Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 182

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 182

Chapter 182: Mechanical Heart Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios Peter finally spoke in response to the Virgin Mary.

After several confrontations, he felt that the Virgin Mary was waiting for something, as she was deliberately delaying the pace and time of the battle.

“Virgin Mary, what are you waiting for!?” After Peter finished speaking, his legs erupted with power as he charged towards the body of the Virgin Mary.

As he charged, his eyes began to burn with heat.

“Heat rays!” Peter used the heat rays to attack the mechanical body of the Virgin Mary.

With a scorching orange light, the heat rays instantly hit the chest of the Virgin Mary.

Then, a dazzling light appeared on her chest.

“Dammit, what the hell is this!?” There was no record of the heat ray in the intelligence obtained by the Mechanical City about the God of War Peter.

This was because Peter had obtained this new ability when he entered the range of the Mechanical City.

Furthermore, he had never used it.

Thus, there was definitely no record of this ability in the intelligence of the Mechanical City.

The Virgin Mary relied on her tough mechanical body to escape the attack of the heat rays.

However, a small portion of her chest armor was still destroyed by the heat rays.

Peter used the heat rays to attack the mechanical body of the Virgin Mary, causing damage only to the surface of her armor.

While he was shocked, the smart device on his ear sounded with a reminder from No.





“Master, I can scan the interior of the mechanical body.

Its mechanical body actually has a Mechanical Heart.

” A Mechanical Heart? This was the first time Peter had heard this term.

What exactly was the Mechanical Heart? Why did it surprise No.

0? “No.

0, what’s going on? What exactly is the Mechanical Heart?” Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM Peter continued to fire heat rays at the Virgin Mary.

This method allowed him to maintain a certain distance from her.

However, with Peter’s current physical strength, he still could not allow the Virgin Mary to attack his body.

“Master, those with a Mechanical Heart can change the structure of the machinery and also control various metal molecules.

” This was the power of the Mechanical Heart.

After Peter heard No.

0’s explanation, the first thought that came to his mind was that the Virgin Mary who was fighting him had a lot of dark technology that this planet did not have.

However, this also solved the secret of the Virgin Mary’s mechanical body.

Her mechanical body contained a Mechanical Heart that could change the structure of the machinery.

It could also strengthen the arrangement of the metal molecules, allowing the Virgin Mary to achieve a strong defense.

However, Peter was puzzled.

With such a powerful Mechanical Heart, he did not feel the power of the Mechanical Heart during the battle with the Virgin Mary.

Thus, he asked No.

0 for the reason behind this.


0 was a high-tech product left behind by an alien civilization on Earth.

Thus, his understanding of the Mechanical Heart far exceeded Peter’s imagination.

“Master, don’t underestimate the Mechanical Heart.

The Mechanical Heart in that mechanical body has yet to unleash its greatest ability.

According to my observation, it has only unleashed less than 1% of its ability.

” After hearing No.

0’s explanation, Peter was really shocked.

This was very similar to the Thunder God genes extracted from his body.

Both of them had only reached an extraction progress of a few percentage points.

The calculation for this was very simple and did not require much brain power.


0 could directly calculate that the Mechanical Heart in the Virgin Mary’s body had only displayed less than 1% of its power.

This allowed Peter to be on par with the Virgin Mary.

If the Virgin Mary’s mechanical body displayed even greater abilities, then there was no need to fight this battle as Peter would lose.

At this moment, No.

0’s excited voice continued.

“Master, we’ve picked up a treasure.

Before the Mechanical Heart unleashes its powerful abilities, we can defeat the Virgin Mary in front of us and retrieve the Mechanical Heart.

” From what No.

0 said, could the abilities of the Mechanical Heart be enhanced? “No.

0, do you know how to enhance the abilities of the Mechanical Heart?” After Peter asked No.

0, he increased his speed and dodged an attack from the Virgin Mary.

When he stood still, he heard No.

0’s confident voice.

“Master, don’t look down on me.

I’m the smartest intelligent entity.

The method to increase the power of the Mechanical Heart is very simple.

You just have to continuously devour various rare metals.

” Peter wanted to curse No.

0 when he heard the method that No.

0 had mentioned.


0 thought this method was simple, but in reality, it was definitely not that easy to do.

However, the mechanical body of the Virgin Mary had existed for more than a few centuries.

If she followed No.

0’s method and continuously devoured various rare metals, how could the Virgin Mary only unleash less than 1% of her ability? No.

0 seemed to guess that Peter would not believe the method he was talking about.

Thus, he sped up and continued, “Master, you definitely don’t believe the method I’m talking about.

However, what I want to tell you is that the people on your planet probably don’t know how to improve the Mechanical Heart.

” When Peter heard No.

0 say this, he felt that this explanation was more reasonable.

If the first-generation Virgin Mary had known about the method of improvement that No.

0 had mentioned after obtaining the Mechanical Heart, she would not have only displayed 1% of the ability of the Mechanical Heart after a few centuries.

Just as Peter was thinking about this, the Virgin Mary’s attacks began to become even more ferocious.

The speed of the attacks from her mechanical arm increased with each attack, and it attacked Peter’s fatal parts.

Peter could no longer defend himself as easily as before.

Tiny beads of sweat began to appear on his forehead.

This was a sign that his body was about to reach its limit.

He could not detect the Virgin Mary’s continuous attacks for a long time.

After all, the body of the Virgin Mary was a mechanical body.

As long as there was enough energy, she could continue fighting.

However, Peter could not.

After all, he was still a human body, and he would feel tired.

What made Peter the most speechless was that No.

0 had just told him something else.

Even if the Mechanical Heart could only exert less than 1% of its ability, the Mechanical Heart had a very domineering ability that was unrelated to the strength of the Mechanical Heart.

This ability could provide infinite energy to mechanical bodies.

There was no way to continue fighting with such a huge gap, but Peter wanted to obtain the Mechanical Heart in the Virgin Mary.

The only thing Peter could do now was to use his trump card.

He had not used 50 times more rage since he smashed into the Mechanical City.

This was so that he could use it when he encountered the Virgin Mary at the last moment.

Peter stopped hesitating and activated 50 times more rage.

After activating his rage, Peter’s shrunken muscles began to swell rapidly.

The power in his body was growing rapidly.

This very obvious change was noticed by the Virgin Mary opposite him and her mechanical body also began to change.


0 reminded him again.

“Master, be careful!” In fact, Peter didn’t have to be reminded by No.

0 to discover that the mechanical body of the Virgin Mary had changed its appearance.

The many protruding spikes on the surface had transformed into a smoother surface.

From Peter’s direction, he could see the beauty of metal in the new body that the Virgin Mary had transformed into.

The body of the Virgin Mary was unusually smooth.

Furthermore, she had deliberately formed a figure that was similar to that of a woman.

Below her swelled chest was a slender waist, while below it was a beautiful butt.


Together with her two long legs that were reflecting light, she looked extremely beautiful.