Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 184

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 184

Chapter 184: The Regretful Virgin Mary Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios What depressed the Virgin Mary the most was that she could not hurt Peter.

As long as the mechanical arm covering her head was about to attack Peter, the damage to her head would begin to increase rapidly.

As a result, the Virgin Mary did not have time to attack Peter.

Bang bang bang! Under Peter’s continuous attacks, the Virgin Mary finally couldn’t take it anymore.

She ignored her injured head and pulled out her mechanical arm to stab at Peter’s heart.

However, Peter had been guarding against the Virgin Mary’s sneak attack.

When he saw that the Virgin Mary was ready to stab at his heart, he twisted his body to dodge the attack.

Although he dodged the attack of the Virgin Mary, his attack was also interrupted.

The Virgin Mary took the opportunity to escape Peter’s attack range and controlled her mechanical body to perform a backflip in midair.

When the mechanical body of the Virgin Mary landed, she made a very strange posture.

Peter wanted to continue rushing over, but he saw that the mechanical body of the Virgin Mary was pressed against the ground like a very vigilant cat.

She pressed her body against the ground and nervously observed her surroundings.

Could it be that the Virgin Mary had some trump card? Just as Peter was wondering and did not dare to go forward rashly, he suddenly discovered that the mechanical body of the Virgin Mary was fusing with the ground.

To be precise, the mechanical body was tunneling into the ground.

“Oh no, it’s trying to escape!” However, by the time Peter realized what was happening, the mechanical body of the Virgin Mary had disappeared underground.

Peter ran over and punched the spot where the Virgin Mary had disappeared.

He was surprised to find that the ground was extremely hard.

However, how did the Virgin Mary enter the ground? .




0 did not wait for Peter to ask and took the initiative to say, “Master, I don’t know about this either.

I’ve only seen the Mechanical Heart a few times, and I’m not sure about many of its abilities.

I guess that it might be an ability of the Mechanical Heart that allows the mechanical body to fuse with different metals.

” Peter was now even more interested in the Mechanical Heart.

If he could obtain the Mechanical Heart, even if he could not use it, he could allow his soul slave to use it.

After all, his soul slave would not betray him.

To be safe, Peter did not immediately deactivate his rage.

Instead, he stood in the center of the space.

The advantage of this was that once the Virgin Mary turned back and attacked him, it would be a little difficult for her to do so.

After all, at the center of the space, he could sense anything unusual around him.

However, what Peter didn’t know was that the Virgin Mary had used the Mechanical Heart to fuse with the metal ground and escape.

However, it would not return for the time being.

This was because the alarm issued by the Virgin Mary’s mechanical body had reached the highest level, which indicated that the damage rate was about to reach 60%.

Thus, the Virgin Mary’s body was very close to entering a self-protection state.

This was an extremely dangerous situation for the Virgin Mary.

Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM More than ten minutes later, not only did the Virgin Mary not appear in this mysterious space, even the mutated mecha beasts did not appear again.

Instead, the space was filled with a deathly aura.

There were only the constantly flickering lights on the wall.

The shockwave from the battle just now caused the lighting system to be in a poor condition.


0’s prompt sounded again.

This time, it was to tell Peter that after he had conducted a scan, there was indeed no sign of the Virgin Mary around.

However, the next problem Peter had to face was how to leave this space.

When he came in, he had simply passed through a wall, but now he could no longer walk back the way he had come.

The sense of direction in this space did not exist, which led to Peter being trapped here.

Perhaps this was also a scheme of the Virgin Mary.

She knew that she could not kill Peter, so she might as well trap him in this space.

After she thought of a way to kill him, she would enter the space again and kill Peter.

However, Peter certainly couldn’t stay here forever.

Thus, he began to ask No.



0, can you control the smart mecha to enter this space now?” Peter’s idea was very simple.

After all, No.

0’s main body was outside the space and did not enter this space with Peter.

Thus, if No.

0 could control the smart mecha to find the wall that had previously entered the space, the smart mecha would be able to successfully take him away from this place.

This time, No.

0 reacted very quickly.

“Master, I’ve thought of this long ago.

I’m already operating my smart mecha on the way here.

If everything goes well, the smart mecha will be able to enter this space in about ten minutes.

” Peter liked No.

0’s behavior more and more.

Although this meant that No.

0 was able to imitate the behavior of humans, it was not a bad thing either.

Meanwhile, Peter did not idle around.

Instead, he tried to find his way in through the dim space.

This also made it easier for No.

0 to operate the smart mecha and find him quickly.

More than ten minutes later, Peter heard the sound of metal colliding in front of him.

He knew that the smart mecha controlled by No.

0 had entered the space.

Peter quickened his pace.

After walking for a while, he finally saw the smart mecha.

This smart mecha had not been modified by No.


After all, the smart mecha that had been modified previously had been destroyed by the mutated mecha beast.

Thus, this smart mecha did not imitate the appearance of the mechas in the Mechanical City.

Peter didn’t care about this.

Although the battle with the Virgin Mary had been very dangerous, Peter would still be able to leave this place if he encountered the Virgin Mary again.

Then, Peter asked the smart mecha to stay where it was and to mark its location.


0 specifically connected the smart device that Peter was carrying to the positioning system of the smart mecha.

This way, even if Peter was a certain distance away, he could find the smart mecha by connecting to it.

This was because Peter was now going to enter the depths of the mysterious space to find the mysterious warrior.

Since the Virgin Mary had been forced to escape this space, the mysterious warrior who had been kidnapped by the Virgin Mary should still be in this space.

Peter turned on the lighting system with one hand and made a defensive gesture with the other.

In the depths of this space, who knew if any more mysterious and powerful things would appear? He had to constantly be wary of the traps left by the Virgin Mary.

As time passed, Peter had been travelling in this space for more than ten minutes.

At Peter’s current speed, it was equivalent to advancing a few kilometers in the outside world.

At this moment, Peter vaguely heard a weak voice ahead.

Coincidentally, this sound had a different frequency from his footsteps.

Otherwise, it would have been very difficult to hear.

Coupled with the fact that Peter deliberately lightened his footsteps and minimized the noise he made as he advanced, he could hear a very weak sound ahead.

At this moment, Peter had stopped and stood still, listening to the source of the voice.

A few weak words floated over.

It sounded like a man rapping someone.

Peter could only describe this sound as the sound of rapping.

This was because there was a rhythmic element in this sound.

It was somewhat similar to the rapping that he had heard before.

Could there be a singer in this space?