Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 185

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 185

Chapter 185: The Mysterious Man in the Mysterious Space Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios Judging from how the Virgin Mary acted, she didn’t seem like someone who would appreciate music.

Peter walked with his feet as close to the ground as possible.

This allowed him to reduce any interfering noises so that he could hear the continuous sound.

As Peter got closer to the source of the sound, he finally understood what the voice was saying.

It was not a rap at all, but a miserable moan.

He had seen this situation on the island before.

When the sharp fangs of the giant snake tore open the abdomen of a student from the Genetics College, the Genetics College student died from the extreme pain with a miserable moan.

After confirming the location of the voice ahead, Peter began to speed up.

In less than a minute, he arrived in front of a building that looked like a laboratory as he held the lighting system.

This was a space surrounded by a glass wall.

The glass wall was not very thick, and one could vaguely see the situation inside.

There were various unknown instruments inside, and the tragic moans from before were coming from inside.

The door to the laboratory was also made of glass and had no password lock.

Thus, Peter walked over and pushed open the glass door.

The moment he pushed the door open and entered, a pungent smell entered his nostrils.

It smelled like the rotten smell of a corpse, mixed with the smell of disinfectant.

Peter first looked at the laboratory platform.

There was a man lying on it.

This man’s body was curled up, and his entire body was trembling violently.

He was like a naked person lying in the wilderness in the cold winter, relying on his thin body to resist the cold.

However, Peter knew that although the light in this space was dim, the air was relatively dry and did not feel humid or cold.

Thus, the twitching man on the platform must have experienced something very painful.




The sound of Peter opening the door alerted the man on the platform.

He endured the pain and looked slightly up in the direction of the door.

When he saw that the figure that appeared was a tall man, his hands, which had been wrapped around his shoulders, began to wave in the air as he spoke indistinct words.

“Turn it off.

Turn… turn it off!” Peter’s gaze followed the direction the man was pointing.

There was a device that looked like a liquid delivery device behind the platform.

Two pipes extended from the device, and the ends of the pipes were connected to the spinal column of the man on the platform.

A yellow liquid was constantly being transported into the man’s body from afar.

This was the astonishing scene that Peter saw as he walked around the platform.

He didn’t know what yellow liquid was for, but from the man’s pained expression, he could guess that this yellow liquid was very stimulating to the body.

Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM However, the next moment, after Peter reached out to turn off the device, he realized that his guess was wrong.

What caused the man’s pain was not the yellow liquid that had been injected into his body, but the two tubes that had been inserted into the man’s spinal column.

It was only when Peter leaned down that he could see the situation clearly.

The ends of the two metal pipes were connected to the man’s spinal column.

He reached out to separate the junction between the pipe and the man’s skin, and briefly determined that the end of the pipe had been inserted into the depths of the man’s spinal column.

This was the same as what Anna had previously encountered.

The only difference was that Anna had been parasitized by an insect in her spinal column, while the spinal column of the man in front of him was connected to the pipe.

It should be known that the nerve center was inside the spinal column.

Thus, if the internal structures of the spinal column were damaged, the pain was not something that an ordinary person could withstand.

Peter didn’t reach for the pipe behind the man as he was afraid that his rash move would worsen the damage to the man.

However, he couldn’t think of any good way to ease the man’s pain yet.

If this man was the mysterious warrior that Peter had been searching for, he would have to deal with him more carefully.

If he was not careful, he would instead cause more damage to this man.

Thus, Peter’s goal of leaving the Genetics College and running so far to find the mysterious warrior would end in a failure.

“Do you know what I have to do to save you?” Peter went to the other side of the platform and looked at the face of the man in front of him.

While Peter asked this question, he also observed the man’s appearance.

He had the appearance of an Asian.

His long black hair had already begun to cover his eyes, and his face was sickly white.

He was like a person who had stayed underground for a long time and had never seen sunlight.

Based on this judgment, it was very likely that this Asian person in front of him was the mysterious warrior that Peter had been searching for a long time.

The only difference that Peter noticed was that since this person was a warrior and had a mysterious power from the East in his body, how could he be captured by the Enforcers in the Mechanical City? Furthermore, he was even locked in this dim space.

Just as Peter was wondering about this, the man tried to control his trembling lips to say something.

At the same time, the man waved his arm again and pointed into the air.

This time, the man pointed to the roof of the laboratory.

Peter had specifically looked at the roof of the laboratory when he came in.

There was nothing there except transparent glass.

Peter didn’t know what the man meant.

His patience was slipping away bit by bit.

More than ten minutes had passed since he entered the laboratory, but he hadn’t even confirmed the man’s identity.

The man’s body was curled up on the platform.

His hand was still waving in midair when suddenly, the man’s arm touched Peter’s body.

In that instant, a very strange feeling arose in Peter’s heart.

This was a very subtle psychological change.

Peter wondered if this strange feeling was related to the Thunder God genes in his body.

However, there was no way to detect them in this environment.

If Professor Eugene was present, things would be simple.

After all, Professor Eugene could detect minute changes in the Thunder God genes in the human body.

Peter decided that he had to take this man with him.

He couldn’t let him stay here and wait for death.

The entire laboratory was not very large, but there were a lot of tools.

Peter found a container that could hold an adult behind a device, which was just large enough to hold the man.

Peter dragged the container near the platform.

He first examined the pipes that had been inserted in the man’s back and was wondering if he should simply pull them out.

Although this method was risky, it was very likely that the man would also die when the pipes were removed.

However, Peter could not take him away without pulling out the pipes behind him.

Just as Peter was thinking of a way, the man on the platform shouted a complete sentence and then stopped breathing.

This sudden scene shocked Peter, but he still heard what the man had shouted.

“All my power is in the container!”