Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 195

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 195

Chapter 195: Unlocking the Thunder God Genetic Lock Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios As the space that stored the body of the Thunder God was very large, it was not easy to position the lighting system.

After all, the lights could not directly shine on the body of the Thunder God.

However, the lights could not ignore the experimental platform beside the body of the Thunder God either.

As a result, the contrast between the areas with and without light sources in the entire space was somewhat large.

Peter and Professor Eugene were clearly standing closer to the experimental platform.

As a result, when they looked at the body of the Thunder God, they were affected as they were blocking the light.

Thus, without looking closely, it was difficult to see the details on the body of the Thunder God in a short period of time.

When the two of them were studying the mysterious gas, there was a slight change in the Thunder God’s body.

However, this change was very small and almost undetectable.

This was because the place where the change occurred was the injured calf of the Thunder God.

The wound was slowly healing.

This kind of very slow healing speed could be discovered if observed closely.

However, the two of them were near the experimental platform.

As they were a little far away, it was impossible to see such a minute change.


0 was analyzing the composition of the mysterious gas.

Meanwhile, Peter and Professor Eugene waited in silence, until a trace of the mysterious gas had begun to leave the main body of the smoke.

Then, the thin gas smashed into the air and floated at a constant speed.

“Master, look!” Professor Eugene was the first to detect something unusual with the gas.

Thus, he immediately shouted so that the God of War Peter could see the magical scene.

Peter was thinking about Callie when he was reminded by Professor Eugene to look at the gas in front of him.

“Look, the gas seems to be searching for something!” .



A very small amount of gas had left the cluster of gas and rushed into the air to look for something.

It was like a curious creature searching for food.

When the gas hit the air, it first floated to the left, then to the right.

This unstable state made the two of them wary.

In particular, Professor Eugene, who was the closest to the gas, was very wary as he cared a lot about his life.

When he saw the gas floating towards him, he quickly retreated.

Meanwhile, the God of War Peter had been staring at the gas that was floating in midair.

His intuition told him that the small amount of gas seemed to be observing him.

Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM Without any warning, the small lump of gas suddenly sped up and rushed towards Peter’s face.

Just as it was about to hit his face, it changed direction and entered his nostrils.

In the next moment, when the gas entered Peter’s nostrils, he saw Professor Eugene, who was beside him, make an exaggerated move.

This was because after the gas entered Peter’s body, the greatest change appeared in the blood vessels on Peter’s bare skin.

The blood vessels under his skin swelled, as if they were reacting after using all their strength.

The change in the God of War Peter’s body frightened Professor Eugene, who was beside him.

This was because he knew that the blood of the Thunder God was flowing in the veins of the God of War Peter.

Even though there was currently no danger posed by external forces, the blood of the Thunder God in his veins actually displayed such a terrifying reaction.

“Master, are… are you alright?” Professor Eugene, who had always been timid, was very worried about the God of War Peter.

However, he was timid and afraid of attracting any danger by approaching the God of War Peter.

As a result, Professor Eugene stood still and hesitated to walk over.

However, Peter didn’t respond.

That was because he had entered a very magical state.

His body contained the blood of the Thunder God.

After the mysterious gas entered his body, the first thing it came into contact with was the blood of the Thunder God.

Unlike ordinary gases, this was indeed the genes of the mysterious warrior.

However, it appeared in the form of a gas.

The genes of the mysterious warrior and the Thunder God began to fuse.

Meanwhile, a system prompt appeared in Peter’s mind.

[Detected that the Thunder God genes have started to fuse with genes from creatures of the same level.

] [Congratulations to the host for successfully unlocking the Thunder God genetic lock.

] He had unlocked the Thunder God genetic lock! Peter was extremely happy when he heard the system prompt.

This was because the problem that had troubled Peter for a long time was finally solved.

The genetic lock of the Thunder God allowed Peter to extract only a small amount at a time during the extraction process.

As a result, Peter would have to wait a long time for the next extraction after each extraction of the Thunder God genes.

This cycle was not fixed.

When the waiting period was short, he would only have to wait for a week.

Meanwhile, the longest time he had waited for was more than a month.

For example, Peter had extracted the Thunder God genes once before leaving the Genetics College.

Even after returning to the Genetics College three weeks later, he was still unable to extract the Thunder God genes again.

According to Professor Eugene’s research and analysis, the power contained in the Thunder God genes was too violent.

Thus, the amount of time required for the body to absorb the genes was very inconsistent.

However, this time, it was different.

Peter had obtained the genes of the mysterious warrior.

After it fused with the Thunder God genes, he finally unlocked the genetic lock.

The greatest advantage was that Peter could reduce the time needed for his body to absorb the Thunder God genes after each gene extraction.

Furthermore, this amount of time was something he could control.

Simply put, as long as Peter extracted the Thunder God genes and went to the wilderness or fought against hostile forces to consume the excess power in his body, he could continue extracting the Thunder God genes.

It would not be like before.

In the past, even if he expended the excess power in his body, the existence of the genetic lock would not allow him to extract the Thunder God genes again in a short period of time.

“Master, please say something.

Do you feel anything unusual?” Professor Eugene, who had been observing Peter, asked the God of War Peter anxiously.

He knew that if anything happened to the God of War Peter, the S-Grade queen insect would also die and he would disappear from this world.

He was definitely anxious about his life.

Meanwhile, No.

0 was an intelligent entity.

Under its observation, the changes in Peter’s body were just a bunch of data.


0 didn’t feel anything.

Besides, as an intelligent entity, No.

0 only treated Peter as his new master, unlike Professor Eugene.

Peter closed off his thoughts and turned to Professor Eugene.

“Professor Eugene, I’m fine.

I can continue to extract the Thunder God genes.

” Professor Eugene’s worries instantly disappeared when he heard the God of War Peter’s answer.

This was because he knew that this meant that they had succeeded in fulfilling the God of War Peter’s initial expectations.

This also meant that the Genetic Warriors nurtured by the Genetics College would no longer be restricted by the genetic lock.

Thus, the thousands of Genetic Warriors would experience an unprecedented increase in level.

However, neither Professor Eugene nor the God of War Peter noticed that the wound on the calf of the Thunder God, which was standing upright behind them, had almost completely healed.

Once the wound on the Thunder God’s calf completely healed, Professor Eugene would be unable to extract the Thunder God genes again.


This was because the main ingredient in making the special gene potion was extracted from the Thunder God’s blood.