Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 145

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 145

Chapter 145: Obtaining a Storage Space Peter didn’t ask further because he knew that the missing mecha might have been captured by the Mechanical Holy City.

According to the timeline mentioned by No.

0 in front of him, what had happened ten years ago matched what Professor Eugene had said.


0, I want to leave this place.

I have something very important to do.

Do you want to stay here or come with me?” “Oh, Master, please don’t abandon me.

Take me away.

I’ve been here for too long.

” A very exaggerated and pitiable expression appeared on No.

0’s face.

Peter hesitated.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to take away No.

0, but he was a little hesitant.

After all, it was inconvenient to bring it along.

He still had to find Barker and the others.


0 sensed that Peter was hesitating.

In order to leave this place, it operated its mecha body to leave quickly, as if it was going to take something.

Peter stood still and watched No.

0 leave, wondering what it was up to.

When No.

0 returned again, it had an exquisite box in his hand.

Peter could only tell from the appearance of the box that it was made out of metal.


0, what is this?” No.

0 looked excited again.

Then, it opened the box with its mechanical palm and revealed what was inside.

It was an object that looked like a smart device.

It was about the size of the smart device Peter was using.

“This is a high-tech item that my master used previously.

It can create an independent space where items can be stored.

However, no living objects can be stored inside.

Otherwise, any life inside will immediately die.

” .



After No.

0 finished talking about the function of the item, Peter, who was standing still, looked shocked.

Wasn’t the item that No.

0 took out a kind of high-tech storage space? This excited Peter.

After all, this was the first time he had come into contact with such a high-tech item.

Peter took it from No.

0 and examined it lovingly.


0, what is it called?” Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM “This thing doesn’t have a specific name.

In the human language, it can be called a storage space.

You just need to use the power of the Thunder God to activate it.

” Peter followed the method that No.

0 had taught him.

A moment later, he successfully activated his storage space.

When he opened it, a large space instantly appeared in front of him.

It was dark, and he couldn’t see anything except endless darkness.


0, how many items can this thing hold?” “As the power of the Thunder God in your body increases, the storage space will also become larger.

Now, it can only hold a few smart mechas.

” Peter was very shocked to learn that his storage space could still be upgraded.

Although he could only store a few mechas now, this space was already large enough for him.

He put the storage space on his arm.

Then, he looked at No.

0, who was in front of him.

“Can you enter my storage space?” Just now, No.

0 had said that living creatures could not enter the storage space.

“I can enter the storage space.

You can just put my main body in your space.

I’ll give you a big surprise.

” No.

0 looked smug.


” Peter agreed and put the No.

0 into his storage space.

He sent his consciousness into the storage space and found No.

0 wandering around the storage space, as if it was preparing to create something.


0, who had been sent into the storage space, slowly circled the Thunder God’s Origin in the sky a few times.

It looked like it was on a pilgrimage.

Then, it stopped moving.

Then, with No.

0 as the center, another space that was similar to a storage space appeared.

However, this space was shockingly large.

“I’ll stay here from now on.

I’ll use my mental strength to communicate with you.

Watch carefully.

A surprise is coming!” Just as No.

0 finished speaking, thousands of smart mechas appeared out of thin air in this space.

These smart mecha beasts were the smart mecha beasts in the hall just now.

“Haha, Master didn’t expect this, right? This is a new function that the Thunder God’s Origin has given me.

I can place 50,000 mechanical devices, ores, and materials that are less than three meters long in this space.

If the power of the Thunder God in your body increases, the carrying capacity of this space will also increase.

” “Furthermore, accessing items from this space does not consume your mental strength.

” Peter felt like he was dreaming.

It was like carrying an army with him in such a portable space.

Furthermore, with such high-level artificial intelligence, it was equivalent to carrying a high-level smart brain everywhere.

“Master, send that smart device in your hand into the artificial intelligence space.

” Peter did as he was told.

This smart device was also a mechanical product, so it could be placed in the artificial intelligence space.

Peter continued to observe the artificial intelligence space with his mental strength and saw his broken smart device floating in front of No.


A device in front of No.

0’s chest emitted a green light that enveloped the smart device.

Then, something unbelievable happened.

The smart device automatically decomposed into tens of thousands of the most basic electrical components.

Then, in the green light, these electrical components quickly formed a new smart device.

Then, this new smart device appeared on Peter’s wrist.

“Master, this smart device is thousands of times more powerful than the one you used to have.

My main body is in the artificial intelligence space, and I can directly communicate with you through my mental strength.

Meanwhile, this smart device is the medium for me to communicate with the outside world.

I can connect to the Skynet through it and control the mechas… In short, its functions are very powerful.

This is something you can’t imagine.

“Now, let’s go to the warehouse.

I’ll pack up the parts of those smart mechas and we can leave.

” As soon as No.

0 finished speaking, holographic maps and panoramic 3D photos of various scenes appeared in Peter’s mind.

The maps merged with the scenes in front of Peter, and Peter easily found the location of the warehouse.

Soon, more than 20,000 parts and materials from the smart mechas in the warehouse were sent into the artificial intelligence space.

Now, the artificial intelligence space was almost filled up.

“Alright, we should leave now.

” After No.

0 finished speaking, a 3D map appeared in Peter’s mind again.

Peter followed the map to a room that was more than 30 square meters large.

Along the way, several alloy doors automatically opened when Peter arrived.

Then, they automatically closed after he passed by.

Peter looked up at the room.

“Above this place are the forgotten underground fortifications.

” Peter climbed to the surface from the underground pit.

At that moment, it was late at night outside.

It had been more than two days since he had left.

He wondered how Barker and the three girls were doing.

“Internet signal detected.

” Then, a prompt from No.

0 appeared in Peter’s mind.