Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 110

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 110

Chapter 110: Encounter in the Church The sky had lit up in New York Base City, and more pedestrians began to appear on the streets.

Many people woke up early in the cold winter in order to catch the first bus.

They would then head to the factory to work.

The Federal Building was open to the outside world at 9am.

At this moment, the doors of the building were opened.

A few staff members walked out and were clearing the snow at the door.

However, no one knew that a woman in black had left through the back door of the Federal building and quickly disappeared at the end of a small alley.

Meanwhile, Peter took the smart recreational vehicle and arrived at the location that had been agreed on more than an hour ago.

It was an abandoned church.

After getting out of the smart recreational vehicle, he was in no hurry to enter.

Instead, he walked around the church and entered after confirming that there was nothing unusual.

While waiting for the woman in black, Peter received a call request from Callie.

To Peter’s surprise, after the call went through, he heard Anna’s voice.

Peter felt that this was very sudden.

Before he could think of what to say, Anna told him something important about David.

It turned out that Anna had already discovered that General David had once collected her DNA.

This could not be hidden from Anna.

After all, as a Genetic God of War, her perception was very strong.

She would know even if a strand of hair fell from her head.

Thus, when General David had once deliberately approached Anna and obtained a strand of her hair, she had already begun to doubt David’s motives, even though she didn’t say anything then.

However, after a period of time, Anna was controlled by the insects when they entered her body.

Thus, there was no need to pursue the matter.

Anna was telling Peter this information now to remind him that General David’s hidden strength was very likely to be beyond their imagination.

At the end of Anna’s call, she conveyed a major discovery by Professor Eugene.

After Professor Eugene obtained the corpse of the insect, he studied it overnight.

This allowed him to break through a very critical technical barrier and successfully extract a brand new set of Thunder God genes.




This was equivalent to giving Peter an additional layer of insurance.

Peter simply had to return to the Genetics College and extract the Thunder God genes directly.

However, Peter was in no hurry to go back.

Now that the plan was at a critical point, he could not leave the base city for the time being.

After ending the call, Peter saw that the woman in black, who had appeared once before, had entered the church at some point.

She was sitting in a long row of chairs, almost blending into the dim surroundings.

If Peter’s vision hadn’t been enhanced, he really wouldn’t have been able to see the woman in black.

This was what made Peter most uncomfortable.

After all, if this woman in black betrayed Locke, it was equivalent to betraying him as well.

It would be very easy for her to scheme against him without making any noise.

He was not arrogant enough to think that he was an existence that surpassed the Genetic God of War and looked down on all lives.

If he had this mentality, Peter’s path would definitely end quickly.

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COM “When did you arrive?” Peter sounded clearly unhappy when he asked the woman in black.

He knew that the other party was not a fool.

On the contrary, the other party was someone with high skills and intelligence.

The woman in black sat on the bench and did not move.

“Sir, I should call you God of War Peter, right!” Peter didn’t expect that the other party would know his identity.

He had specifically instructed Locke not to tell the person sent by Locke about Peter’s identity.

It seemed that the woman in black had discovered it herself.

“How do you know who I am! Do you know the consequences!” Peter was threatening the woman.

He didn’t believe the woman could do anything else after knowing who he was.

At this time, the woman in black finally moved.

Again, no sound was heard as she moved towards Peter like a ghost.

This time, Peter decided to teach her a lesson.

Although he said that he would attack, Peter would not really use the power of his genes.

Instead, he planned to capture the woman in black.

However, the moment Peter attacked, he knew that he was wrong.

The dexterity of the woman in front of him was completely beyond his imagination.

She was like a venomous black mamba, her body moving wantonly around Peter’s strong body.

One second, she was making threatening gestures at Peter, and the next, she appeared from behind Peter’s back.

“That’s enough!” Peter lost his patience and did not intend to play with this woman.

A strong aura suddenly erupted from his body, which was the effect of activating the genetic power in his body.

Bang! Activating the power of the Thunder God genes had increased Peter’s reaction speed to a terrifying level.

This made it easy for Peter to grab the ankles of the woman in black.

Then, he threw out the woman in black, causing her to hit the row of benches in front of him with a loud thud.

This time, the woman in black finally made a sound when she moved.

Peter saw the woman in black struggling to his feet.

He did not go forward to help.

As an existence that surpassed the God of War, Peter had reason to let her understand one thing.

In the face of absolute power, all schemes were useless.

The woman in black was very stubborn.

After being attacked by Peter, she did not say anything and stood up on her own with her tenacious will.

However, this did not surprise Peter.

Although he did not use all his power just now, the damage from casually being thrown out was not something that ordinary people could withstand.

Could it be that this woman in black was not an ordinary human? Peter couldn’t help but flash a puzzled expression.

However, he didn’t feel any fluctuation of genetic power from the woman in black.

“Why aren’t you using the power of your genes!” Peter eventually decided that the other party was a Genetic Warrior.

Otherwise, he would not have been able to stand up so easily.

However, Peter saw a scene that surprised him even more.

After the woman in black stood up, her legs were still trembling.

This was because after Peter’s attack, her back hit the bench, causing damage to her lumbar spine.

The scene before him reminded Peter of a girl who was very similar to her.

At that moment, he thought of Anna, who also had a strong will.

However, Anna was a Genetic Warrior.

In terms of physical strength, she was much stronger than the woman in black in front of him.

“Hmph! A Genetic God of War actually bullied a young lady!” Peter really didn’t guess that the woman in black in front of him was actually a young girl.

After all, this time, her voice was obviously not the same as before.

What exactly was going on? Peter stood dazed.

He no longer knew how to answer the girl’s question.

At this moment, Peter felt extremely embarrassed.

He had always thought that the person underneath the black clothes was an extremely old woman, but it turned out to be a young girl.