Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 186

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 186

Chapter 186: The Power Of The Mysterious Man Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios After Peter heard the man use his final strength to shout this sentence, he immediately ran to the other side of the platform.

This was the only place where he could see the man’s face.

To his disappointment, the man was lifeless after shouting his last sentence.

This man had used all his remaining strength to give Peter very clear guidance.

Peter reached out and touched the man’s wide eyes, trying to close them.

However, after a few tries, he finally gave up.

The man’s eyes were wide open, and Peter’s figure was reflected in his dark pupils.

There was no longer any emotion in them.

They were lifeless.

As for the container that the man was talking about, Peter found a glass container the size of a basketball at the bottom of the platform.

Two-thirds of the container was filled with gas.

As for why Peter could tell that it was mostly filled with gas, it was because when he picked up the container, he felt that the contents of the container were only as heavy as the container itself.

However, Peter couldn’t see if the container was filled with gas.

Instead of opening the container, he stored it in his storage space first.

Before he was ready, he shouldn’t try to open anything unknown.

This was what his father had told him.

There were no more miserable groans in the entire laboratory.

Only the pipe that was transporting the liquid opposite Peter was still working.

The yellow liquid slowly flowed into the body of the man, who had become a corpse.

Peter felt a very oppressive emotion.

Suddenly, he walked to the container that contained the yellow liquid.

Then, he reached for the pipe that was inserted into the man’s spinal column and tore it off.

Bang! As the yellow liquid flowed to the ground, the rotten smell that filled the entire laboratory became even stronger.

Peter overturned several devices that he couldn’t name.

Various colors instantly appeared on the ground of the laboratory, as if a colorful carpet had just been laid out.




Before Peter left the laboratory, he looked back at the man lying on the platform.

He took a lighter from his storage space and lit the flammable items in the laboratory.

It didn’t take long for strong black smoke to drift out of the laboratory door when Peter was more than ten meters away.

In this space, besides the sound of objects burning, there was only the sound of heavy footsteps moving far away.

Peter didn’t look back after leaving the laboratory.

Instead, he allowed the fierce flames to rage behind him and wash the filth in the darkness with heat.

According to the method proposed by No.

0, Peter could use his smart device to locate the location of the smart mecha.

In this directionless space, this method proposed by No.

0 was very useful.

Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM Soon, he followed the guidance of the smart device and found the location of the smart mecha.

The smart mecha had been standing where it had been previously.

Peter had also deliberately made a simple mark with his hair when he left.

This allowed Peter to immediately notice if the smart mecha had shifted its position.

Then, he would contact No.


This cautious attitude was a habit that he had formed after leaving the Genetics College.

This was a good habit for Peter.

After all, only by being respectful and cautious about everything could he survive in this dangerous world.

Ten minutes later, Peter had arrived at the wall where he had previously entered the space from.

There was a smart mecha behind him.

Meanwhile, No.

0 was outside as he could remotely control any smart mecha through a special method.

According to No.

0, he could operate the smart mecha without any obstacles.

Of course, Peter knew that No.

0 was right to say this.

After all, No.

0 had always been operating smart mechas.

Peter led the smart mecha through the wall in front of him.

When the light in front of him suddenly became dazzling, he knew that he had left the oppressive space.

They appeared in the factory of the Mechanical City.

There was no longer the roar of the mutated mecha beasts in the distance, nor was there any sign of the Enforcers.

Only a few functional machines were operating alone.


0, how do we leave the Mechanical City?” Previously, they had infiltrated the Mechanical City by transforming the smart mecha to match the appearance of the mechas in the city.

If he wanted to leave the Mechanical City now, there was no time for No.

0 to modify the smart mecha.

However, if he left like this, he might encounter Enforcers or even mutated mecha beasts.

Peter had already used his rage during the battle with the Virgin Mary.

Thus, he could not use it again within 24 hours.

If he forcibly activated 50 times more rage again, his body might explode.

After a short wait, No.

0’s voice sounded in his ear.

“Master, after you entered the mysterious space, I’ve been monitoring the situation in the Mechanical City.

I discovered a flaw in the city.

As long as you pretend to be a mutant, you do not have to undergo the test to leave the city.

” When No.

0 mentioned the mutants, Peter remembered that there were still mutants in the Mechanical City.

Although the mutant who had helped him enter the mysterious space had been frightened away by the Virgin Mary, there were still other mutants in the Mechanical City.

Elina and Frank should still be in the Mechanical City as well.

Peter took out his smart device and sent Elina a call request.

However, to Peter’s surprise, the smart device showed that he could not connect to the other party.

This was comical.

Peter had almost not been able to come out of the mysterious space, but this group of mutants had disappeared without a trace.

He could not even contact them through his smart device.

Then, Peter tried to call Frank, but the call still could not go through.

This made Peter even more vigilant.

It was impossible for the smart devices of those mutants to spoil at the same time.

The only possibility was that something must have happened outside after he entered the mysterious space, causing Elina and Frank to disappear.

Peter decided to leave the Mechanical City first before looking for opportunities to find the whereabouts of the mutants.

However, now that the mutants had disappeared, Peter felt that it was not safe to pretend to be a mutant and leave the Mechanical City at this time.


0, did you notice those mutants when you were monitoring the Mechanical City?” “Master, after you entered the mysterious space, the two mutants didn’t enter the Mechanical City.

” No.

0’s answer depressed Peter.

It wasn’t that the two mutants had lied to him, but he was worried that they had been captured by the Virgin Mary.

After all, the information they knew was still very important.


After the Virgin Mary escaped, she would definitely find a chance to kill him.