Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 193

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 193

Chapter 193: Professor Eugene’s Welcome Ceremony Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios The main focus of the Holy City’s attack on the Mechanical City was on the surprise attack.

Even though the number of mechas the Holy City had was almost several times that of the Mechanical City, the Bishop of the Holy City wanted to resolve the war in a short period of time.

He did not want to be dragged into a fight by the Mechanical City.

This was because there was a faction south of the Holy City that looked very weak, but could not be underestimated.

It was an area controlled by the human Federation.

In fact, this was why the Virgin Mary of the Mechanical City was even more worried.

After all, New York Base City was not far from the Mechanical City.

Most importantly, the Virgin Mary was the only person who had fought with the God of War Peter, who was from the human camp.

Thus, the Virgin Mary knew the strength of the God of War Peter very well.

If it weren’t for the Mechanical Heart in her mechanical body, she probably wouldn’t have had a chance to escape from that space after the battle with the God of War Peter.

At this moment, a mutated vulture that was gathering information in the night sky finally began to turn back.

This mutated vulture was a scout sent by the S-Grade queen insect to gather information.

Peter listened to the report from the queen insect in its nest.

Then, he sorted out the information he had heard and prepared to bring it back to discuss with Professor Eugene.

After all, Professor Eugene had a lot of say with his understanding of the Holy City and the Mechanical City.

Then, Peter and the S-Grade queen insect left the area together.

The way they advanced was somewhat special.

The mutated creatures that the queen insect could control, especially the mutated creatures that were very good at digging holes, were all called out by the queen insect.

Then, these mutated creatures continuously dug underground.

Thus, although Peter and the queen insect were not advancing quickly, they were very safe underground.

After all, the identity of the S-Grade queen insect could not be known to anyone, especially during such a special period.

If outsiders knew about the queen insect and spread the exaggerated news, it would be fine if the enemy factions knew about it, but it would cause an intense uproar in the base city.




After all, the people in the base city had just experienced the siege of the mutated beasts.

Thus, in their hearts, the flames of hatred had already been planted.

If they saw the S-Grade queen insect, they would not care if the queen insect was the soul slave of the God of War Peter.

They would not agree to not destroying the queen insect.

Peter was well aware of the stubbornness of the human camp.

It was far from something that could be resolved with an explanation.

… When it was almost noon the next day, Peter and the queen insect finally arrived near the Genetics College.

There was a small freshwater lake here.

The queen insect could hide at the bottom of the lake and wait for Peter’s orders.

Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM Meanwhile, Peter went to the ground floor and recovered his habit of acting as a human.

He sped up and wanted to run to the Genetics College.

After all, this place was very close to the Genetics College, so there was no need to inform Professor Eugene to send an aircraft over.

About an hour later, Peter entered the Genetics College through the back door in the south.

The teachers and students he encountered on the way to class looked shocked when they saw the God of War Peter.

“Did you see that? It’s really the God of War Peter!” “I heard from Professor Eugene that the God of War Peter went to search for a potion that could increase the strength of the Genetic Warriors.

” “I wonder if the God of War Peter found it?” “You can ask the God of War Peter.

He just walked over not long ago.

” Just as the students and teachers were discussing the God of War Peter, he had arrived at the laboratory and entered Professor Eugene’s office.

Peter didn’t return to the dormitory because he knew Callie was already in the base city.

In Professor Eugene’s office, there was a glass container the size of a basketball on the table.

The lid of the container was unopened.

Peter was speechless when he saw this.

He had asked Barker to bring the container back to the Genetics College because he wanted Professor Eugene to open the container first and extract the gas inside.

After all, that was a precious gift from the mysterious warrior.

“God of War Peter, don’t blame Barker.

I didn’t open this container in advance as I wanted to open it after you returned.

” Professor Eugene could not lie when faced with the God of War Peter.

Thus, Peter did not hold him responsible.

“Let’s go to your laboratory.

” After Peter finished speaking, he took the container on his desk and left the office.

Professor Eugene’s laboratory was at Basement 2, which also had a few warehouses.

Meanwhile, John, Callie’s father, was still in the warehouse.

John did not plan on going out to see Callie until Peter found him a better body.

Very quickly, Peter followed Professor Eugene into the elevator to Basement 2.

This was the most secret place in the entire Genetics College.

Of course, it was also the safest place.

After all, there was a huge space behind Professor Eugene’s laboratory where the body of the Thunder God was stored.

“Professor Eugene, I haven’t seen the body of the Thunder God in a long time.

We’ll go now.

” Peter didn’t stop after entering Professor Eugene’s laboratory.

Instead, he continued walking as he wanted to take a look at the body of the Thunder God.

Professor Eugene could only follow behind the God of War Peter.

After passing through a special sealed door, Peter entered a very large high space.

The body of the Thunder God was standing where it had been all along.

There was a very deep wound on the right calf of the Thunder God.

Peter was right.

If he came in to see the Thunder God, he would always be attracted by this wound.

There must be a creature far stronger than the Thunder God that could cause harm to the body of the Thunder God.

Furthermore, what surprised him the most was that after such a long time, the wound on the Thunder God’s calf showed no signs of healing.

According to Professor Eugene’s observation, about 20 to 30 milliliters of blood would flow out of this wound daily.

However, after such a long time, the blood in the Thunder God’s body had not dried up.

“Professor Eugene, we’re not going to your laboratory.

We’ll open that sealed container here.

” For some reason, Peter suddenly wanted to open the container that contained the power of the mysterious warrior here.

“Here? Alright, I’ll go get the container now.

” Professor Eugene knew better than to ask for the reason behind this.

Instead, he immediately returned to the laboratory and brought the container back here.

A few minutes later, Professor Eugene returned with the container in his cart.

He now understood what the God of War Peter meant.

He was going to open this container near the body of the Thunder God.

If the power contained in the container was really the power that the mysterious warrior had sealed inside, something magical might happen.

Professor Eugene was also full of anticipation after thinking about this.

He also wanted to see a very magical phenomenon.

Even if nothing happened, opening the container here was equally magical.

When everything was ready, Peter motioned for Professor Eugene to prepare to open the container.

They had to make preparations in advance when dealing with a substance like gas.

A square glass cover had to be placed outside the container first.

Then, Professor Eugene would control his mechanical arm to open the lid of the container.

This was to ensure that the gas inside would not explode.

It was also a way to protect the operator.

After all, who knew if the power of the mysterious warrior was actually in this container? It could also be a trap set by the Virgin Mary.


This was also something that could not be confirmed.