Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 194

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 194

Chapter 194: The Return of the God of War Peter Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios Professor Eugene controlled his mechanical arm to grip the lid of the container tightly.

When opening a container that was made of high-intensity glass, one did not need to care about what happened to the container itself.

Crack! The moment the sealed lid of the container was opened, a trace of yellow gas floated out from the opening.

The yellow gas was no different from the smoke that they usually saw.

It also formed various shapes according to the surrounding wind speed.

At this moment, Peter and Professor Eugene looked at the body of the Thunder God not far away at the same time.

They wanted to see if there were any changes to the body of the Thunder God.

In fact, Professor Eugene even fantasized about the resurrection of the Thunder God’s body.

However, Professor Eugene knew that this was simply a fantasy.

Meanwhile, Peter didn’t think this way.

Instead, he was observing the details on the body of the Thunder God, such as whether there was any reaction on his skin.

After all, the Thunder God was in a coma and not really a corpse.

“Professor Eugene, take off the glass cover.

” After observing the gas for a while, Peter decided to let Professor Eugene remove the glass cover that was outside the container.

After a period of observation and testing by the instruments, he was basically sure that the light yellow gas posed no danger.

When Professor Eugene heard the God of War Peter’s orders, he controlled his mechanical arm to take away the glass cover.

This way, the pale yellow gas would be exposed in this space.




As the protective glass cover was taken away by Professor Eugene’s mechanical arm, the light yellow gas was fully exposed in this space.

Peter and Professor Eugene turned and looked at the body of the Thunder God at the same time again.

However, to their disappointment, there was still no change in the body of the Thunder God, not even a slight change.

This made the two of them feel depressed.

This was different from their usual study of the Thunder God genes.

It was a very systematic and complicated procedure.

People often had expectations of things that seemed very mysterious as they could possibly bring about miracles.

However, it was only a possibility.

“Master, it seems that we’ve overestimated the mysterious power.

” When there were no outsiders, Professor Eugene had always called Peter his master.

This was to show his respect for the God of War Peter.

This was just his one-sided imagination.

Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM In fact, Peter didn’t care about this kind of empty title.

However, he also felt a little puzzled about the mysterious power.

How should he use this light yellow gas? “Professor Eugene, continue analyzing this light yellow gas!” After instructing Professor Eugene on his work, Peter planned to leave this place and return to the dormitory area to prepare some daily essentials.

This was because he was going to New York Base City.

The Federal elections were imminent, but the list of candidates had not yet been finalized.

When he first returned to the Genetics College, Professor Eugene specifically told him that the Locke family had sent him a message.

They asked if the God of War Peter would be willing to participate in the Presidential elections, which would be held in a week, as a candidate.

Peter could only thank the Locke family in person for their invitation.

However, he didn’t want to be the President of the Federation.

If he became the President, he would be tied to the Federal building without any freedom of his own.

Peter decided to let Callie run for President as the granddaughter of the former President of the Federation.

If she succeeded, Callie would be the first female President in the Federation for centuries.

However, just as Peter was about to leave, Professor Eugene, who was behind him, exclaimed.

He turned around and saw a magical scene.

The light yellow gas that had been exposed to the air was currently changing in color and shape.

Meanwhile, a group of germs with life force was constantly changing their states.

“Professor Eugene, don’t stand so close to it!” At Peter’s reminder, Professor Eugene took a few steps back and kept a certain distance from the constantly changing gas ahead.

“Master, could it possibly have its own consciousness?” Eugene’s question made sense.

During the time he had studied genes, he had seen a few times that when genes were rapidly separated, they would produce a gas that was similar to smoke.

However, the gas only existed in the accelerator for a very short time, so he could not observe the gas for a long time.

Thus, Professor Eugene was also wondering if the gas in front of him was also a gene of a special lifeform.

Peter agreed with this idea.

After all, although the mysterious power of the East was always difficult to figure out, it was still intrinsically a part of a creature.

It did not matter if this creature was powerful or weak.

“Professor Eugene, is the detection device still working?” This was because Peter suddenly thought of a possibility.

Could it be that testing this mysterious gas would undoubtedly activate some attribute of it? “Master, the device has been running all along.

Is there a problem?” Professor Eugene still didn’t understand what the God of War Peter meant.

However, as an expert in genetics, he quickly thought of this possibility.

“Oh my god, Master, are you saying that this gas in front of us might be the genes of some creature? It’s just that the genes have turned into a state that we can’t understand.

” Peter was satisfied with Professor Eugene’s reaction.

After all, Professor Eugene was an old man who had studied genes for decades.

Thus, Professor Eugene was very reliable.

However, in order to verify Professor Eugene’s thoughts, Peter asked No.

0 through the storage space.


0, what have you been doing there these few days?” Ever since he left the Mechanical City, No.

0 had been stored in the storage space and did not come out to disturb Peter.

He just wondered what this smart body was doing inside.

After a short wait, No.

0’s voice finally sounded in his ear.

“Master, I’ve done many things over the past few days.

I’ve modified all the smart mechas to make them more suitable for your war.

” After seeing the combat style of the mechas in the Mechanical City, No.

0 suddenly had the idea of modifying the smart mechas.

This way, he could help Peter to a greater extent.

” “That’s right.

However, I have a question for you now.

Can you scan or analyze gases?” Peter planned to get No.

0 to take action.

After all, No.

0 was a product of an extraterrestrial high-level civilization.

As a result, the range of abilities that this intelligent entity possessed was very wide.

Thus, it was a good idea for No.

0 to take a look.

“Master, I can give it a try.

Are you referring to that irregular gas in front of you?” After getting Peter’s confirmation, No.

0 began to detect and analyze the mysterious gas.

This would take some time.

A detailed analysis could reveal the mystery of the gas.

Professor Eugene didn’t know who the God of War Peter was talking to, but he didn’t say anything to disturb Peter or ask who it was.


After all, as a soul slave, this was a necessary quality.