Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 144

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 144

Chapter 144: The Magical No.

0 He also had another question.

After he was attacked by mutated mecha beasts in the underground fortifications, how did he get here? Could it be that the mutated mecha beast had brought him to this hidden space? Just as Peter was wondering about this, No.

0 told him something else.

It turned out that Peter had been attacked by an S-Grade mutated mecha in the underground fortifications.

After he fell unconscious, it was No.

0 who had sent out his smart mechas to kill the S-Grade mutated mecha beast.

Then, Peter was brought to the underground space.

Peter was now at a secret base below the forgotten underground fortifications.

From No.

0, Peter learned about the origins of the crystal pyramid that had appeared in his mind, which was the Thunder God’s Origin.

“Master, the power of the Thunder God’s Origin is definitely beyond your imagination.

Therefore, in order to completely control it, it’s best to extract more Thunder God genes as soon as possible to unlock a higher level of authority.

” Peter knew this even without No.

0’s reminder.


0, can you tell me about the alien that created you?” After hearing Peter’s question, No.

0 fired several aurora lasers from its body.

These lasers collided and gathered together, forming a vast star map of the universe in front of him.

Then, No.

0’s mechanical arm shot out a few red lasers that shone on the holographic star map.




“The ones that you call aliens are the Trisolarans who created us.

They are a matriarchal society.

The male Trisolarans are all brawn but no brains.

They are natural warriors and killing machines.

Meanwhile, the female Trisolarans are very intelligent and have very powerful mental strength.

” “The Trisolarans have a strong sense of crisis from birth.

This star map is where the Trisolarans have been.

They have always worked to destroy all the civilizations they can encounter in this star map.

This is because they are afraid that one day, these civilizations will be powerful enough to enslave or even destroy them.

” When Peter heard about the Trisolarans, he couldn’t help but worry about the future.

“Then, No.

0, what are the chances that the Trisolarans will come to the Milky Way again?” Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM The indicator light at No.

0’s head flashed rapidly.

Then, the word “calculating” appeared on the monitor on its chest.

Ten minutes later, it gave an answer.

“According to my calculations, if we base our calculations on the previous technology of the Trisolarans, the probability of them attacking the Milky Way in 100 years is 46%, and the probability of them attacking the Milky Way in 500 years is 98%.

” “Then, what are the chances of humans winning against the Trisolarans?” After a short wait, Peter heard the cruel truth.

“If you Earthlings encounter the Trisolarans, you have no chance of winning.

” Just as Peter’s eyes dimmed, No.

0 mentioned another possibility.

“However, if you can obtain the dominance of human society and unlock the highest authority over the Thunder God’s Origin, the probability of this is 1%.

After all, the Thunder God’s Origin contains a large number of methods and technologies to deal with the Trisolarans.

Furthermore, it records the final method to defeat the Trisolarans.

” “Moreover, I’ve analyzed you humans.

Your reproduction ability is very powerful, which is something that the Trisolarans cannot compare to.

Furthermore, humans seem to have been constantly waging war since the birth of a civilization.

The history of human civilization is a history of war.

” “In every war, the level of human technology will advance by leaps and bounds.

I didn’t introduce this variable into my previous calculations.

If we add this variable, the chances of human victory will reach 3%.

” Peter was silent.

He felt that he had a huge responsibility.

He had to hurry up and extract 100% of the Thunder God genes first.


0, tell me about this base.

” No.

0 seemed very excited at Peter’s question.

“This base is a masterpiece.

I built it alone.

At first, there was only the infrastructure and this laboratory here.

I was born here.

” “These smart mechas are my masterpieces as well.

I used the materials left by the Trisolarans to create them.

However, unfortunately, we don’t have any materials left.

We also don’t have much energy left, so we can only create these.

However, we still have parts for the smart mechas.

We just lack the materials to make the core components, so we piled the spare parts in the warehouse.

If we have the materials, we can create a large number of Mecha Warriors in a short period of time.

” After hearing No.

0 finish its sentence, Peter was very excited.

What he lacked the most now was manpower.

If he relied too much on the Genetic Warriors in the Genetics College, many of his secrets would be exposed.

This was a very dangerous thing for Peter.

Furthermore, people needed time to train and get used to each other.

Time happened to be another one of the things that Peter lacked the most.

However, if he used smart mechas, this problem would not exist.

With No.

0’s unified control, the smart mechas would definitely obey Peter.

Furthermore, as long as there was enough energy, the smart mechas could work without sleep.

Moreover, smart mechas did not have the weaknesses of humans.

They did not need to be trained or nurtured either.

As long as the correct computer programme was inserted into the smart mechas after the manufacturing process was completed, they could perfectly carry out tacit work and battle under a uniform control.

Furthermore, Peter had personally experienced the combat power of these smart mecha beasts.


0, where did your energy come from? I wonder what kind of energy is so powerful that it can last for so long.

” This time, it was No.

0’s turn to be silent.

Currently, almost all smart mechas could only maintain their power supply for about two minutes.

In other words, if they could not eliminate the intruders in two minutes, what awaited them was destruction.

After Peter learned the truth of the matter, he looked at No.

0 in front of him speechlessly.

Putting together everything that No.

0 had said, it was simply nonsense.

The energy reserves could only be used for two minutes.

Wasn’t this a joke? “No.

0, are there any energy sources that can be used as a replacement? If there is, I can bring them back from the outside world.

” No.

0’s indicator light flashed a few times.

“The energy source we need is not available on this planet.

” Peter was about to be upset when he heard No.

0 say this, but No.

0 continued, “However, we can use your human consciousness.

Previously, you humans had a kind of smart mecha that was controlled by your consciousness.

I caught one of them.

” This answer from No.

0 made Peter feel a chill run down his spine.

He knew that the smart mechas that the Mechanical Holy City used were indeed controlled by the human consciousness.

This was equivalent to saying that the smart mechas produced by the Mechanical Holy City might have stolen the technology of the smart mechas in front of him.


0, have any of your smart mechas left this place?” As a smart system, No.

0’s memories were storage devices.

Thus, he could rummage through his memories at any time.

“At 10.

13pm, 3,705 days ago, I once sent out five smart mechas.

However, only four of them returned.