Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 180

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 180

Chapter 180: The Goal of Handing Over the Virgin Mary’s Consciousness   Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Peter followed the Shadowless One into the mysterious dungeon.

This was a very large space.

This was because they had walked for a few minutes and still hadn’t seen the end of the space.

  “The Shadowless One, is this your first time here?”   Peter saw that this was probably not the first time the Shadowless One had entered this place.

  “As humans, we can only enter this mysterious dungeon once.

It’s impossible for us to enter this place again.

”   The Shadowless One’s answer to Peter’s question puzzled Peter.

Since this was the first time the Shadowless One had entered this place, why was he so familiar with the structure of this space? .



  The Shadowless One seemed to have guessed Peter’s thoughts.

Thus, the Shadowless One controlled the surrounding force field and changed the force field in a visible way.

Then, a very directed flow began to appear in the force field around Peter.

The flow pointed in the direction of the space in front of them.

  In that instant, Peter understood why the Shadowless One could find her target in an unfamiliar space.

This ability to control the force field was simply amazing.

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COM   “The Shadowless One, if I attack you, will I be able to hurt you?”   Peter asked this to see if his power could break through the control of the force field around him.

  “God of War Peter, you can try it out!”   The Shadowless One spoke slowly, so that Peter couldn’t feel his emotions when he spoke.

Peter also admired his calmness.

  “The Shadowless One, after this matter is over, let’s have a competition.

If I can defeat you, you have to join the Genetics College.

”   Peter really admired the Shadowless One.

If he could join Peter’s team, he would definitely be very useful in the future war.

  The Shadowless One tilted his masked head and looked at the God of War Peter.

  “That is if we can leave this place alive!”   Just after the Shadowless One finished speaking, a strange-looking Enforcer appeared in the space in front of them.

This Enforcer was obviously different from the Enforcers he had seen outside.

Peter could feel a hint of ruthlessness in his eyes.

  The Shadowless One was the first to speak.

  “God of War Peter, be careful.

This is an S-Grade Enforcer!”   Peter had not expected that the Enforcer in front of him was actually an S-Grade powerhouse.

This was almost equivalent to the strength of an S-Grade mutated mecha beast.

He began to have a headache.

He had yet to see the Virgin Mary, but he had already encountered a powerful opponent.

If he did not activate 50 times more rage, it would be very difficult for Peter to kill this S-Grade Enforcer in a short period of time.

  Just as Peter was hesitating again, the Enforcer finally began to move.

The Enforcer rushed to Peter at an extremely fast speed.

The Enforcer used his mechanical arms, which were strong and powerful, as her weapons and instantly stabbed them at Peter’s neck.

If he was stabbed by the Enforcer, Peter would suffer from the impact, even if he had the ability to regenerate his tissue.

This would be disadvantageous to the subsequent battle.

  Peter reacted quickly.

Just as the other party raised his mechanical arm, Peter swung his fist and punched the chest of the Enforcer.

The huge force created a dent in the chest of the Enforcer.

The Enforcer’s ribs had obviously been broken.

  However, even though Peter had used his full strength in the previous attack, the effects were very weak.

His full strength attack had not caused fatal damage to the Enforcer.

  Meanwhile, the Enforcer who had received Peter’s attack activated the sophisticated machinery in his body and repaired his broken ribs in an extremely short period of time.

At the very least, he temporarily fixed his broken ribs.

  This time, it was Peter’s turn to have a headache.

His full-power attack could not deal a fatal blow to the nearby Enforcer.

Furthermore, the Enforcer was very fast.

It was also very difficult to kill him with speed.

  Peter looked at the Shadowless One, who was watching the battle.

His intention was clear.

He wanted the Shadowless One to join the battle.

After all, it was better for two people to fight one person than for Peter to deal with the S-Grade Enforcer alone.

  The Shadowless One stood still.

Peter was depressed by what the Shadowless One was doing.

  “God of War Peter, I’m not a combat-type mutant.

I can only help you change the surrounding force field.

”   “You can change the force field around you.

I forgot you had this ability.

”   Peter looked delighted and asked the Shadowless One to change the force field around him.

This was equivalent to helping Peter.

As the two of them spoke, the body of the Enforcer was also changing.

Originally, the Enforcer had a human-like body, but after the change, he turned into something that looked like a monster.

  Peter, who was proficient in the structure of mechas, quickly saw that a mechanical structure that could shapeshift had been installed in the body of the Enforcer.

This allowed him to increase his speed and strength according to the changes.

  “The Shadowless One, get ready!”   After the changes were completed, the Enforcer nearby immediately rushed towards Peter.

This time, he was obviously much faster than before.

  Meanwhile, Peter activated the power of the Thunder God in his body.

His arms had finished accumulating power.

He was just waiting for the Enforcer to rush over.

  The Shadowless One hid behind Peter and waited for the right moment to control the force field around Peter.

This ability could cause changes in the force field and allow the space in front of Peter to become lighter or heavier.

  This was good help for Peter.

When the Enforcer rushed in front of Peter, the Enforcer suddenly felt the gravity in this space increase, as if a small mountain was pressing against his body.

Under the influence of this gravity, it was useless no matter how fast he was.

  Peter found the right moment to bombard the face of the Enforcer with his fists that had finished accumulating power.

Meanwhile, the Enforcer’s entire face collapsed under Peter’s full-power attack.

His head fell back, and the cervical spine that connected his head appeared to be stretched too far.

  This was the limit that the Enforcer’s neck muscles could withstand.

Peter also discovered this opportunity.

He continued to punch faster, constantly punching the Enforcer in the face and neck.

  Under Peter’s continuous attacks, the muscles on the Enforcer’s neck finally lost their tenacity.

Thus, Peter simply punched the Enforcer one last time.

  The Enforcer’s head, which had been deformed by Peter, flew into the air behind him.

His broken head was spraying scarlet blood in midair.

  Peter had wanted to see the head of the Enforcer fall to the ground, but he didn’t get his wish.

This was because just as the broken head of the Enforcer fell to the ground, an arm filled with sophisticated machinery grabbed the Enforcer’s head.

  Opposite Peter, a human whose entire body had been transformed by sophisticated machinery appeared.

  Meanwhile, the Virgin Mary of the Machine City had completed the handover of her consciousness.

  The new Virgin Mary had appeared.