next was too shocking.

It had to be studied in detail.

There could not be any negligence or mistakes.

All the scientists in the office kept silent and waited for Gus Turner to arrive.

Gus Turner did not rest for long and rushed to the meeting.

Scientific research was more important than personal rest.

After Gus Turner sat down, he could not help but yawn.

He had not slept for a few days, so he was indeed very sleepy.

He had a good nap just now, but he did not fully rest, so he was still a little tired.

“Today, we will officially begin data research and recording!” “Mr.

Will Quake, Mr.

Walkley Arnold, and Ms.

Carol Garcia have already made great contributions to the United States of America.

They are now exploring the data of dinosaurs in the Dangerous Cretaceous era.

” “We need to hurry up and compile the first-hand research data as soon as possible.

” “First, we need to record the body data of the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Then, we need to figure out the various physical characteristics of the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

” “Next, I will start to divide the groups…” After Gus Turner took his seat, he began to assign tasks and arranged the arrangements very well.

The high-ranking officials who were listening were secretly amazed.

They knew very well that the current situation could not be underestimated.

It was very important to study the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex! After Dr.

Gus Turner finished assigning the relevant tasks, the group of scientists immediately began their research work according to groups.

The scholars who could stay in the scientific research room were all at the doctorate level.

Even the doctorate level alone was not enough to measure the breadth of knowledge of these people.

In the research room of the Russian state, many scientists slammed the table and stood up! It was truly infuriating that the local scientists were actually sent away by Velquick and could not get the first-hand information about the giant Tyrannosaurus rex.

However, anger was not the solution.

Now, they could only wait patiently.

They waited for Belinsky to lead the team to cut down the trees and come back, and then carry out the next step of research on the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex.

During the Cretaceous period, Blake, the Super Tyrannosaurus rex lying on the coast, gradually sat up and looked at the setting sun.

It was time to eat again.

There was something good to eat today.

Because Blake had asked humans from the future to help cut down the trees as “Firewood”to light the fire.

Blake was already hungry and was waiting for firewood to light the fire.

Belinsky and Walkley Arnold led the team and brought back a large amount of wood.

After seeing the wood, Blake was overjoyed and immediately stood up straight.

Carol Garcia, Will Quake, and the others quickly dodged, afraid that the giant Tyrannosaurus would guess.

If they were accidentally stepped on by the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake, they would definitely be turned into meat paste.

Blake looked at the firewood, then opened his bloody mouth and roared.

A deafening roar sounded, and all the scientists had to cover their ears.

They almost fainted.

Carol Garcia was slightly better.

She had some understanding of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

When she saw Blake raise his head, Carol Garcia already knew that he was going to roar loudly.

So she quickly covered her ears to avoid being deafened.

Blake narrowed his eyes and looked in the direction of the valley.

Not long after, under the gaze of a group of American scientists, exactly 50 tyrannosaurs came running from the direction of the valley, together chasing away hundreds of vegetarian dinosaurs.

These vegetarian dinosaurs were driven toward the sea by ordinary tyrannosaurs.

Blake’s actions frightened all the researchers present.

Even Walkley Arnold and Will Quake were scared stiff.

The usually cold Walkley Arnold widened his eyes and instinctively felt the threat of death.

This feeling was very terrifying! So many tyrannosaurs were rapidly approaching and driving away many vegetarian dinosaurs.

“What’s going on? What’s this giant Tyrannosaurus going to do?” “Don’t tell me it’s going to let those ordinary tyrannosaurs eat us!” “Eat us? If they want to eat us, they can do it in the valley!” “Then what’s going on?” All the researchers present started to panic and couldn’t help but worry.

Blake found it more and more interesting.

It was indeed interesting to scare these ordinary people.

Especially the usually cold Will Quake, who was so scared that his legs started to tremble, trying his best not to be scared.

Blake roared again, but he lowered his voice a little.

When the 50 tyrannosaurs heard the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake’s order, they immediately split into two batches and continued to drive out the vegetarian dinosaurs and head towards the forest.

Under Blake’s order, the 25 dinosaurs went to bring back the trees that humans had cut down and used them to light a bonfire.

Under the gaze of these American scientists, the 25 dinosaurs quickly brought back the trees that humans had cut down.

Under Blake’s instruction, the dinosaurs piled up the wood into small piles.

At this moment, all the American scientists understood.

This was what the giant Tyrannosaurus rex meant.

Blake wanted to eat roasted meat! Wood was used to light a fire, so the vegetarian dinosaurs could be barbecued to produce delicious cooked meat.

If you could eat cooked meat, why eat raw meat? After all, Blake was a human who had transmigrated to the Cretaceous period and became a giant Tyrannosaurus rex.

With human thinking, Blake would definitely prefer to eat cooked meat.

It was just that this move shocked all the researchers in the United States! Everyone was amazed at the intelligence of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake!