Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 143

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 143

Chapter 143: Advanced Smart Mecha All the smart mecha beasts turned to look at Peter in unison.

Then, they walked towards him step by step.

“Crack… Crack…” The orderly footsteps resembled the song of the grim reaper as they resounded through the empty hall.

Peter was so frightened that his hair stood on end.

Peter retreated quickly to the alloy door closest to him.

At this time, the smart mechas had stepped out of the hall and were closing in on Peter step by step.

Peter could only retreat, but the alloy door was blocking him from going back.

At this moment, Peter noticed that there was a human-faced groove on the wall beside the alloy door behind him.

The groove was lit with a green light.

“Could this be the so-called identity test?” Peter suddenly remembered what the smart mecha had said.

At this time, the smart mecha nearest to him was less than ten meters away from him.

Thus, Peter decided to give it a try.

He ran quickly towards the groove, which was about two meters above the ground.

Then,Peter approached the groove and put his face in it.

A soft green light scanned Peter’s face.

“The identity test begins!” An electronic voice sounded and the smart mechas behind him suddenly stopped.

Peter was secretly thankful that he had made the right gamble.

The green light stopped at his eyes after scanning his face and shot into his pupils.

This light formed an image in Peter’s retinas.

This image appeared as a crystal pyramid in his mind.

Then, the crystal pyramid in his retinas began to rotate slowly.

At the same time, the crystal pyramid in his mind also began to rotate.

The two pyramids rotated faster and faster until they were impossible to see with the naked eye.

Then, Peter felt that the crystal pyramid he saw in his mind was slowly fusing with the pyramid in his eyes.

“Beep… Passed the identity test.

Alert status has been lifted.

” .



At this time, the green light had stopped scanning his face.

At that moment, Peter freed his face from the groove.

At this moment, he turned to look at the smart mechas.

The red lights in their eyes had turned green.

Then, all the smart mecha beasts retracted their bayonets and weapons, and slowly returned to where they had stood at first.

After that, the lights in the smart mechas’ eyes went out and the entire hall returned to a dead silence.

Peter plucked up his courage and walked into the hall.

He found that the dense crowd of smart mecha beasts had opened up a path that was more than a meter wide.

Thus, Peter continued along the path.

A transparent glass laboratory appeared at the end of the hall.

In the laboratory, a very strange smart mecha turned around and saw Peter, who was running towards it.

Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM This smart mecha was more than five meters tall.

It was cylindrical and had no neck.

Meanwhile, its head was like an upside-down basin on its body.

“Master, welcome back.

I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.

” The smart mecha spoke in the same language that was used in the human Federation.

“Who are you?” At that moment, Peter was surprised why the smart mecha in front of him had called him master.

After becoming a Genetic Warrior, he had experienced many bizarre things, but none of them could compare to his current experience.

Just as Peter was thinking about this, the smart mecha in front of him began to answer his question.

“I’m an advanced smart mecha serving my Master, the Thunder God.

When you conducted the identity test earlier, you passed the genetic test.

” A digital display formed its head.

The lights and signals on the display kept changing to form expressions.

Peter understood the meaning of the current expression, which indicated that the smart mecha was happy.

“Are you a smart mecha with your own consciousness?” Peter asked curiously when he saw its performance.

“Yes, Master.

You can call me No.


” Just now, the smart mecha in front of him had said that Peter had passed the genetic test.

Furthermore, the smart mecha had mentioned the Thunder God’s name.

Thus, it was not difficult to understand that these smart mechas should be related to the previous Thunder God.

However, Peter was still puzzled as to why the Thunder God would create these smart mechas.

Furthermore, Peter found that the shapes of this smart mecha in front of him were very different from the smart mechas he had seen before.

They should not be products from the same period.

“Okay, No.


I have a lot of questions now.

I hope you can answer me.

” “Yes, Master.

” An OK symbol appeared on the digital display that was on No.

0’s chest.

“Do you know where the Thunder God is?” In the end, Peter specifically asked about the whereabouts of the Thunder God.

This was because he knew that the body of the Thunder God was in the basement of the Genetics College.

Thus, he deliberately asked this question to hear how the smart mecha would answer.

Then, the smart mecha No.

0 told Peter everything it knew.

It turned out that the crystal pyramid in Peter’s mind was the Thunder God’s Origin, which contained a trace of the Thunder God’s consciousness.

The Thunder God’s Origin, which was the crystal pyramid in Peter’s mind, had appeared in the human world when the mutated creatures started to appear.

Then, an evil organization that could create smart mechas appeared in the human world.

According to No.

0, after the evil organization was destroyed by the Thunder God, the remaining large number of smart mechas that had not been used in time became the Thunder God’s toys.


0 explained that after the Thunder God left, the smart mechas had been guarding this place.

They were waiting for the Thunder God to return, or for living creatures with Thunder God genes to return here.

They were originally the smart mecha army that had been brought to Earth by aliens a few centuries ago.

For some reason, the aliens who had created them had suddenly left this place.

This was until one day, when a tall giant who called himself the Thunder God appeared.

The Thunder God easily subdued these smart mechas.

In the subsequent conversation, No.

0 revealed that it was part of the smart mecha army.

Since it had the greatest autonomy, it was used by the Thunder God as a guide.

When Peter heard No.

0 say this, he could roughly understand the Thunder God’s intentions.

When the Thunder God saw these smart mechas, he found that although these smart mechas were very powerful, they were still unable to help the Thunder God.

As for making No.

0 the guide, it seemed that the Thunder God had planned to reserve this power for later.

Peter knew that the body of the Thunder God was in the basement of the Genetics College.

When he first saw the body of the Thunder God, he couldn’t understand why the powerful Thunder God had fallen asleep.

Furthermore, who had caused the wound on the right calf of the Thunder God? All of these questions were slowly being answered.

Firstly, the Thunder God must have encountered a huge crisis.

At the very least, he had encountered an opponent that even the Thunder God could not defeat.

Otherwise, the Thunder God would not have fallen asleep.

Meanwhile, Peter had the Thunder God genes in his body.

Although his progress of extracting the Thunder God genes was very low, he was an actual user of the Thunder God’s power.

It should be known that Peter had only extracted about 2% of the Thunder God genes.

He was still far from being able to extract 100% of the genes.

However, this 2% or so of the Thunder God genes had given Peter a lot of power.

“What kind of enemy made the powerful Thunder God fall into a deep sleep?” Peter was a little panicked.

This was equivalent to saying that the enemy he would have to face in the future was a creature or god that was stronger than the Thunder God.