Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 111

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 111

Chapter 111: The Mischievous Donna When the sun rose into the sky, sunlight shone through the cathedral’s skylights, lighting up the originally dim environment.

The woman in black standing opposite Peter moved over.

She stretched out her arm to reveal a delicate, white forearm.

There was also a tattoo on it, but Peter couldn’t understand the pattern of the tattoo.

He wondered what the pattern meant for the girl in front of him.

The girl observed that Peter was looking at her tattoo and deliberately rolled up her sleeve to reveal the complete pattern.

“Has the God of War Peter never seen this pattern? I know that the God of War Peter almost entered the Mecha Academy.

” After being reminded by the girl in front of him, Peter remembered that the symbol on the girl’s arm was the Locke family crest.

“You’re a member of the Locke family.

How are you related to Locke?” Only now did Peter learn that the girl in front of him was also a member of the Locke family.

He just didn’t know what her relationship with Locke was.

“Locke is my brother.

Shouldn’t the God of War Peter be interested in me?” After the woman in black finished speaking, she raised her arm to remove the hood over her head, revealing the face of a young girl.

Peter’s eyes lit up when he saw the true appearance of the girl standing opposite of him.

He had never expected Locke to have such a beautiful sister.

In reality, the Locke family was not bad-looking and had very good genes.




“What’s your name? By the way, I’m sorry about what happened earlier.

” Peter was thinking about how he had thrown her out earlier.

He had controlled his strength to the greatest extent, but he had still injured the girl.

“God of War Peter, you can call me Donna.

” After the girl said her name, she walked up to Peter.

Then, she turned around and exposed her back to Peter.

Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM “God of War Peter, you were so powerful just now.

Help me see if my waist is injured.

” After Donna finished speaking, she actually rolled up her clothes in front of Peter, revealing her soft, white skin.

She was wearing a tight low-waisted pair of pants, and her entire hip was exposed in front of Peter.

Peter saw that there were no signs of damage to Donna’s waist.

Furthermore, her skin was very smooth.

Logically speaking, after the violent collision just now, even a Genetic Warrior with a strong body would have a swollen skin reaction.

“Donna, what grade of Genetic Warrior are you?” Peter asked this for a reason.

After Donna was hit, there was no swelling on her skin.

Thus, she was probably a Genetic General at the very least.

However, Peter couldn’t believe that the girl in front of him had reached the level of a Genetic General.

After all, other than him, Anna had spent the least time to reach the level of a Genetic General since the establishment of the genetics major.

Anna had successfully advanced to the level of a Genetic General at the age of 26.

This was already a terrifying speed.

“God of War Peter, guess what grade of Genetic Warrior I am! There will be a reward if you guess correctly.

” “…” Peter was speechless.

He couldn’t do anything about the mischievous Donna in front of him.

“Do you think that I’ll manage to guess correctly?” Peter decided to use his words to get back at Donna, which surprised her.

She hadn’t thought that the usually serious God of War Peter would play word games with her.

“God of War Peter, your current behaviour has changed my opinion of you.

” Peter liked to chat with Donna as he could see a hint of Anna in her.

Although there was a slight difference in their personalities, they both displayed a tenacious nature.

“What did you think of me in the past?” Donna heard Peter asking her a question and tilted her head, pretending to think.

“You were simply terrifying.

I’ve seen how you killed the beasts on television.

You looked like a demon that crawled out of hell.

” After Donna finished talking, she didn’t forget to make a face at Peter.

Peter knew that Donna was talking about when the beasts attacked the city.

At that time, Peter was already bloodshot and covered in the blood of mutant creatures.

He was no different from a demon.

However, he stopped teasing Donna and asked the question that he was most concerned about.

“Donna, what happened after you met Aaron?” Upon hearing the God of War Peter ask an important question, Donna stopped being lazy and began to officially answer the God of War Peter’s question.

“God of War Peter, after I met Aaron, it was as we had previously guessed.

As expected, Aaron asked me to act as a gene potion sales agent in a district.

” Peter didn’t expect it to go so smoothly.

He had a vague feeling that something was wrong.

“Aaron simply asked you to sell the gene potions in a district? Didn’t he raise any conditions?” This was unusual.

After all, even if Aaron was in a hurry to sell the gene potions, he would still consider the candidates he was going to work with.

How could he so casually allow someone to be a proxy to sell the gene potions? There were more than 30 districts in the entire New York Base City, and each district was basically the same size.

The only difference was the gap between the wealthy and poor districts.

After all, there was only a small number of wealthy districts.

Most of the districts were residential areas that housed families of lower-middle income status.

“God of War Peter, I also felt puzzled at that time.

I once hinted to Aaron whether I needed to provide any proof or collateral.

However, Aaron very perfunctorily changed the topic.

It seems that selling the gene potion is not very important to him.

” This was the key part of the problem.

If he did not care about the sale of gene potions, why did he have to secretly recruit people to work with him? Peter also knew that it was unusual, but he also thought about where the problem was.

At that moment, it was already noon.

Peter’s plan for the day was only half implemented.

Next, he would take Donna to the next place, where Locke would provide them with the equipment.

In three days, Donna would make the first deal with the people Aaron had sent.

Meanwhile, Peter would hide nearby to keep Donna safe.

At the same time, he could observe some information about the other party.

Just then, Donna saw that Peter had finished his business and immediately returned to her mischievous self.

“God of War Peter, I’m hungry!” Peter had planned to eat alone, but now, he saw that Donna wanted to eat with him.

He wasn’t used to this.

After Peter extracted the Thunder God genes, he became unusually tall.

Meanwhile, Donna was petite.

He felt that just the thought of sitting with Donna while eating together was comical.

“We can eat if you want, but you still haven’t’ answered my previous question.

What grade of Genetic Warrior are you?” Peter took the opportunity to obtain information about Donna’s identity.

In fact, he could have asked Locke.

However, he didn’t realize that when he was with Donna, another personality was activated.

Donna still tilted her head and looked at Peter with her large eyes.

“I’m not a Genetic Warrior.

I practice a secret art from the East.