I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 18

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Chapter 18: Is He Thanking Us?! Translator: Dragon Boat Translation  Editor: Dragon Boat Translation President Stephen frowned slightly as he carefully considered what Gus Turner said.

He had to admit that Gus Turner’s words actually made sense.

They should indeed name the giant Tyrannosaurus rex.

But what kind of name should they give the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex? Just as everyone was silent, a relatively young American research doctor lowered his voice and said, “Actually, in my opinion, we should carefully consider.

This Tyrannosaurus rex has a very high IQ.

Wouldn’t it be inappropriate to name it rashly?” “Why don’t we try to see if we can get this giant Tyrannosaurus rex to name itself.

If this giant Tyrannosaurus rex can do it, we can just figure out its IQ and even confirm if it’s possible for it to learn words,”the young American Research Doctor continued, then, he looked at President Stephen.

It was just a suggestion.

As for how to do it, it would have to wait for the president to make a decision.

Professor Gus Turner thought carefully and felt that this was more appropriate.

If the giant Tyrannosaurus rex could really understand human language and rashly gave it a name, what would happen if it was angered? .



It was better to be careful.

President Stephen looked at Professor Gus Turner and said seriously, “Then you are professionals.

I’ll leave things like naming to you.

” As the president of the United States, Stephen was rather open-minded.

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COM Professor Gus Turner nodded and looked at the other scientists and professors around him.

“Everyone must be serious and complete the task at hand as soon as possible.

“As for naming, I will personally contact Carol Garcia and communicate with this giant Tyrannosaurus rex.

As for the next step, I will name it ‘Dragon Communication’.

”Professor Gus Turner spoke slowly, his tone relatively serious.

The scientists nodded in agreement with Professor Gus Turner’s decision.

Professor Gus Turner’s decision was very steady.

First, he tried to communicate with the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake to understand whether it could understand the human language description.

If it could, at least it proved that the giant Tyrannosaurus rex was extremely intelligent.

It was best to let the giant Tyrannosaurus rex name itself.

If the giant Tyrannosaurus rex could not understand human language, then it was not too late to name it.

After a period of discussion, professor Gus Turner and all the scientists in the United States who were responsible for studying the phenomenon of space-time folding came to a consensus.

The next step in the research plan for the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake was to go even further! Now, in the Scientific Research Room of the United States, everyone was immersed in their work with a look of amazement on their faces.

Their hearts were filled with shock at the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex.

During the Cretaceous period, Carol Garcia received a message from the scientific research room.

After understanding what Professor Gus Turner meant, Carol Garcia quickly went to Will Quake to figure out the next research goal.

Will Quake couldn’t help but frown when he found out about the situation.

He actually wanted them to try to communicate with the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake and test the IQ of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake? Even if the IQ of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake was far higher than that of an ordinary Tyrannosaurus, even if it could reach the level of a human’s IQ, it would still be difficult for them to communicate in a short period of time, right? After all, a human with a normal IQ would find it difficult to learn a language that they had never heard before in a short period of time.

Will Quake looked at Walkley Arnold and asked first, “Mr.

Walkley Arnold, the space folding time in our original plan is limited.

May I ask how long will it take for the following supplies to be sent over?” As the core member of the scientific research team, Will Quake had to consider the issue of food.

Materials were the guarantee of survival! Studying a giant Tyrannosaurus rex was a very long time.

It would take at least a year and a half to complete the mission successfully.

Without the replenishment of materials, it would be difficult to complete the research project successfully.

“According to our calculation, there will be a group of special forces from the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, China, and the United States of America transporting basic materials in half a month.

“But according to the current consumption of supplies, the food may be finished first.

Because of the high oxygen concentration in the Cretaceous period, the base metabolic rate of the human body will increase, and the minimum daily energy requirement will also be increased.

Therefore, the consumption of food will increase.

” Walkley Arnold explained the current situation clearly and waited for Will Quake to make a decision.

Will Quake was stunned for a moment and understood that food was relatively scarce.

If he did not exercise every day, or if he did not exercise very much, he would definitely have enough compressed food with him and would not consume too much energy.

However, it was absolutely impossible to not exercise.

The mission was to study the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

He had to follow the actions of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake at all times.

He even had to deploy combat helicopters to follow after a period of time.

Once he started exercising, he would consume a lot of energy every day.

Carol Garcia was also worried about food consumption.

While she was thinking to herself, Carol Garcia instinctively raised her head and looked at the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake who was eating roasted meat.

Roasted dinosaur meat.

Even without any spices, it was still fragrant enough.

Carol Garcia could not help but sigh and said, “It would be great if I could eat a piece of roasted dinosaur meat too.

It’s a pity that every single dinosaur is of high research value and can not be used as food.

” When they heard these words, Walkley Arnold and Will Quake also felt regretful.

Who would not want to try how delicious the meat of a dinosaur was? Seeing the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake eating so much, all the scientists had long been craving for it.

However, no one dared to be as outspoken as Carol Garcia.

Coincidentally, Blake’s hearing was excellent, so he heard Carol Garcia’s words.

While eating the roasted meat of the Baotaur, Blake slightly narrowed his eyes and raised his claws to tear off the lean meat on the Baotaur’s chest.

Blake carefully put down the piece of roasted lean meat, and it was placed right in front of Carol Garcia.

Although he had already tiptoed, the meat was too big, and when it landed, the juice splashed.

Carol Garcia, Walkley Arnold, and Will Quake dared to dodge to avoid being scalded by the juice.

After avoiding the lean meat, Caro Garcia was shocked and looked at Super Tyrannosaurus Blake in confusion.

Walkley Arnold and Will Quake looked at Blake with the same confused eyes.

Could this giant Tyrannosaurus really understand human language? As soon as Carol Garcia said she wanted to eat dinosaur meat, Super Tyrannosaurus Blake tore a piece of cooked dinosaur meat as a gift.

This was too much of a coincidence! If it was a coincidence, no one would believe it.

However, if one wanted to admit that the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake could really understand human language, it would be even harder to believe.

The group of scientists could not help but be puzzled.

No one could understand what was going on.

Will Quake was the first to calm down, he analyzed seriously, “It might really be just a coincidence.

The giant Tyrannosaurus should not be able to understand human language.

If I’m not wrong, the giant Tyrannosaurus is thanking us for helping to gather trees and light the fire.

” “But why does the giant Tyrannosaurus know how to roast meat? How does it know that roast meat is better than raw meat?”Carol Garcia could not help but ask another question in her heart.