Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 181

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 181

Chapter 181: Is This The Fake Virgin Mary?   Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Peter used the Shadowless One’s special ability to change the gravity of the surrounding force field.

As a result, the Enforcer was affected by the increased gravity after stepping beside Peter.

Not only was he unable to continue attacking Peter, he also exposed his weak spots to Peter.

  Peter would definitely not miss such an opportunity.

His ferocious fists kept hitting the fatal parts of the Enforcer until the last punch broke the neck vertebrae of the Enforcer.

After the head of the Enforcer flew up, Peter saw a person covered in sophisticated machinery reach out and catch the head of the Enforcer.

  “Did you enjoy fighting?”   The Virgin Mary controlled her mechanical body to walk slowly towards Peter.

She asked him a question with every step.

  “Do you want to fight again?” .



  The Virgin Mary was only a few meters away from Peter.

  “Do you like to hit my body?” Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM   The Virgin Mary had walked up to Peter and stood opposite him.

She had beautiful eyes.

When she looked at Peter, he could feel a burning emotion in her eyes.

  Peter did not attack the Virgin Mary.

After all, he was still not sure of her strength.

  “Are you the new Virgin Mary?”   He had always been curious.

Since the consciousness of the new Virgin Mary had successfully occupied this mechanical body, where would the original consciousness in the mechanical body go? Could it have disappeared from this world?   The Virgin Mary raised her delicate mechanical arm and touched her face with her palm.

This was the only human part of the Virgin Mary.

  “You have a lot of questions, but why should I answer you?”   After Peter asked this question, he had not expected the other party to answer him.

Thus, since the outcome had not changed, he had not lost anything.

  In the next moment, Peter’s right arm had already gathered strength.

Then, he quickly punched the Virgin Mary in the chest.

  The moment Peter punched the Virgin Mary in the chest, he felt a tingling sensation in his arm.

This was a rare situation.

  It should be known that Peter’s current physical strength had exceeded the protection of the Federation’s mechas.

Thus, the punches he threw could pierce through the Intermediate-Leveled Mechas serving the Federation.

However, he did not expect that after his punch hit the chest of the Virgin Mary, her mechanical body had an unusually tough defense.

Thus, Peter suffered a loss when he attacked first.

  While Peter was feeling depressed, the Virgin Mary was extremely shocked.

Although she had resisted Peter’s attack, the data from the mechanical body showed that the damage rate of the mechanical structure in her chest had increased by 0.


  The body of the Virgin Mary was completely made of sophisticated machinery.

Meanwhile, the alloy used for defense was a special metal that was far stronger than metal chromium.

Even a full-power attack from a mutated mecha beast could only cause less than 0.

3% damage.

  The Virgin Mary knew very well that if Peter continued to attack her mechanical body, her mechanical body would enter a self-protection stage when the damage rate exceeded 70%.

At that time, the Virgin Mary would be unable to control her mechanical body to fight.

  According to the calculation of the damage done to the Virgin Mary’s mechanical body after Peter’s attack just now, as long as Peter attacked her more than 100 times in a row, her mechanical body would enter a self-protection mode.

For an existence that surpassed the God of War, it was easy to attack more than 100 times in a short period of time.

  However, Peter did not know how shocked the Virgin Mary was.

He also did not know that as long as he continued to attack, he would be able to defeat the Virgin Mary’s mechanical body.

  Peter had wanted to see how much damage his full-power attack could do to the Virgin Mary’s mechanical body after the attack.

However, Peter saw that the Virgin Mary was not hurt at all after resisting his full-power attack.

  This was simply unacceptable to Peter.

Even if he did not activate 50 times more rage now, the power in his body had reached 160,000 kg, but he still could not break through the Virgin Mary’s mechanical body.

  Peter looked at the Virgin Mary in front of him with a ruthless expression.

  Meanwhile, the Virgin Mary had been observing the other party.

Her reaction was also very fast.

Before Peter could continue attacking, the Virgin Mary controlled her tenacious mechanical arm to stab at Peter’s neck and chest.

  The sharp mechanical arm was aimed at an important part of Peter’s chest.

Once it hit, Peter would lose his ability to move for a short period of time.

Even if Peter was a Genetic God of War with the blood of the Thunder God flowing in his body and had the ability to regenerate, it was impossible for him to repair his damaged organs in a short period of time.

  Similarly, if Peter could seize the opportunity to suppress the Virgin Mary and continuously attack her body, he also had a chance of winning.

  However, during a battle, there would always be some hiccups.

Just as the Virgin Mary’s arm was about to stab Peter, Peter predicted her attack and relied on his speed to dodge the attack.

However, he still underestimated the Virgin Mary’s reaction.

  The Virgin Mary stabbed at the right side of Peter’s neck.

Halfway through, she suddenly changed the position of her attack and stabbed at Peter’s head instead.

  At this moment, Peter had no time to dodge.

He could only rely on his instinctive reaction to tilt his head to the side.

  The mechanical arm that the Virgin Mary thrust out instantly pierced Peter’s right ear.

However, the sharp mechanical arm did not stop and continued to pierce the skull behind Peter’s ear.

  In pain, Peter exerted strength in his arms and hit the Virgin Mary’s mechanical body.

The huge thrust produced allowed Peter to escape the attack of the Virgin Mary.

  Peter had suffered just from this confrontation.

As a result, the skull behind his ear had been pierced, and scarlet blood flowed down his neck.

  Peter raised his palm to check the injury behind his ear.

Fortunately, as Peter dodged in time, the Virgin Mary’s mechanical arm did not pierce his skull.

  The Thunder God blood in his body began to quickly repair his injured tissue.

This would take some time.

Meanwhile, after the Virgin Mary’s mechanical body was punched by Peter’s fists, it clearly did not feel good either.

The Virgin Mary must have received data that her mechanical structure had been damaged again.

  Peter was less than ten meters away from the Virgin Mary.

Thus, he did not launch his next attack.

Instead, he stood still and observed the other party’s reaction, trying to find a weakness in the Virgin Mary.

  At this moment, the Virgin Mary spoke in the human language.

  “God of War Peter! I heard your name a long time ago.

At that time, I was not the heir apparent of the Virgin Mary.

”   It was then that Peter understood that there was no designated person that would become the Virgin Mary’s heir.

Instead, a qualified heir would be chosen through selection or competition.

Only by defeating the other heirs could one stand out among the many heirs.

  As for what would happen to the people who failed, Peter didn’t care.

  “Hehe, if I had defeated my other competitors earlier, you wouldn’t have successfully advanced to the Genetic God of War!”   When the Virgin Mary said this, Peter could feel strong regret and killing intent in her eyes.